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Skin problems? the liver may be involved. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Aileen, 42 ans, USA, December 7, 2022:
In 2017 I started to experience a lot of pain under my right rib cage and a lot of digestive problems. I was so tired and fatigued as well. I was losing my hair in alarming amounts daily. I had Reynaud’s, poor circulation, tended to be cold a lot, and many other related issues. I could tell my adrenals were suffering and probably most definitely my thyroid as well. I had blood pressure that was too low and would often wake up and feel dizzy if I got out of bed too quickly. I was experiencing a lot of stress in life, not only in marriage but also in finances and raising the kids. One evening at dinner...

Harmony, 44 years, USA, December 31, 2021:
First, thank you, Denis, for blogging your experience with liver cleansing and enemas. I have come to the same conclusion this year, 2021. I have two female family members who both received gall bladder removal — my mother in her 40’s and my sister at age 17. I did not want that outcome. I am a healthy eater, an exercise enthusiast, and 44-years-old and I successfully completed two liver cleanses, but I also consumed L-Ornithine capsules at bedtime, so I slept well both times. I passed approximately 300 stones all-together. Two days ago I successfully completed my first water enema followed by a coffee enema. And I’m about to start doing the liver cleanses again. I have also completed eight weeks of parasite cleanses, as well as papaya seeds and honey, and pumpkin seeds, garlic, and ginger. I passed three worms…round worms, I think. My skin is clear. My parasite-related abdominal gas has subsided. I can physically feel that I need to conduct subsequent liver cleanses.

Derek, 58 years, USA, July 7, 2018:
Bonjour, I have completed 18 liver cleanse in the last 6 months. My Liver seems to have been totally blocked as I had a gallbladder attack and was unable to drink any alcohol or eat fatty food without severe nausea and back pain. These cleanses have produced well over two thousand small pea sized liver stones. Some as large as a pencil eraser, one of the largest was very dense, deep blue green, smooth on one side and on the other side bile had managed to cut tiny flow channels. I also produced one brown composite stone, which can be found described in the medical research as alternating strands of bilirubin and calcium palmitate bound by the secretions of bacteria. Recently I am getting lots of pin sized green floaters. All of the severe symptoms have ended, a couple of liver spots on my cheek are fading and my graying hair seems to be getting darker. Thanks for creating your very informative website. Yes I still have my gallbladder.

Alexia, 35, Malaysia, june 21, 2017 :
Thank you so much for making this website to share your experiences. I have just started my cleansing journey 2 months ago & like you mentioned I could feel the difference even the first time. One of the best experience is smoother skin! Reading your analysis here gave me more motivation to continue doing it. Thank you!

Abby, 47, United States, march 6, 2016 :
I have done 8 of these flushes, using a protocol that is very similar to yours. I use a mixture of 1 tsp L-malic acid, 1 tsp apple pectin, stevia, and 1 qt water each day for 5-7 days as a preparation. I do this because the sugar in the apple cider affects my Candida problem. I have never done the extra epsom salt several days before and after the flush. But I do on the night of and morning after. And I only restrict my dietary fat on the day of the flush. And I definitely notice that it is much more productive on a new moon. These flushes have improved my health greatly. I no longer need to use ox bile supplements. I no longer need thyroid meds. My digestion has improved. My skin is improving. I have more energy. With each flush I feel better. I have never had any nausea, vomiting, or difficulty sleeping during the flush. Thank you so much for sharing this info. with the world. Good Luck and Good Health

Balthazar, 59, France, January 17th 2016:
Hello, I have been doing monthly liver treatments since early 2015. The result: Better shape, no more psoriasis on the elbows and on the wings of the nose and forehead, disappearance of brown spots on the face and hands, no more pain related to osteoarthritis, better skin tone and breath, much less fatigue at night and so on... Again thank you and good luck. Balthazar

Regine, 67, France, November 29th 2015:
Thank you Denis, this website has helped me tremendously. Suffering from several health problems I decided to do a liver cleanse in May. The first effects appeared very quickly:
• Weight loss of  between 3 and 4 kg
No more bloating and wind
Complete disappearance of psoriasis on my legs and elbows that I had when I was a child that had reappeared after 15 years, the area on the skin still lacks some pigment. I did not expect these results. On the other hand, I have resolved with regards to pain, it's now November, I gained a little weight and am thinking of doing another cleanse early in December. I hope this testimonial encourages those with psoriasis

Louis-Pascal, 48, France, 28th June 2015:
I am 48 years old and I'm on my fifth cleanse.  The third in a row and I will keep going.    Again thank you for your site and this method. I was overweight and was suffering significant joint pain, which has decreased considerably. At the same time I lost weight, I felt much better after the cleanses. Drinking the 10 o‘clock “potion” is not very pleasant, but for the first time, I was able to sleep and this morning I feel very good. My skin is clean as also my partner pointed out (for a change she too wants to try the cleanse).  It’s like I am younger. The procedure is not very pleasant, but it is purifying and effective.

Estelle, 34, France, May 15th, 2015:
I just finished the second cleanse, my skin is already more beautiful, I have less water retention, I am more dynamic and in a much better mood. Colon cleansing is just as important as the liver cleanse in the process. The second time I replaced the 6 liters of apple juice with malic acid, which is difficult to swallow the first day but you get used to it from the second day onwards.

Ludivine, 38, France, April 6th, 2015:
My first four cleanses did not have any dazzling effects. I was disappointed and wondered if I was doing everything right in order for them to work. The fifth cleanse was much better and the immediate effects were very pleasing: my psoriasis patches had subsided and I once again found my smile, joy and confidence.

Harmony, 66, Switzerland, December 29th, 2014:
Denis thank you for your site and to everyone who wrote a testimonial, this really motivated me to undertake this treatment. Since spring I’ve done five treatments, I could not do them regularly, once a month, but here are the results. The brown spots I had on my hands faded more and more with each cleanse. The pain in my arm and left shoulder and in the buttocks and right thigh disappeared from the first treatment. In spring the intraocular pressure was 20 and 22. During August it dropped to 14 in both eyes and at the check up in November it remained 14. The ophthalmologist was bewildered! Nevertheless he did not ask me any questions. I’ll do the 6th cleanse in January even if the drinks are not very pleasant to the taste.  Kind regards.  Harmony

Nora, 39, France, 13th December 2014:
Hello. Since August 2014 I’ve carried out five liver treatments. For years I had eczema on my neck. I don’t have it anymore. I had digestive problems which have now eased. I do not feel tired anymore. Also, I have not suffered from, or if anything just a little, from ragweed allergy (fever, conjunctivitis, tingling in the palate, drowsiness) whereas for fifteen years I suffered so much it put me in a state of fatigue from mid-August until September. This is a fantastic cure and I have encouraged many people to carry it out.  Denis, thank you for everything.

Sylvie, 45 years, France, August 22, 2014:
Prone to colitis and intestinal problems since my childhood, it got worse with time. Bloating, dark circles, osteoarthritis, putrid gas, indigestion, chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, bad breath, anxiety, buttons, endometriosis, menstrual pain, frequent nausea after meals, or alternating diarrhoea and constipation, poor sleep, loss of hair, age spots on the hands, ... and I had to forget some of them. The breakthrough came when my weight suddenly increased. Neither fasting, nor regime, has managed to lower it. So I did blood analysis showing high levels of oestrogen and bad fats. After reading articles, including this website, I imagined a connection between my problems and congested liver. First cleanse: July 25. Experience with the magnesium chloride or nigari. No evictions until morning. Quiet night. In the morning, almost uninterrupted stream of brown materials, mud, rare green and yellow balls. I feel tired for 3 days. 2nd cleanse two weeks after, August 3. Experience with magnesium sulfate this time. As the last time, I had a good night and it all came out during the next 2 days. Eviction episodes of fat balls of different sizes (0,1 to 1 cm) and predominantly yellow or pale green. Strangely, no sand and no mud. Then in the afternoon, new expulsion of 4 or 5 large green balls of fat from 1,6 to 2 cm. After cleaning the colon, the following days, some still came out. 3rd cleanse August 23, yesterday. Following an enema, and after my 2nd glass of sulfate, a large mass of mucus, small yellow balls of fat, green ones, brown ones, and some "twigs" are expelled in one go. Then, in the night, belly gurgles that continued all morning, and this morning I've dismissed as a brown liquid, mixed with mucus and tiny "stones". No big ones on the horizon. I had headaches for 2 days. I made, between the two cleanings, a cure of walnut tincture, and I rejected in the last week a white worm, size 4, 5 cm. A next liver cleaning is scheduled in about three weeks.
Results: I no longer have the feeling of a "buoy" around the belly and hips. I lost a little weight during the first cleanse, dark circles and spots on the skin attenuated, nails more pinkish, more intestinal comfort, much less gas, less belly, softer skin especially on the arms, less fatigue, less attraction to sugar, increased desire to purify. The cons, unpleasant symptoms appear, such as canker sores, pimples on the face, more halitosis than before. I think it's normal, waiting for everything to get back to normal and the body is as good as new.

Christine, 41 years, France, August 5, 2014:
Hello and thank you.  I did two liver cleanses, I saw a marked improvement in my sleep, less back pain, better quality of skin and more energy. Cordially Christine

Albertine, 59 years, France, July 30th 2014:   
The numerous testimonials persuaded me to take action. Thank you to you all and especially Denis, putting them online. Since February, I have carried out 5 liver cleanses in 6 months. First, I noticed that I was breathing better, I was full of energy. A real breath of fresh air, that put me in a good mood. An experience I shared with all my friends, friends and family. Many of them are like me, amazed by those immediate results and they pass the message around them. My joints were suddenly very flexible for a few days, my cravings for sugar and coffee are immediately gone, no more drowsiness after lunch and yawning fits, a better attention span. Lots of yellow mud and gravel came out at first. At the second liver flush, the first green fat balls have emerged. Since, I stopped counting them. My rhinitis has intensified for two days and I did not stop blowing my nose. Then, the third day, nothing. Today it still persists, but significantly attenuated. After 5 purges, I confirmed my initial achievements: my skin has improved, more toned, my dark circles diminished and my skin has regained its colors.  
                                                                        Read Albertine's testimonial

Fanny, 42 years, France, June 28 2014:
I am a little anxious, daily courted by migraines, acute neck pain, bloating, fatigue, lack of energy ... I did my first liver cleanse in October 2013. Today, 6/27/2014, I just did the 7th liver cleanse. I admit that it is physically demanding, but so beneficial for my overall well-being. Some cleanings only allowed me to evacuate small stones, sometimes just a kind of sticky and greenish mud, other clean-ups allowed me to evacuate fat balls the size of 12 mm in diameter. I was very impressed, and I carefully guard photos. I still have trouble swallowing magnesium sulfate (limit vomiting), but I have pleasure to drink the oil / grapefruit mixture. The results are always amazing after each cleanse: I recover my muscle tone, physical and mental energy, more perceptive mind. My abdominal pain and swelling disappear for a few weeks. I also found a keener eye and a clearer complexion. If I could, I would do that cure every month. But my seasonal employment does not allow it. Andrea Moritz's book that I bought from the start is a good complement to your site, and I often read it, like a bible! I encourage everyone to try it at least once ... I personally can’t do without. The benefits are so many that I come back whenever I feel the need. Thank you again a thousand times Denis for your site.

Paul, 45 years, April 21 2014:
Hello Denis, I am 45 years old. It happened to me in the past to have a sensation as if there were stones in my liver. I had no idea at all that that was actually the case! I spent money in unnecessary dietary supplements. I am currently in 22nd cleanse. I was very happy to throw out all this crap: brown and fragrant mud, then mud and white "beans", and each time some green beans like peas, of all sizes. My last cleanse was mainly mud and some small green spangles. But sometimes I feel a little pain to the gallbladder and sometimes up to the scapula, a sign that there is a need to re- flush.
Reported earnings of liver cleanings are for me:
- Evacuation of physical and mental lethargy and a more fluid speech
- Perception of general physical rejuvenation
- White eyes that are no longer yellow, net look
- Flexible leg joints, more muscle cramps in legs
- Spontaneous very quick reflexes, indicating better attention and reaction
- Significant reduction in dark circles under eyes
- Very good resistance despite a very short night if I sleep late and get up early
- Weight loss without dieting
- Less sensitivity to gluten, but this sensitivity is there.
- Loss of intestinal gas (which still comes back, especially by eating wheat flour, even biological)
- Loss of waist after each liver flush.

Romeo, 50 years, April 8 2014:
Hello Denis. I did 13 liver cleanses in about 2 years. My problem: psoriasis on the face, hair and elbows. Tinnitus for 10 years. Fatigue, sometimes hand tremors, anxiety related to the fear to be unable to face. I did not drink water, I was not thirsty. I rejected about 1500 fat balls ranging from the size of a pinhead to that of my thumb, 3 cm long by 2.5 cm thick! All this without feeling any pain. When I visited your site, I realized that I had not put all the chances on my side, because I neglected the intestines cleanse. Results: A great energy gain, my brother was particularly surprised to see me "as sharp", a found serenity, an inner peace, no more tinnitus, increased clarity, and finally almost over psoriasis on the elbows, nothing on the scalp but my nose is still a little red and dry. What an improvement! Denis, thank you for this site so well done! Romeo

Virginia, 42 years, April 7 2014:
Hello Denis, I did my 11th liver cleanse, and I feel improvements each time.
Here are the benefits I have:
- Legs that swell late in the day: finished
- Tingling in the feet when I wake up: I cannot get rid of
- Stomach cramps: forgotten
- Digestion: fast and light
- Sunken and blue circles under eyes: reduced, cleanse after cleanse
- Chronic Fatigue: Newfound energy
- Dry skin (decreased by stopping dairy products): skin more supple, not more taut.
- Red nose: occasionally, only when I drink alcohol, or I eat too much fat
- Point to the right shoulder
- I am calmer and more positive
- Constipation: still concerns
- Watery eyes after a day working on the computer: forgotten
- Vaginal discharge: less and less
- Decreased sweating (I thought yet not be among of those that sweat excessively, but now I sweat a little).

I think I will continue the liver cleanses, but less often, because I now only remove small fat balls, and I have trouble swallowing the oil mixture. Thank you all for your testimonials, very motivating and thank you Denis for your site. Virginia

Marion, 50 years, March 31 2014:
Marion, March 5 2014:
Hello Denis, I did my first liver flush with success, over 200 "stones" are out. I was afraid to begin liver the liver cleanse, since ultrasound said I have chronic liver disease, gallbladder full of stones, and stuck in the mud.
Finally, I am in better health: better view and the bags under my eyes have decreased, everything went well without pain. I will continue, I am so happy to have escaped the scalpel, long live Moritz’s cure!
Thank you, Marion.

Marion, March 31 2014:
Here is the result of my experience: do not stop at one cleanse, the second is even stronger than the first one. Full of yellow and green fat balls went out, and many others during the hydration of the bowel, two days later. I feel better and prepare myself to do the third liver cleanse. This solution by Moritz is not only easy to do, but it brings better health, therefore energy, hope in the future and an overall improvement in life.

Natasha, 52 years, February 6 2014:
(Continued of the testimonial published Oct. 22, 2013)
since my last testimonial, I did two other liver cleanses. I still do not have a craving for chocolate after dinner, and my sugar consumption has significantly dropped. My shoulder pain has significantly declined. And that’s new; many people compliment me on my beautiful face!! I talk around me, of course, of this wonderful tool of well-being. One of my colleagues also tried liver cleansing, she is delighted! Thank you for everything and cordially.

Annabelle, 40 years, January 20 2014:
I wanted to bring my testimonial, because other testimonials helped me answer my own questions... I did my first cleanse, on December 12, for the following reasons:
- Problem with halitosis (bad breath)
- Digestion: heaviness after meals, big fatigue blow throughout the day, yawn crisis, bloating, gas, etc...
- Headaches every morning upon waking and it was very hard to get up and emerge.
- I could not stay awake past 9 pm, thus I had no real evenings.
- Chronic fatigue and lack of energy, throughout the day.

After my first two cleanses, I can note:
- Far fewer halitosis problems, they have almost disappeared...
- Farewell daily head pain, I have energy once I wake up, no more problems getting out of bed...
- Better digestion, no more discomfort after meals: inflamed stomach, gas, reflux, fatigue leading to bedtime.
- Better complexion, better hair and especially more vitality and energy during the day, super nice thing when you had a constant fatigue over several years!
I highly recommend this cleanse to all those who want to improve their vitality... I do not want to stop and I will do a third liver cleanse in a month and others after, until complete disappearance of my woes. I'll let you know the result of my findings... Bye!

Nathan, 25 years, January 5 2014:
Hello Denis, I have long been prone to acne problems (face and back), I have time and again resorted to dermatological treatments (creams, tablets). My acne disappeared temporarily. It disappeared for five months, and then came back. Having acne at 18 is normal, but not at 25. So I decided to "take the plunge" and use this technique. From the first cleanse, my pimples began to disappear and after three weeks, I could really see the difference. At the time I write this testimony, I am in my 7th liver cleanse and I have almost no spots on the back (maybe 4 or 5) and my face has regained clear skin. I have only 2 or 3 small spots. Nothing compared to the skin I had before. Another positive effect: I fall asleep much faster than before. Thank you for having put up this site. Nathan

Amandine, 45 years, December 12 2013:
On Sunday November 24th 2013, I went to the emergency department for an extremely painful point at the sternum. The emergency doctor did an ultrasound, and warned me that removal of the gallbladder may be necessary, advised me to make an appointment with a surgeon and for this appointment he prescribed me another ultrasound...
Before and for about 2 months:
- Frequent drowsiness, I need a nap after each meal, even a light meal! And after the nap, it’s hard to wake me up, tired from a nap to another... and the brain is not very clear.
- Permanent fatigue, muscle aches when I do a minimal "effort" (such as moving cartons, raking dead leaves...), less flexible, and constantly feeling heavy.
- Depression, dark thoughts: I was making a mountain out of a single grain of sand.
- Headaches, weekly and even daily.
- Related to migraines: severe pains in the neck (on a scale of 1 to 10, let's say 6 or 7…)
- A type of eczema: scabs and itching almost all over the lower legs, from ankle to knee, in my opinion due to my dairy intolerance. But I had not had that for about 15 years.
- Visual fatigue, more and more difficulty reading the small print (I was unable to read the street names on a map...) and I seem to see the characters "dancing" in front of my eyes. Reading, and understanding, even became hard.
{Note: I have neck pain radiating to the skull, and headaches for years, but irregularly and timely}

Liver cleanse on Sunday December 1st 2013. During the previous week (the one that followed the ultrasound): mainly fruit juice or warmed vegetables + 1 liter of apple juice / day + cups of warm or hot water and in the evening a piece of fruit or a few tablespoons of green vegetables. Bowel hydrotherapy on Friday November 29th, and Tuesday December 3rd. During the liver cleanse on December 1st, I had an absolutely rotten night. As I had not taken any fat (nor animal or plant) for a week, may it be related? Small anecdote: between 23h and midnight, I yawned continuously, awesome! Then nausea, so I have to vomit at 1 am: it is a lot less funny... But once I have vomit, all became perfect, I no longer felt nauseous. The cons, I have not slept all night, only between 6 and 8 am. How many "stones" excreted: the equivalent of 4 or 5 tablespoons, no more than 5mm in diameter.

From the last cleanse to that day ( 12/12/13 ) ten days later:
- No more drowsiness or naps, I wake up refreshed and rested, a rebirth!
- I rediscover my flexibility, no more pain after exertion, full of energy, loss of belly and 3 kg lost since (well, it's only been 10 days...).
- No more depression, I see things just as they are, no more dark thoughts (although my situation is unchanged)
- Not even a single migraine, or neck pain, whew!!!
- My eczema does not itch anymore and suddenly, the skin becomes healthy gradually
- Light mind, and carefree reading, but still a little farsighted. The cons: I can now read street names on the Geneva map!

On December 4th, I went to do the ultrasound requested by the emergency doctor. The only available dates were after the date of liver cleanse, it's a pity. But it was very instructive, since the doctor told me, apparently very surprised: "but I don’t see anything wrong with your gallbladder, no gallstones! It is perfect, and your liver too: no worries!" So now I recommend this cleanse to all around me. However I am puzzled to see the number of people who had no longer gallbladder, and that no doctor has suggested alternatives! Come on, good liver cleansing! For my part, the next one will probably be on December 21st. Good day and thank you very much to Denis for this site and videos, very clear (I had read the book by A. Moritz a few months ago). Amandine.

Line, 38 years, December 5 2013:
I feel good when my liver is cleansed: no more constipation, no more IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome), no more pain in my back, no more sinusitis, no more fatigue, a better complexion, better mood, a soft abdomen, and less tinnitus too! Well, all symptoms return quickly enough, after about 3 months, so I redo the cure, and it's going better, etc ... Have a good day, Line

Sylviane, 57 years, December 3 2013:
I just finished my fourth liver detox. I started in September, one liver cleanse per month. During each of my 4 cures, I did not have any problems for sleeping, except for the 3rd, when I woke up in the night because I had trouble digesting the olive oil. I went back to sleep after having done some deep breaths in my bed.
From the first liver cleanse, I felt less weight in the region of my liver and my stomach. I have ejected a lot of "sand". Some bile "stones" began to emerge during the second one. During the third liver detox, many green balls finally went out. This impressed me, and also I was very tired the following day, I think it is because it was the first significant release of fat balls. I just expelled much more fat for my fourth liver cleanse, without feeling any special fatigue after, as if my body was accustomed. I even expelled some fat balls before drinking magnesium sulfate. I'm getting healthier: improved digestion, loss of sensation of weight in the liver and stomach, better morale, improved sight, disappearance of spots on the skin, more tone, and a rebirth. I advise everyone around me to do it. Andreas Moritz’s book is of remarkable clarity and intelligence. By expelling these fat balls, I think we release more than toxic materials, but also all the negative emotions associated with old "stones". Good luck to everyone.

Marc, 66 years, November 11 2013:
Hello everyone. On the net I discovered this cheap and very effective method, with many positive results. I only did the liver cleanse three times since May 2013 and I start again next weekend. In my case I have always been very healthy, despite a lot of abuse. After my first cleanse, the next day, everyone asked me what I had done because I had a fresh complexion, better shape, a clearer view. I talk a lot in my environment about liver cleanse, and I have your website address on a little card that I give whenever I talk, with 6 other health websites. Good luck to all

Marina, 48 years, November 9 2013:
Thank you for your website, it is very encouraging to read testimonials, I feel less alone! I started my first liver cleanse in late 2009. For 3 years, I fought against a monumental eczema, very thick, on the whole body. No treatment could stop it or decrease it. It was very depressing and difficult to live with. It's an acupuncturist who put me on the right way, by speaking to me of a gallbladder problem. I then did liver cleanses according to Andreas Moritz’s book, one per month. From the third one, my eczema started to disappear. At my 5th liver flush, my eczema had disappeared. I then carried out 22 liver cleanses in 2 years, with many benefits that I did not expect:
- Improved vitality
- More flexible joints
- Less allergic conjunctivitis
- Greater serenity. Greater insight
- Lower cholesterol (1.8 g), which had always been relatively high (2.5 g). Lower "bad cholesterol" and increase of "good" one.
- And I forget...
However, contrary to what is stated in Andreas Moritz’s book, I continued, after 2 years, to produce green balls. I decided to stop, now planning to do one every 6 months. After a year, my eczema started to reappear, and I am part of a new series of cleanses each month ... In parallel, I am trying to understand and adjust my lifestyle (which is already excellent for quite a few years). I think I have Candidiasis (not recognized by physicians who diagnose a recurrent vaginal yeast infection) and cannot get rid of it. I think this can explain the "gallstones" production. To follow!

Annie, 53 years, October 31 2013:
Hello, I stumbled on Andreas Moritz’s book, but did not buy. And then my daughter (25 years) had strong contradictions that have resulted to have the backs of both hands, and a small part of the forearms, completely covered with small brown spots, more and more numerous that made her a wrinkled skin. The doctor consulted told her, "It must come from the liver, and it would not be surprising in relation to all your problems, because the liver is the center of emotions. We’ll go and do a blood test for safety". Meanwhile the results, I remembered this book and I bought it. My daughter did a first cleaning, and the week after she had lost its spots, and as a bonus, she had lost some excess kilograms. And this continued over the weeks that followed. Currently, she is doing her third liver cleanse. In my case, I have done 3 cleanses for the time being. The first two cleanses, I noticed that I have more ability to breathe. Then I noticed that the skin on my arms had become softer. I must say that since I was young I always had a grainy skin, from shoulder to wrist. Now, my skin is soft from shoulder to mid-forearm! I cannot wait to see what the results will show after the third cleanse. I'll let you know. Thank you for your website.

Gerard, 44 years, October 24 2013:
Hello, thank you for sharing your experience. I myself have done 4 liver cleanses and almost 10 months after I see changes every day and incredible improvements. The first most important thing to me is my allergy. After 4 cleanses, I'm no longer allergic and I stopped all treatment related to allergy. No more muscle pain, no more back pain, shoulders or neck pain. The skin is much softer and less dry. I do not have red eyes anymore or conjunctivitis. Very comfortable digestion, loss of acidity and gastric reflux. Improvement of the quality of my hair. I'm not as tired as before and I can handle stress better as well as lack of sun... Some advice: do not hesitate to do the liver cleanse.

Arnold, 32 years, September 14 2013:
Hello, I did a dozen liver cleanses in a year, mainly due to severe hepatic colic and pain under right shoulder blade, with the main goal being to prevent removal of the gallbladder, advised by the gastroenterologist. Gallstones were blocking my oesophagus, causing repeated hiccups. Today:
- No more hiccups,
- Faster and less heavy digestion,
- Less upset stomach (that I heal with Epsom salt when it happens)
- Back pain under the shoulder blade becomes intermittent, until sometimes disappear several days.
- Psoriasis that appeared on my chest every summer with the sun, did not appear this year,
- More positive energy that encouraged me to stop smoking one year ago.
- And finally I am much less attracted by harmful things as alcohol, sugar or the fatty foods.
Thank you again and good luck to everybody.

Clotilde, 52 years, August 28 2013:
Thanks to your site Denis, I threw myself into the liver cleanse in September 2012, and until July 2013, I have done 11 cleanses. From the first liver cleanse, I felt an incredible improvement in my digestion and from that cleanse, I have never had a heavy stomach after a meal, even after a hearty one. I gained energy, despite a busy lifestyle, filled with travels. New Year’s Eve dinner was a particularly good example: I was in shape until 3am, while usually I collapsed at 1am... My face skin had many "white spots" especially around the eyes, and black spots around the mouth: everything has disappeared. I am also seeing an improvement in my (many) food intolerances, but here the balance is still new, and I think I need more progress in liver cleansing. Right now I digest alcohol better (I can take a drink from time to time) and some fruits (banana and kiwi in particular). From the 1st to 9th cleanse, I removed hundreds of "stones" each time (from white to green...) overall size between 1mm to 1cm. At the 9th cleanse, I removed a large 2 cm "stone" and at the 10th and 11th cleanses, much less stones (50% less). Since I’m thinking of doing a cleanse every three months, because liver cleanses are quite challenging and having relieved my liver and gallbladder from thousands of balls is already a very good result. Thanks again for your site, it’s really very clear, very pragmatic and useful for us to embark on the first cleanse. Clotilde

Marielle, 58 years, August 8 2013:
Hello, I bring you my testimonial regarding the liver and gallbladder cleanse according to Dr. Clark's protocol. In 2010, I had liver attacks, painful, tiring and increasingly close together. Appointment was booked for the removal of the gallbladder, because I could no longer remain as follows: - 7 kilograms, I could not eat anything, everything triggered an attack. 1 liver cleanse before entering the clinic: elimination of dozens of small and much larger ones, light green balls, and dark and brown. Cancellation of surgery. I am in my thirteenth or fourteenth cleanses, I feel less and less the need to do it (6 months between the last two). I still have my gallbladder. I feel better and better each time. What stunned me the most from the first cleanse was this newfound energy, compared to before when I was tired and wanted nothing. Also no more pain in the right shoulder, less loaded tongue, good breath while this was a problem for me for years, waist circumference decreased (- 5 cm last cleanse), the levels of good cholesterol have improved, less dry skin and I might forget some improvements. This cleanse is really interesting. As I'm a naturopath, I often advise it, it gives very good results. To recommend and to publicize without limit! Thank you for this website.

Amelia, 35 years, June 30 2013:
My very brief testimony after 5 liver cleanses, with a coffee enema once a week:
* Less irritability
* Less oily hair (from 1 shampoo per day, I space to 1 every 2 days)
* Less fatigue
* Better skin on the face (skin firmer 2-3 days after treatment, without changing my cosmetics routine)
* I sleep later in the evening and wake up earlier in the morning, without it being excruciating
* More beautiful skin
* Haemorrhoids gone, once the cholesterol balls exit the liver (the haemorrhoid comes back some times after, until next liver flush)
Michel Dogna’s books speak about coffee enemas, but liver cleanse should be better known.
Thank you Denis.

Alain, 54 years, May 30 2013:
Hello to all. I started this cleanse because my gallbladder really made me suffer, especially when I drank a little bit of wine, even a sip ... Digestion increasingly heavy, especially in the evening and lots of little miseries. Nothing serious, but hey, you're better off without them... I did not do deworming, I could not locally source the necessary products, but I’ll be considering it soon... I’ve only done two liver cleanses, 3 weeks apart, essentially for reasons of availability, but I intend to continue. The first one was done after a long preparation and reliable enough. Lean diet, apple juice, sulfate in the morning (more than three weeks), a day of total fasting without any solid food, then the protocol, a morning of intense spawning (nearly 2000 balls expelled, including approx. 150 < 0, 5mm). The second one was preceded by a week of preparation a little more lax, postponements of the final phase (because of my job), then a protocol which turned out to be a little messy... and followed by an even greater harvest! The nights, without being pleasant, were bearable, except for a small low reflux with nausea the first time. Almost slept well the second night. The diarrhoea is powerful, but not unpleasant as it is sickly. The taste of the products and mixtures, there is worse, it's a joke... The effects were immediately felt and seen: immediate relief of gallbladder (I have expelled an impressive amount of floating particles, sludge), the appearance of my skin (color, shadows, flexibility) immediately changed and some pain has disappeared or changed and I have newfound energy... Also I can reconnect with the pleasure of good wine, in moderation of course... I did some analysis and ultrasound to create a picture "before", I will do it again for "after". I also took pictures of the first batch and I intend to do analysis of my green balls in the next liver cleanse, with the approval of my doctor, who was completely unaware of this technique, which despite his certain classicism seems very interested. I talk to all around me and already several people, including my wife, will consider doing it and not only people open to alternative medicine... I will re-testify if it could be useful ... cordially.

Gaelle, 54 years, April 17 2013:
Gaelle, June 20 2012:
Hello, in February, my osteopath told me that my repeated lumbagos were due to a malfunction of the gallbladder. After meeting him, I passed dozens of cholesterol stones, without knowing what it was, but feeling a sense of well-being the following days! Two months later, following a period of great stress, I caught shingles on the head, which caused headaches, severe fatigue, itching, burns and bites, despite an antiviral that the doctor had prescribed me. In desperation, I consulted an acupuncturist who immediately detected a problem with the gallbladder and advised me to do a liver cleanse according to A. Moritz’s method. The first time, 12/05/2012, I passed an impressive amount of smelly mud containing sand and similar to greenish orange pulp, then dozens of stones, white and green in color. Overnight, I have not had a pump stroke after lunch and my digestion, bad for years, has improved significantly. 2nd cleanse took place on 27/05/2012. This time I had a lot of nausea and intestinal cramps, into the afternoon and the next day, but I evacuated a lot of stones and sand. No mud or "pulp" this time. I was so excited that I rushed to buy the Andreas Moritz’s book that I devoured as a novel. After reading many things on the internet, your site is great, I quickly felt the need to continue and last night (19/06/2012) I did my 3rd cleanse. Dozens of stones came out: green, grey, white and lots of sand. Less nausea and intestinal cramps today.
Sincerely, Gaelle

Gaelle, April 1 2013:
Hello, after the 5th liver cleanse in November 2012, my shingles completely disappeared. In two days I also spontaneously eliminated a cap channel from a salivary gland which appeared at the 6th liver cleanse (swelling and hardening of the jaw) diagnosed by the doctor. So I canceled my appointment with the ENT. Amazing!

Albert, 54 years, December 3 2012:
Hello Denis. I am 54 years old, and for two and a half years have suffered a terrible psoriasis which has invaded both my hands. I know the powerlessness of dermatologists in relation to this symptom (just read the forum discussions "psoriasis") but I still decided to see one, last July, because the crisis was so monstrous. I was even willing to take cortisone for it to stop. She therefore denoted psoriasis and super infection that required taking an antibiotic before anything else. The antibiotic triggered terrible abdominal pains, and joints pains, and I spent two weeks in hospital with rheumatoid purpura which reached my kidneys. The psoriasis has returned to invade my hands. For a year and a half, I followed your site with the idea that this treatment could help me. I talked to all the doctors I saw during the summer and all of them have told me in substance: "No, it has nothing to do with your liver, all your blood tests are good, it is an autoimmune disease and your immune system is disturbed. Do not believe what they say on the internet, we do not drain gallstones from the liver or gallbladder like that, etc...." Here's a summary of my actions because I put an end to it and decided not to enter the vicious cycle of tests and long-term treatments. Today I am sending you this testimonial because I am in my fourth liver cleanse in two months and my psoriasis has virtually disappeared. Three days after the first liver cleanse, it completely changed in nature (no more water bubbles and they never returned), and it is steadily declining since that time. This is no longer a problem of dry skin. I think I 'm really getting rid of it. I can't believe my eyes! In addition, there is a newfound energy, loss of weight, abdominal and general well-being that are indisputable. I will continue to evacuate (dozens and dozens of "gallstones" each time). I wanted to give this testimony to "psoriasis people" that sometimes think they have tried everything. Thank you for this site.

Marine, 51 years, November 18 2012:
I’ve been trying this method and I must say that I am particularly surprised of varied results:
- Skin problem (so-called " pytériasis versicolor " ) which lasts from July completely dried and disappeared in the 24 hours following the cleanse,
- No more daily fatigue or flushing,
- No more addiction to sugar or chocolate (radical)
- Sensation of lightness.
So I’m ready to do another liver cleanse within 15 days. Thanks again for your blog.

Agnes, 63 years, August 18 2012 :
Hello Denis, when I started the liver cleanse (May 2011) I was electro-sensitive and for 4 years I lived in this electromagnetic smog, without knowing that all these frequencies, slowly but surely, destroyed me (Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - phones, etc. ...). I had a multitude of symptoms, that during my liver cleanses (I did twenty cleanings in 15 months!) have DISAPPEARED! And I am HAPPY today to have found sleep and a normal life without pain. Around me, I circulate your site.... which has a very good impact.
My electro - sensitivity symptoms:
- Headaches, with scalp tenderness
- Blurred vision, with decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, floaters
- Fatigue + + +
- Loss of sleep
- Weight gain + + (for me) for others it is the opposite (weight loss)
- Allergy problems with itching + + + (large plates underneath the breasts)
- Weakened gums, with abscess (even with good oral hygiene)
- Nocturnal tachycardia (heart begins to beat, beat, beat. At night, this is awesome!)
- Frequent urination at night (every 1,5 hours) it's tiring!
- Some muscles are hypertensive (my  biceps)
- Back pain: back pain like sciatica pain that forced me to stay in bed most of the time
- Loss of hearing with tinnitus + + (ringing in the ears)
- Nocturnal sweating (body and scalp)
- Bad digestion with acid rebound
- Skin pigmentation (large brown spots on cheekbones, and forearms)
- Discoloured faeces
- Hair loss with their accelerated laundering
- Abdominal pains day and night, these pains have stopped IMMEDIATELY when removing GLUTEN -based foods (bread, pasta etc. ...) and dairy products
ALL these symptoms have disappeared with the cleanses and without medication, but with much FAITH and PERSEVERANCE in this natural, but so rewarding treatment!

Here’s for you Denis, I wanted to bring a complete testimonial because there are more than 5% of the population that is electro-sensitive or electro-hypersensitive and you can add all those who do not know they are, like me for 4 years!!
Another BIG THANKS to You! Warm greetings. Agnes

Jean -Luc, 48 years, February 20 2012:
Hello Denis, I did my first cleanse, a bit of stress on my part but hey, everything is fine. I have rejected more than 500 "stones" approximately, because I have not counted, all were green, strange forms, ranging from a few millimetres to over 2 cm. About the first beverage (Epsom salt) it is true it is easier to drink it with lemon juice, but half a lemon and not a whole lemon because it can cause nausea. Mixture of oil no problem drinking it, it's not as bad as it’s made out to be. Overall I had a good night, I woke up at 0:40, then at 4:17, then sat in my armchair until 6:00 for the drink, and 8:00 for the second. I advise that day to drink some chicken broth or something else, you must hydrate yourself, because the amount of liquid that is evacuated is rather impressive and we dehydrate ourselves (it's like when we have a diarrhoea, the doctor advises to be well hydrated, the same goes for this) I’m waiting for the second and the others, because my goal is to do tests to see the evolution of my liver steatosis (I do these tests since cleanse n°10). I feel good, my mother said I have a beautiful complexion, my face is perked, it is already not so bad (Laughter. . !)
Bye, and thank you, I will keep you posted for more.

Berenice, 50 years, January 29 2012:
I also started liver cleansing in 2010 and I've done 6 treatments. N° 5 and 6 having given nothing, I thought my liver was clean. I have not had as many balls of fat as you. I did not really wanted to collect them but by seeing them floating on the surface of the toilet, I would say I had between 20 and 80 the size of a pea each time, which I found significant anyway. And this year, I wanted to start a maintenance treatment (as Moritz advises in his book) and surprise! I evacuated twice more and much bigger than the last time. I think they needed time to migrate to the exit. It is certain that this cure is not a walk in the park. Drinking magnesium sulfate does not bother me too much and frankly with grapefruit juice or lemon the taste is not present, but the "magic potion" is a horror! I drink it without any problem but cannot keep it. I sleep like a baby and then a violent nausea always wakes me up 1h30 or 2h later and I vomit all over the bathroom. I go back to bed and I fall asleep. Despite nausea and difficulty I will continue liver cleansing because I still have sinus problems, bronchitis, sciatica... I’d like to see them disappear. But my skin spots (also poetically called "cemetery flowers") on the face and arms have reduced and I have been fortunate not to see new ones pop up this summer, which never failed to arrive in the past. For my physical results, apart from the " cemetery flowers " that have virtually disappeared since the 7th cure, or at least since my recovery cure early January I am in much better physical shape. I can compare this with aqua biking that I practice 2 times a week: now I finish the sessions very easily whereas before I was "exhausted" by the end.  Now I say "you should push more, you’re not even tired!" Longer endurance, sure. Oh yes I forgot my daughter made the same ascertainment: we do not have cold extremities anymore (hands and feet) or less anyway... surely a better blood and lymph circulation!

Ines, 48 years, January 2 2012:
Hello, thank you for your valuable advice. I've just done my 3rd liver cleanse and I feel the need to continue every 3 weeks. I do not use the walnut tincture or ornithine in the mixture (just because I’ve not found it any pharmacy). So I just mix olive oil and grapefruit juice. I have NO negative effect (nausea ...) and I sleep ALL night without waking up... I'm lucky... As soon as I swallowed the potion I visualized the stones going down. I carry on with the Epsom salt 3 or 4 days after, sometimes I saw "stones" 3 days after the liver flush... Last night I just did the 3rd cleanse and this morning harvested a beautiful crop of "big stones" (about 15 2cm in diameter), the first 2 times the quantity was greater but they were smaller… I would recommend this cure to everyone.
Benefits: less bloated, liver spots less apparent.... Cheers and thank you again.

Camille, 35 years, September 29 2011:
Hello, I wanted to share with you my personal experience. Following an unexplained fatigue, heavy eyelids, regular constipation, haemorrhoids, skin hyperpigmentation on the face, upper back pain back, concentration span problems, poor memory... I tried this cure. Like you, EVERYTHING disappeared! What remains is hyperpigmentation which became chloasma in relation with the adrenal glands, another very interesting and ignored topic. Anyway, I have only done my second treatment, but like you, feel great vitality after! Thank you for your presentation on the web, it would be great that more people have access to this information!
Sincerely, Camille

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