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My name is Denis Lecourieux, I was born in 1963, I'm French and I do not come from the medical community.
In 2009, the pseudo H1N1 pandemic has aroused my curiosity and I started to get interested in natural health.

In 2010, I came across a book by Andreas Moritz that passionated me. I tried his method and after a year, I got rid of all my health problems. I just say it in one sentence, but it's a little short, so I'll say it once again: in one year, I got rid of all the symptoms I had, some of them dating from my childhood.

In 2011, I posted the results of my liver cleanses with some explanations, thinking that it could interest other people. Then I dug this topic in every way, to understand how and why this method produced these such spectacular results. I finally also understood why my health problems dated from my childhood and found their origin. I gradually completed and evolved this informative website, including the section on intestinal cleansing, which is the logical complement to the liver cleanse.

A few years later, my french website agirsante.fr became the reference website on the liver cleanse and offers you, not only all the technical explanations and useful information, but also the most complete basis of testimonials you can find. I have received so many testimonials that for clarity I have sorted them by categories of treaties symptoms. agirsante.fr is now translated into iraisemyhealth.info

The deepening of my knowledges on this subject and the contacts I have, have strengthened my commitment : I constantly enriched the content of iraisemyhealth.info for making it as complete and precise as possible, I am translating it into different languages ​​and I give a conference when I am invited.

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