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Aileen's testimonial December 7 2022

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In 2017 I started to experience a lot of pain under my right rib cage and a lot of digestive problems. I was so tired and fatigued as well. I was losing my hair in alarming amounts daily. I had Reynaud’s, poor circulation, tended to be cold a lot, and many other related issues. I could tell my adrenals were suffering and probably most definitely my thyroid as well. I had blood pressure that was too low and would often wake up and feel dizzy if I got out of bed too quickly. I was experiencing a lot of stress in life, not only in marriage but also in finances and raising the kids. One evening at dinner I had a big meal and experienced so much pain that I stopped eating and went right to the bedroom. I ended up passing something in the bathroom that look like a tar-like stool. I was very ill and went to the emergency room not long after that. This began a process of four years long that have been the worst of my life. I was so sick with pain and digestive problems and the pain was there 24/seven. I went on a number of PPIs (acid blockers), (as well as a stomach-coating drug called carafate) which are terrible for you. And I knew they were terrible for me, but I couldn’t make the pain go away. I was dizzy and weak and lacking in energy. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on because I don’t live on junk food. I normally eat very healthfully and have studied it quite a bit. It was a miserable handful of years of trying all types of eliminative/gut healing/restrictive diets. I felt like I couldn’t eat anything. I was trying to limit grains and I was also trying to limit fats, although I felt like what I needed to heal a gut was fatty type foods from quality animal sources. I tried doing raw vegan and that didn’t completely take care of the issues, either. I would even fast for large periods of time and still had discomfort. I used a hot water bottle to mitigate the pain. Hot water bottle is still my favorite comfort tool outside of prayer to this day!!!! One day I discovered online people talking about symptoms like mine and linking it to congested gallbladder. I knew the liver was congested, but I hadn’t considered the gallbladder. I read about the liver gallbladder flush and bought Andreas Moritz‘s book. I read it thoroughly and began to feel very hopeful with my health. I carried out five liver flushes between November 2017 and March 2018. After the first flush, the pain under my rib cage greatly lessened. I still had some residual issues with gut, etc., and after a few days of each flush my body would gear up for the next round of stone flushing, so some of the same symptoms would return, as a Andreas Moritz said they could. But each time I felt better and better. I was a little bit concerned about how the Epsom salts were affecting my body. But I knew that I had to do something, so I was willing to take the risk. I did the flush even though I probably had a bit of a contraindication with some gut issue complications. But I still did it. And I have to admit that I have actually done the flush during a part of the menstrual cycle. In each flush case I was able to get hundreds of stones. The more recent flushes have shown more of the calcified white colored stones. There’s a lot of chaff. A lot of foul smelling stuff. And bigger stones the more flushed as I do. This year I resumed the flushes and am coming up on my eighth flush. I have noticed that my body has healed a lot of the other issues a lot faster since I started doing the flushing. Again, I only stopped doing them prior because I was concerned that maybe the Epsom salts were too much or it just felt like I needed a little bit of a break and I just wasn’t sure. But I resumed them after a time of careful dieting and some lifestyle changes that I have been helpful. I have noticed that the sickly white appearance to my face has disappeared and I now have color in my face. The sunkenness to my cheeks has also started to fill-in. I have no piercing pain under my rib cage like I used to have before. My appetite returned and I was able to metabolize fats again, though I still think my body is healing the pancreas and continually detoxing the liver, gallbladder, and gut. My digestion got better, though I still have some gas and bloating on occasion, usually when the next batch of stones is ready to be released. I don’t foresee myself doing hundreds of these flushes, but I think I will know when I can stop doing them consistently when all of the main symptoms are gone. I am going to look at my sleep and determine how I feel when I wake up in the morning as to part of the sign as to when I can stop. I’m also praying about this. It has been a blessing from the Lord. I don’t recommend doing the yoga that’s outlined in Andreas Moritz‘s book. The spirituality is a bit off target, but it is important to deal with the issues that can create ill health. Yeshua has helped me every step of the way. One thing I would encourage people to do is just to keep going. Usually the day of the flush and right before passing the stones you can tend to feel a bit heavy and even a bit nauseous. I never felt truly nauseous or threw up, but I did feel just slightly queasy. It helps to use a straw to get the grapefruit oil mixture down. And it helps to use a bucket with a bag liner so that you can poo into it instead of into your sewage system. It’s not so great to put a bunch of oil down your pipes in winter when it’s freezing. Hope this helps someone! Bless you

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