Intestinal transit is related to the production of bile. Action ? -

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Intestinal transit is related to the production of bile. Action ?


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Harmony, 44 years, USA, December 31, 2021:
First, thank you, Denis, for blogging your experience with liver cleansing and enemas. I have come to the same conclusion this year, 2021. I have two female family members who both received gall bladder removal — my mother in her 40’s and my sister at age 17. I did not want that outcome. I am a healthy eater, an exercise enthusiast, and 44-years-old and I successfully completed two liver cleanses, but I also consumed L-Ornithine capsules at bedtime, so I slept well both times. I passed approximately 300 stones all-together. Two days ago I successfully completed my first water enema followed by a coffee enema. And I’m about to start doing the liver cleanses again. I have also completed eight weeks of parasite cleanses, as well as papaya seeds and honey, and pumpkin seeds, garlic, and ginger. I passed three worms…round worms, I think. My skin is clear. My parasite-related abdominal gas has subsided. I can physically feel that I need to conduct subsequent liver cleanses.

Sting, 39 years, Canada, april 5, 2019:
I have had sinus issues and headache since I was a child, like Moritz, and I was starting to get pain in my arms, a side effect from mental health medications. After two cleanses, I no longer have the pain, my gut issues are gone, and my sinuses feel great and I no longer have headaches in the same spot I have had them since I was 8. The first cleanse I had about 150-200 dark crystalized stones. The second I released about 120 soft green stones. I used an apple kefir and marshmallow root to prepare for the first and apple cider for the second...I will continue to do the cleanses with the apple kefir and marshmallow root, (taste so delicious) albeit it comes with some bad flatulence, but I released some dark green stones on the 5th day...finished the cleanse with hydrotherapy on the 9th day. I feel great and look forwards to what will happen as I continue to flush. I am following the encouragement of the Second edition of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Pierce, 40 years, Canada, may 18, 2018:
My experience has been great. I used get constipated often and had lots of headaches. After a few sessions l can say that l feel much better. No more constipation no more headaches l am quit regular now. I even recommended a friend and they are happy with the results. Thank you.

Regine, 67, France, November 29th 2015:
Thank you Denis, this website has helped me tremendously. Suffering from several health problems I decided to do a liver cleanse in May. The first effects appeared very quickly:
• Weight loss of  between 3 and 4 kg
No more bloating and wind
• Complete disappearance of psoriasis on my legs and elbows that I had when I was a child that had reappeared after 15 years, the area on the skin still lacks some pigment. I did not expect these results. On the other hand, I have resolved with regards to pain, it's now November, I gained a little weight and am thinking of doing another cleanse early in December. I hope this testimonial encourages those with psoriasis

Romuald, 29, France, May 10th, 2015:
Hello!  First of all thank you for this wealth of information! I did ​​a dozen cleanses in the past three years because of a bowel disease diagnosis 7 or 8 years ago. Frankly, I was sceptical after having tried more or less all the existing natural remedies.  And even though I do not have an impeccable passing of stools to this day, the more challenging symptoms have gone, the cramps and intestinal pain followed by diarrhoea have totally disappeared with very few exceptions. I wanted to let you know as this can probably help other people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome just like me!
Best regards!

Martin, 55, France, March 28th, 2015:
Martin December 14th, 2014:
Hello. In September this year I suffered problems to do with difficult digestion/assimilation: "liver" pain, completely white stools, severe fatigue during digestion. The doctor checked for gallstones and began explaining one thing or two to me about gallbladder removal. I came across your site around the time I was in between my consultation and check-ups/ultrasounds.  The results showed the absence of gallstones but the presence of a fatty liver (steatosis) and a bit of cholesterol.  I'm on my third cleanse. The first was surprising: an incredible amount of stuff came out during evacuations, identical to your photos plus some sort of 2/3cm pelota of fiber.  Evacuations related to the other two are decreasing. I feel there are still a few cleanses ahead of me but it has become a form of internal body hygiene treatment for me.
The results are numerous. Disappearance of discomfort in the back, loss of heaviness in the abdomen, and I have gotten back my will to live along with a lot of energy, normal stools, desire and pleasure to eat “healthy” things (no fat, sugar, etc ...).
Thank you to the author of this site.

Martin March 28th, 2015:
Hello Denis. I have not yet had my liver "remeasured". There is no real medical reason to do so because I do not have any symptoms suggesting there is a problem. Back pain has not returned, my relationship to food has changed with a kind of distaste for junk food, alcohol and fats/sugars when I'm feeling in good shape and no urge for them when I’m feeling tired.  Again thank you for the prospects you’ve awakened me through your site.

Sylvie, 45 years, France, August 22, 2014:
Prone to colitis and intestinal problems since my childhood, it got worse with time. Bloating, dark circles, osteoarthritis, putrid gas, indigestion, chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, bad breath, anxiety, buttons, endometriosis, menstrual pain, frequent nausea after meals, or alternating diarrhoea and constipation, poor sleep, loss of hair, age spots on the hands, ... and I had to forget some of them. The breakthrough came when my weight suddenly increased. Neither fasting, nor regime, has managed to lower it. So I did blood analysis showing high levels of oestrogen and bad fats. After reading articles, including this website, I imagined a connection between my problems and congested liver. First cleanse: July 25. Experience with the magnesium chloride or nigari. No evictions until morning. Quiet night. In the morning, almost uninterrupted stream of brown materials, mud, rare green and yellow balls. I feel tired for 3 days. 2nd cleanse two weeks after, August 3. Experience with magnesium sulfate this time. As the last time, I had a good night and it all came out during the next 2 days. Eviction episodes of fat balls of different sizes (0,1 to 1 cm) and predominantly yellow or pale green. Strangely, no sand and no mud. Then in the afternoon, new expulsion of 4 or 5 large green balls of fat from 1,6 to 2 cm. After cleaning the colon, the following days, some still came out. 3rd cleanse August 23, yesterday. Following an enema, and after my 2nd glass of sulfate, a large mass of mucus, small yellow balls of fat, green ones, brown ones, and some "twigs" are expelled in one go. Then, in the night, belly gurgles that continued all morning, and this morning I've dismissed as a brown liquid, mixed with mucus and tiny "stones". No big ones on the horizon. I had headaches for 2 days. I made, between the two cleanings, a cure of walnut tincture, and I rejected in the last week a white worm, size 4, 5 cm. A next liver cleaning is scheduled in about three weeks.
Results: I no longer have the feeling of a "buoy" around the belly and hips. I lost a little weight during the first cleanse, dark circles and spots on the skin attenuated, nails more pinkish, more intestinal comfort, much less gas, less belly, softer skin especially on the arms, less fatigue, less attraction to sugar, increased desire to purify. The cons, unpleasant symptoms appear, such as canker sores, pimples on the face, more halitosis than before. I think it's normal, waiting for everything to get back to normal and the body is as good as new.

Ryanna, 32 years, France, August 6, 2014:
I just did my first liver flush. I have not released a lot of green peas, 20-30 maybe, but a lot of "foam". I have osteoarthritis, and pains since a long time, I lack muscle flexibility and I was very tired in recent months. Much bloating, especially after meals, where I always need a coffee (unhealthy) as a boost. And even with a coffee, after lunch was horrible! Also a lot of stress ... Magnesium sulfate is hard to swallow ... but it's worth the effort.
Muscles, I found a bit of flexibility. But regarding my digestive system: Wow! No longer swollen belly and quicker digestion. I will continue, as Dr. Moritz stated in his book. Indeed, the first cleanse can be without visible harvest. The cons, I've anal pain when going to the toilet, and it's very unpleasant, but I do not feel anything when the fatty balls go. I recommend you try, and do not forget to do an enema before and after cleanse!
To continue the testimonial to this day: Weight loss and reduction of swelling throughout the body and no more cellulite! Really! I do not know why, but in any case I was surprised. I took the opportunity to remove gluten from my diet ... even if it is constraining. Good cures to all.

Paul, 45 years, April 21 2014:
Hello Denis, I am 45 years old. It happened to me in the past to have a sensation as if there were stones in my liver. I had no idea at all that that was actually the case! I spent money in unnecessary dietary supplements. I am currently in 22nd cleanse. I was very happy to throw out all this crap: brown and fragrant mud, then mud and white "beans", and each time some green beans like peas, of all sizes. My last cleanse was mainly mud and some small green spangles. But sometimes I feel a little pain to the gallbladder and sometimes up to the scapula, a sign that there is a need to re- flush.
Reported earnings of liver cleanings are for me:
- Evacuation of physical and mental lethargy and a more fluid speech
- Perception of general physical rejuvenation
- White eyes that are no longer yellow, net look
- Flexible leg joints, more muscle cramps in legs
- Spontaneous very quick reflexes, indicating better attention and reaction
- Significant reduction in dark circles under eyes
- Very good resistance despite a very short night if I sleep late and get up early
- Weight loss without dieting
- Less sensitivity to gluten, but this sensitivity is there.
- Loss of intestinal gas (which still comes back, especially by eating wheat flour, even biological)
- Loss of waist after each liver flush.

Judith, 56 years, March 23 2014:
I carried everything out in strict accordance with the instructions recommended. The results were up to my expectations. I would add that the evening, after drinking the oil mixture over a 22 hr period, a feeling of well-being came over me, even feeling a sense of warmth. Finally, I had no repulsion with magnesium sulfate, and the final mixture. I start again in 3 weeks for a new flush. I feel much better, no more knee pain, no longer bloated. I now replace the bread food with less gluten food. I encourage the more undecided.... Sincerely, Judith

Patrick, 51 years, February 10 2014:
Hello Denis, I would first like to thank you for the quality of information contained in your site. In order to reassure your visitors, I also wanted to tell everyone that the process is not at all painful, or even unpleasant. I agree that magnesium sulfate is very bitter, but it's bearable and oil mixture, grapefruit juice, tincture nuts, ornithine, is pretty good (a little disgusting, at the end, but perfectly drinkable).
After 24 h the results are staggering: the pain in lower right side of my back has disappeared, bloating in the abdomen also gone away, joints more flexible, and more serene mind.
I start again in three weeks and a third cleanse in six weeks. I wish you all a very nice day. Patrick

Nohlan, 38 years, December 26 2013:
MIRACULOUS! After biopsies of the stomach, tons of drugs, I decided to make this cure. From the first one I felt better. I did 6 liver cleanse, and I'm back to normal. Christmas meals without any discomfort. Heartburns, gas, extra systoles, difficulty breathing, diarrhoea.... are for the moment forgotten. We will see in the future, but right now I recommend it to everyone. Thank you thank you thank you

Line, 38 years, December 5 2013:
I feel good when my liver is cleansed: no more constipation, no more IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome), no more pain in my back, no more sinusitis, no more fatigue, a better complexion, better mood, a soft abdomen, and less tinnitus too! Well, all symptoms return quickly enough, after about 3 months, so I redo the cure, and it's going better, etc ... Have a good day, Line

Charles, 64 years, November 14 2012:
Hello Denis. I did 3 liver cleanses, I have evacuated hundreds of "gallstones". I hope to evacuate three large stones in my gallbladder during my next cleanse! All is perfect. I lost 5 kg, without deprivation, I am no longer potbellied and no longer suffer from an upset stomach etc ... Thanks. Charles

Agnes, 63 years, August 18 2012 :
Hello Denis, when I started the liver cleanse (May 2011) I was electro-sensitive and for 4 years I lived in this electromagnetic smog, without knowing that all these frequencies, slowly but surely, destroyed me (Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - phones, etc. ...). I had a multitude of symptoms, that during my liver cleanses (I did twenty cleanings in 15 months!) have DISAPPEARED! And I am HAPPY today to have found sleep and a normal life without pain. Around me, I circulate your site.... which has a very good impact.
My electro - sensitivity symptoms:
- Headaches, with scalp tenderness
- Blurred vision, with decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, floaters
- Fatigue + + +
- Loss of sleep
- Weight gain + + (for me) for others it is the opposite (weight loss)
- Allergy problems with itching + + + (large plates underneath the breasts)
- Weakened gums, with abscess (even with good oral hygiene)
- Nocturnal tachycardia (heart begins to beat, beat, beat. At night, this is awesome!)
- Frequent urination at night (every 1,5 hours) it's tiring!
- Some muscles are hypertensive (my  biceps)
- Back pain: back pain like sciatica pain that forced me to stay in bed most of the time
- Loss of hearing with tinnitus + + (ringing in the ears)
- Nocturnal sweating (body and scalp)
- Bad digestion with acid rebound
- Skin pigmentation (large brown spots on cheekbones, and forearms)
- Discoloured faeces
- Hair loss with their accelerated laundering
- Abdominal pains day and night, these pains have stopped IMMEDIATELY when removing GLUTEN -based foods (bread, pasta etc. ...) and dairy products
ALL these symptoms have disappeared with the cleanses and without medication, but with much FAITH and PERSEVERANCE in this natural, but so rewarding treatment!

Here’s for you Denis, I wanted to bring a complete testimonial because there are more than 5% of the population that is electro-sensitive or electro-hypersensitive and you can add all those who do not know they are, like me for 4 years!!
Another BIG THANKS to You! Warm greetings. Agnes

Nathalie, 50 years, August 6 2012:
Hello Denis. Thank you for providing us with your biological analysis. I myself recently conducted a review and I am followed particularly for cholesterol. After 3 liver cleanses, my LDL cholesterol decreased significantly and came back to a standard level. On the other hand, HDL (good) cholesterol had risen (doubled). My doctor thought I had a strict diet, I let him think that and I told him that I had gained 4 kg in weight but in fact it was thanks to liver cleansing, because I had not changed anything in my diet. Instead, I went in the United States (I’m French) and I ate all I wanted. I was apprehensive because my doctor told me to be careful because I had far exceeded the quota of cholesterol. In fact, I understood that the liver cleanses were really beneficial to me on the cholesterol level, because everything is back to normal. Also my bowel. Whenever I ate, my stomach swelled and I was like a woman at the 9th month of pregnancy. Today, my stomach is almost flat and deflated; I no longer have these spasms in the colon or pain. I did my 4th liver flush. I also do coffee enemas, which are very useful and I have very good results on my bowel and intestinal tract. As long as I have green balls, I will do liver flushes. Thank you for all the information that helps us so much. Nathalie.

Damien, 51 years, April 20 2012:
Hello everyone, after several years of suffering digestive problems, colic and diarrhoea, I discovered this miracle cure that was the only one to give me a solution and after careful thought on the subject, which is the most logical because the liver can be compared to the oil filter in a car, and we respect the kilometre when an oil and filter change is due. On Saturday 13th of April 14 I did my 13th liver cleanse. My liver ejected about 300 medium “fat peas” and 27 measuring about 2.5 to 3 cm in diameter, very dark brown color, it is the first time they are so big and dark, it must be old fat. I will continue and completely clean my liver. I highly recommend this method to anyone wishing to live in full health, not forgetting that we are what we eat, good luck to all.

Bertrand, 35 years, November 30 2011:
Hello Denis,
Regarding the health benefits, this treatment (which is far from over for me since I expelled fewer peas than you, I 'm around 1500 I think but I did not count specifically) had the following effects:
1 / Progressive improvement of digestion (more regular transit, less bloating )
2 / End of back pain (a pain in the right scapula ceased to occur)
3 / Eyes that had turned grey regain their original blue and shine
4 / Improvement in strenght
I'll be 35 years old in 3 weeks and this cure helps me to continue because I am convinced of its interest: living without fat in the liver is important for improving the central organ of the immune system that liver is.
Best regards, Bertrand

Camille, 35 years, September 29 2011:
Hello, I wanted to share with you my personal experience. Following an unexplained fatigue, heavy eyelids, regular constipation, haemorrhoids, skin hyperpigmentation on the face, upper back pain back, concentration span problems, poor memory... I tried this cure. Like you, EVERYTHING disappeared! What remains is hyperpigmentation which became chloasma in relation with the adrenal glands, another very interesting and ignored topic. Anyway, I have only done my second treatment, but like you, feel great vitality after! Thank you for your presentation on the web, it would be great that more people have access to this information!
Sincerely, Camille

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