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We can reduce joint pain. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Myrtille, 46, Belgium, February 23rd 2016:
Hello. My first liver cleanse was successful and many symptoms disappeared: hair loss, tendinitis, headache, mood swings, poor quality of sleep, digestion... In short it's amazing. I was reassured by a friend who told me that it was painless, unlike gallbladder attacks which I had experienced. After the treatment I had another bladder ultrasound and it had partially emptied, to the great surprise of the doctor who compared it with the results prior to the treatment. I will do my second. Best wishes

Louis-Pascal, 48, France, 28th June 2015:
I am 48 years old and I'm on my fifth cleanse.  The third in a row and I will keep going.    Again thank you for your site and this method. I was overweight and was suffering significant joint pain, which has decreased considerably. At the same time I lost weight, I felt much better after the cleanses. Drinking the 10 o‘clock “potion” is not very pleasant, but for the first time, I was able to sleep and this morning I feel very good. My skin is clean as also my partner pointed out (for a change she too wants to try the cleanse).  It’s like I am younger. The procedure is not very pleasant, but it is purifying and effective.

Albertine, 59 years, France, July 30th 2014:   
The numerous testimonials persuaded me to take action. Thank you to you all and especially Denis, putting them online. Since February, I have carried out 5 liver cleanses in 6 months. First, I noticed that I was breathing better, I was full of energy. A real breath of fresh air, that put me in a good mood. An experience I shared with all my friends, friends and family. Many of them are like me, amazed by those immediate results and they pass the message around them. My joints were suddenly very flexible for a few days, my cravings for sugar and coffee are immediately gone, no more drowsiness after lunch and yawning fits, a better attention span. Lots of yellow mud and gravel came out at first. At the second liver flush, the first green fat balls have emerged. Since, I stopped counting them. My rhinitis has intensified for two days and I did not stop blowing my nose. Then, the third day, nothing. Today it still persists, but significantly attenuated. After 5 purges, I confirmed my initial achievements: my skin has improved, more toned, my dark circles diminished and my skin has regained its colors.  
                                                                        Read Albertine's testimonial

Paul, 45 years, April 21 2014:
Hello Denis, I am 45 years old. It happened to me in the past to have a sensation as if there were stones in my liver. I had no idea at all that that was actually the case! I spent money in unnecessary dietary supplements. I am currently in 22nd cleanse. I was very happy to throw out all this crap: brown and fragrant mud, then mud and white "beans", and each time some green beans like peas, of all sizes. My last cleanse was mainly mud and some small green spangles. But sometimes I feel a little pain to the gallbladder and sometimes up to the scapula, a sign that there is a need to re- flush.
Reported earnings of liver cleanings are for me:
- Evacuation of physical and mental lethargy and a more fluid speech
- Perception of general physical rejuvenation
- White eyes that are no longer yellow, net look
- Flexible leg joints, more muscle cramps in legs
- Spontaneous very quick reflexes, indicating better attention and reaction
- Significant reduction in dark circles under eyes
- Very good resistance despite a very short night if I sleep late and get up early
- Weight loss without dieting
- Less sensitivity to gluten, but this sensitivity is there.
- Loss of intestinal gas (which still comes back, especially by eating wheat flour, even biological)
- Loss of waist after each liver flush.

Nicole, 72 years, April 2 2014:
I just did 14th liver cleanse. Having always scrupulously respected the "diet" food during the 6 days of preparation, I’ve never been sick, even if the 22 h potion is hard to swallow (when I think the first time I found it good…). The only time I had more severe nausea (without vomiting), is also the only time the circumstances made me seriously modify the "diet"... I suffered from pain in the right hip. The radio showed osteoarthritis of the hip: nothing to do, said doctors, except take anti-inflammatory drugs, which I always refused! Today (and for the past few months) I do not suffer at all: Arthrosis: would it miraculously have disappeared?? During about 10 liver cleanses, I eliminated a lot of mud, glitter and "stones", a beautiful buttercup yellow, almost no green ones. On the contrary, the last 4 cleanses have revealed green "stones": the first ones were very dark, almost black, the following ones were green and always a little yellow. Thank you very much for your site that has been a great help to me... Regards.

Judith, 56 years, March 23 2014:
I carried everything out in strict accordance with the instructions recommended. The results were up to my expectations. I would add that the evening, after drinking the oil mixture over a 22 hr period, a feeling of well-being came over me, even feeling a sense of warmth. Finally, I had no repulsion with magnesium sulfate, and the final mixture. I start again in 3 weeks for a new flush. I feel much better, no more knee pain, no longer bloated. I now replace the bread food with less gluten food. I encourage the more undecided.... Sincerely, Judith

Patrick, 51 years, February 10 2014:
Hello Denis, I would first like to thank you for the quality of information contained in your site. In order to reassure your visitors, I also wanted to tell everyone that the process is not at all painful, or even unpleasant. I agree that magnesium sulfate is very bitter, but it's bearable and oil mixture, grapefruit juice, tincture nuts, ornithine, is pretty good (a little disgusting, at the end, but perfectly drinkable).
After 24 h the results are staggering: the pain in lower right side of my back has disappeared, bloating in the abdomen also gone away, joints more flexible, and more serene mind.
I start again in three weeks and a third cleanse in six weeks. I wish you all a very nice day. Patrick

Amandine, 45 years, December 12 2013:
On Sunday November 24th 2013, I went to the emergency department for an extremely painful point at the sternum. The emergency doctor did an ultrasound, and warned me that removal of the gallbladder may be necessary, advised me to make an appointment with a surgeon and for this appointment he prescribed me another ultrasound...
Before and for about 2 months:
- Frequent drowsiness, I need a nap after each meal, even a light meal! And after the nap, it’s hard to wake me up, tired from a nap to another... and the brain is not very clear.
- Permanent fatigue, muscle aches when I do a minimal "effort" (such as moving cartons, raking dead leaves...), less flexible, and constantly feeling heavy.
- Depression, dark thoughts: I was making a mountain out of a single grain of sand.
- Headaches, weekly and even daily.
- Related to migraines: severe pains in the neck (on a scale of 1 to 10, let's say 6 or 7…)
- A type of eczema: scabs and itching almost all over the lower legs, from ankle to knee, in my opinion due to my dairy intolerance. But I had not had that for about 15 years.
- Visual fatigue, more and more difficulty reading the small print (I was unable to read the street names on a map...) and I seem to see the characters "dancing" in front of my eyes. Reading, and understanding, even became hard.
{Note: I have neck pain radiating to the skull, and headaches for years, but irregularly and timely}

Liver cleanse on Sunday December 1st 2013. During the previous week (the one that followed the ultrasound): mainly fruit juice or warmed vegetables + 1 liter of apple juice / day + cups of warm or hot water and in the evening a piece of fruit or a few tablespoons of green vegetables. Bowel hydrotherapy on Friday November 29th, and Tuesday December 3rd. During the liver cleanse on December 1st, I had an absolutely rotten night. As I had not taken any fat (nor animal or plant) for a week, may it be related? Small anecdote: between 23h and midnight, I yawned continuously, awesome! Then nausea, so I have to vomit at 1 am: it is a lot less funny... But once I have vomit, all became perfect, I no longer felt nauseous. The cons, I have not slept all night, only between 6 and 8 am. How many "stones" excreted: the equivalent of 4 or 5 tablespoons, no more than 5mm in diameter.

From the last cleanse to that day ( 12/12/13 ) ten days later:
- No more drowsiness or naps, I wake up refreshed and rested, a rebirth!
- I rediscover my flexibility, no more pain after exertion, full of energy, loss of belly and 3 kg lost since (well, it's only been 10 days...).
- No more depression, I see things just as they are, no more dark thoughts (although my situation is unchanged)
- Not even a single migraine, or neck pain, whew!!!
- My eczema does not itch anymore and suddenly, the skin becomes healthy gradually
- Light mind, and carefree reading, but still a little farsighted. The cons: I can now read street names on the Geneva map!

On December 4th, I went to do the ultrasound requested by the emergency doctor. The only available dates were after the date of liver cleanse, it's a pity. But it was very instructive, since the doctor told me, apparently very surprised: "but I don’t see anything wrong with your gallbladder, no gallstones! It is perfect, and your liver too: no worries!" So now I recommend this cleanse to all around me. However I am puzzled to see the number of people who had no longer gallbladder, and that no doctor has suggested alternatives! Come on, good liver cleansing! For my part, the next one will probably be on December 21st. Good day and thank you very much to Denis for this site and videos, very clear (I had read the book by A. Moritz a few months ago). Amandine.

Eloise, 63 years, November 23 2013:
Sixth liver cleanse done last night and the most important harvest. In a great shape since 10:00 this morning. From the first cleanse, a point in the back left lumbar completely disappeared. These cleanses give me a spectacular energy; I feel I no longer am tired and I even need less sleep, I who was a "groundhog". I continue diligently, to try to combat osteoarthritis of the knee, it seems that the flexibility of it has already improved. I am also much less prone to nervousness and irritability and I took decisions that I might have not previously taken, my ideas are very clear. I can only thank you for this website; I enjoyed the videos I discovered yesterday. Good luck to all.

Marina, 48 years, November 9 2013:
Thank you for your website, it is very encouraging to read testimonials, I feel less alone! I started my first liver cleanse in late 2009. For 3 years, I fought against a monumental eczema, very thick, on the whole body. No treatment could stop it or decrease it. It was very depressing and difficult to live with. It's an acupuncturist who put me on the right way, by speaking to me of a gallbladder problem. I then did liver cleanses according to Andreas Moritz’s book, one per month. From the third one, my eczema started to disappear. At my 5th liver flush, my eczema had disappeared. I then carried out 22 liver cleanses in 2 years, with many benefits that I did not expect:
- Improved vitality
- More flexible joints
- Less allergic conjunctivitis
- Greater serenity. Greater insight
- Lower cholesterol (1.8 g), which had always been relatively high (2.5 g). Lower "bad cholesterol" and increase of "good" one.
- And I forget...
However, contrary to what is stated in Andreas Moritz’s book, I continued, after 2 years, to produce green balls. I decided to stop, now planning to do one every 6 months. After a year, my eczema started to reappear, and I am part of a new series of cleanses each month ... In parallel, I am trying to understand and adjust my lifestyle (which is already excellent for quite a few years). I think I have Candidiasis (not recognized by physicians who diagnose a recurrent vaginal yeast infection) and cannot get rid of it. I think this can explain the "gallstones" production. To follow!

Celine, 58 years, June 17 2013:
3 months ago, I had a cold tip of the nose, even when it was hot and I digested with more and more difficulty and I had compulsive cravings to drink plenty of water. After two cleanses, the latest being this Saturday 14th June 2013, I passed 2 large (2 cm) green balls like beans, it was awesome! Also green peas and smaller yellow ones at 12h00 ... after I was able to sleep well relaxed and then I felt a new circulation throughout my body, warmth and well-being. The next morning I did a thyme enema (the smell made me feel good) and I again evacuated small balls and some kind of "filament". This Monday morning, surprise! The belt of my skirt hugs me a lot less, my hair is softer and more dense... and I have not finished my cup of tea... that really changed my life and my sugar cravings are gone, my compulsive cravings to drink water too. Immediate results: newfound energy, vitality... I digest better and I have no longer a cold nose, my elbow joints are also more flexible ... THANKS again, I really had a health improvement.

Oscar, 47 years, January 14 2013:
I've approximately done 7 liver cleanses in the 12 last months. I still observe clusters (dozens) of cholesterol of more than 1 cm. Their aspect seems less regular than during the first cleanses.
My pathologies before liver cleanse:
- Lack of energy;
- Joint Inflammation (hips and left shoulder essentially);
- Irritability, character disorders, bilious, problems of concentration;
- Psoriasis (limited to a spot of 3 cm in diameter);
- Inability to digest fats and meats.
After liver cleanses:
- Significant energy boost. I discovered the sport of cycling. Nothing but happiness;
- Less bilious character, less irritable. Easier concentration;
- I eat chicken (white only)
- Significant improvement of joint inflammation;
So very positive results. I should continue because I systematically relapse after cleanings, gradually in 1 to 2 months...

Cathie, 47 years, 20 July 2012:
Tonight I tackle my 11th liver cleanse, according to Moritz’s method.
Observed improvements:
1 . Left knee: sharp pain when bent has almost disappeared
2 . Pain in left eye (due to ulcers) almost disappeared
3 . Better digestion (less loaded tongue)
4 . Disappearance of white hair. Reappeared a month later, I’ve yet to find the reason
5 . Less annoying menstruation
6 . Less greasy hair after the first liver cleanse.

Germaine, 51 years, March 26 2012:
Hello, victim of hepatitis c and intolerant to the chemotherapy treatment proposed by the current official medicine, I look for good ways to get rid of my symptoms (and if possible, get rid of the virus) and I tried two liver flushes. I missed the first one because of the fear that I'd find myself in a worse health condition than before. I did the second correctly although I shifted schedule by several hours. My ingredients: Epsom salt, walnut tincture, grapefruit, olive oil and melatonin for sleeping. Despite the jet lag, the two treatments have given results. For the first one, an expulsion of a foul mud and for the second an expulsion of hundreds of "stones" ranging in size from pea to sand. After the first treatment, I felt really sick and I felt a pain in the liver that I had never felt before, this is what made me decide to do the second liver flush. After the second flush, I found a sense of lightness and energy; no more liver pain and less pain in the joints. But these symptoms (joint pains) are coming back. I therefore am considering a third liver cleanse in two weeks. I plan one liver cleanse per month until I reach my objective. I add that I have not read any book on the subject; I have obtained information by reading various websites.

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