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Cleaning of the intestines by mucilage with psyllium or linseed

Intestinal cleansing

Bowel cleansing using the fibre method:

The cleanse using fibres is performed by mucilage. A mucilage is a plant material which swells in contact with water to produce a viscous material similar to gelatine. This very soft gelatinous mass will lubricate the intestinal walls and act like a sponge, soaking itself with the waste in its path, including heavy metals.

The mucilage helps regulate transit. It belongs to the category of ( sweet ) laxatives, it is indigestible fibre in the body which has the distinction of swelling in the presence of liquid. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of water when taking these fibres, because the fibre will increase the volume of stool and allow them a better progression in the intestines. The absence of water could generate plugs.
This method is, of course, not recommended in case of intestinal obstruction.

Both products to be aware of are :

Blond psyllium :

There are various products marketed using the same basic product: the blond psyllium (Plantago ovata). Boasting excellent marketing, these products are still expensive and often associated with additives not really good for our health. Only the basic component, the blond psyllium, is interesting. See pictures below.
Important: it's the blond psyllium we must use (Plantago ovata) and not black psyllium (Plantago psyllium) which has not the same properties.

To consume blond psyllium, we can sprinkle it on our food, 1-2 teaspoons, preferably in semi-liquids, such as purèes, soup, sauces, ratatouille etc ... Alternatively it can be taken with meals in a glass of water. In this case, again one to two teaspoons and drink the mixture immediately before the swelling of fibres in the glass.  

Psyllium 1

Golden linseeds:

The linseeds also bring their mucilage action. They can be used alone or in combination with blond psyllium, they have a laxative effect. They are also a source of omega-3 and omega-6, good fatty acids of vegetable origin that our body needs.

The most effective way to consume the linseeds is passing them through a mixer and sprinkling it on one's meal. Do not prepare much in advance as they oxidize very quickly, mix only what you intend to consume. Alternate method: soak 1-2 tablespoon in the evening in a glass of water, the seeds will swell and soften. The next day we take one tablespoon in the morning, another at noon and one in the evening before each meals. It is important to chew the seeds well (or it can irritate the intestines) so that all their beneficial properties are released.        

Golden linseeds 1


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