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Detailed procedure for the Clark / Moritz liver cleanse methode

Liver cleanse

How doing a liver cleanse :

Procedure popularized by Hulda Clakk then Andreas Moritz.


- Option 1 : Drink 1 liter of organic apple juice during a 6 days interval. Drink it slowly during the day, between meals. Never during meal, never half an hour before, never during the two hours following a meal, and never in the evening. If possible rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth, because apple juice is aggressive on teeth.

- Option 2 : As that's the malic acid contained in apple juice that interests us, intolerant people or people who wants to avoid the high sugar content in the apple juice, can opt for powder malic acid. Dosage according to A.Moritz: "The period of preparation is identical to that of apple juice, except that the daily litre is replaced by 0.5 to 1 teaspoon of malic acid taken with 2-4 glasses of water at room temperature. Drink this solution in small amounts throughout the day." Moreover, malic acid powder is cheaper than apple juice.

- During this week of preparation avoid cold food and cold drinks.  Avoid food of animal origin (meat), dairy products and fried food.

- Avoid carrying out a liver cleanse on a full moon, prefer the new moon. The decreasing moon is recommended to remove toxins, so between the full moon and new moon but nearer the new moon.
- Cleanse intestines
à Before the first cleanse, for 3 weeks, on an empty stomach drink each morning a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate. Wait 20 minutes before breakfast. Guaranteed success in the toilet...

NB: intestines cleansing is of great importance not only in liver cleanse. Laxative techniques shown here are the simplest to implement, but for more information see intestinal cleansing.

The sixth day of preparation (day of the cleanse):
Avoid taking medication, vitamins or food supplements, unless prescribed.
Do not eat proteins or fats, avoid sugar, spices, milk, butter, cheese, ham, processed food, etc… in summary only fruits and vegetables are accepted.
Have a light breakfast, oat flakes with water, or simply fruits.
At noon choose vegetables, or a purely vegetable soup (no butter !).
Do not eat anything after 2:00 pm, only drink water (warm or moderate, not cold).

The purpose of this 6th diet day is to leave the liver and gallbladder to rest, so that they are full of bile, to obtain the most powerful purge.

Liver cleansing
Scrupulously respect the indicated schedules.
The evening of the sixth day:
06:00 pm:
drink 180ml of water with a soup spoon of magnesium sulfate. See the video. A soup spoon represents approximately 15 grams of magnesium sulfate. If the taste is not good for you, you can add some lemon juice, or drink with a straw, or block your nose.
08:00 pm:
drink 180ml of water with a soup spoon of magnesium sulfate.
09:45 pm: prepare 180 ml of grapefruit juice (remove pulp with fork) + 120 ml of olive oil + 2,5 grams of ornithine + 20 gouts of black walnut tincture. Shake everything in an airtight jar until the mixture is homogeneous. See the video. If need be, go to the toilet for the last time, but without exceeding for more than 5 minutes the schedule of 10:00 pm.
10:00 pm: drink the oil mixture next to the bed. Lie down immediately after on your back, your head higher than your belly. Remain immobile in this position for at least 20 minutes, do not speak. Sleep if possible, don’t drink anything before 2 am in the morning. If needed, you can go to the toilet during the night.

The next morning:
06:00 am:
drink 180ml of water with a soup spoon of magnesium sulfate.
08:00 am:
drink 180ml of water with a soup spoon of magnesium sulfate.

If you are thirsty, drink some water, but not immediately after having drunk the magnesium sulfate, wait at least 20 minutes.
10:00 am: you can drink fruit juice. Half an hour later you can eat fruit.
12:00 Normal but light meal
In the following days it's best to consume a light meal. That may prove difficult, because after a 24 hours of dieting we feel revenge towards lack of food.

NB1: These quantities are for an average person, I would say an 80 kg man or more. A smaller adult can diminish the portions by making a pro rata basis. For example, for a 60 kg person, 180 ml will become 180x60/80 = 135 ml. Do the same for all the ingredients in the recipe.

NB2: the malic acid of the sixth day should be drunk in the morning and only half a liter is needed.

To schedule :                                                                                -->

Many thanks to Gilles who designed this aid in selecting the dates for the different phases of the liver cleanse, which also fits the dosages based on weight.

Download the Excel file (activate the contents)

schedule for liver cleanse


During the morning and in the afternoon, we often go to the toilet. At the beginning we reject water with a few food residues mixed with green balls of fat as you can see on my image gallery page results of my liver cleanses and after only the green balls mixed with water.


It is important to well evacuate, otherwise toxins may return in the bloodstream. For this, prolong for a few days the morning teaspoon of magnesium sulfate. A. Moritz also advocates an enema a few days after the liver cleanse.

Repeat this procedure every 4 weeks (during the new moon phase) until symptoms disappear, which takes between 6 and 12 cleanses. Do not repeat taking the magnesium sulfate each time during the 3 week cleanse, only once before the first cleanse.

Magnesium sulfate : in case of intolerance you can take magnesium citrate,
same dosages as with magnesium sulfate.
Grapefruit juice : i
t can be replaced by a mixture of equal parts of orange juice + lemon juice, for the same total amount of 180 ml (90 ml + 90 ml).

Contraindications :

Below are the main contraindications for liver cleansing, data by Andreas Moritz. For each case below, and others, A. Moritz gives various explanations and nuances, please refer to his book.
Small and large intestine
obstruction, constipation, bowel diseases, large hemorrhoids
- Weakness, acute infection, dehydration
- Pregnancy and nursing, menstrual cycle
- Diabetes
- Chemotherapy
-Stent in biliary duct
- Renal failure

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