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A powerful technique for toning the liver. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Catherine, 37 years, April 13 2014: 
Hi, I wanted to share my testimonial. I did my first liver cleanse there one week ago. I noticed: 
- An energy boost
- Less feeling of heaviness in the liver
- Better digestion
My advice to all those who hesitate: do it, everything goes well! Catherine

Sylviane, 57 years, December 3 2013: 
I just finished my fourth liver detox. I started in September, one liver cleanse per month. During each of my 4 cures, I did not have any problems for sleeping, except for the 3rd, when I woke up in the night because I had trouble digesting the olive oil. I went back to sleep after having done some deep breaths in my bed.
From the first liver cleanse, I felt less weight in the region of my liver and my stomach. I have ejected a lot of "sand". Some bile "stones" began to emerge during the second one. During the third liver detox, many green balls finally went out. This impressed me, and also I was very tired the following day, I think it is because it was the first significant release of fat balls. I just expelled much more fat for my fourth liver cleanse, without feeling any special fatigue after, as if my body was accustomed. I even expelled some fat balls before drinking magnesium sulfate. I'm getting healthier: improved digestion, loss of sensation of weight in the liver and stomach, better morale, improved sight, disappearance of spots on the skin, more tone, and a rebirth. I advise everyone around me to do it. Andreas Moritz’s book is of remarkable clarity and intelligence. By expelling these fat balls, I think we release more than toxic materials, but also all the negative emotions associated with old "stones". Good luck to everyone.

Etienne, 38 years, October 29 2013:
Hi all, about non-pathological, but "inherited" liver problems, as pointed out to me by a specialist for more than a year, saying that I was born like that and that I will spend my all life with that... The reviews have highlighted a very high rate of bile, but the rest was normal. Except I noticed that my stomach has physically moved to the right (how strange!), a constant point as a gene in the liver, and a permanent point on the right scapula, too yellow eyes, a tongue which is permanently charged, a loss of appetite with the feeling of being satiated after 3 forkfuls, cold hands and tips of fingers, downgraded physical energy (not good for the sportsman that I am), tired even with a small effort, a breath became short with the feeling that the lungs are filled to 50%, badly supporting cold temperature, I became more nervous, I had a hard time concentrating and memory crumbling. The list is long, and similar in pains, to previously read messages. So in October 2012, I decided to act, and with the net I found this site, and its contents. After reading the book, I started in the protocol. I did it 5 times (October 2012 to February 2013). I had many little harvests with sand. As a first step, with 6 months of rest, and recovery in September 2013 (bulkier harvest, balls from 1.5 to 2.5) and now I'm doing another liver cleanse. The first cleanse did me much good, because beyond the physical, the liver cleanse impacts other plans which are just as important...
Results: positive, all has improved, a rebirth each time!

Julia, 48 years, June 19 2013: 
Good morning. Currently I am preparing my 4th cleanse. For about 25 years I’ve suffered a drug-induced hepatitis. I was regularly tired, and more and more as years go by. About 12 years ago I met an acupuncturist who I now see regularly. He diagnosed my liver problem. Whenever I was not doing well, he managed to get me back on my feet for a while, but it's tough! The last three years, I have regularly spent my time in bed. An average of one day per month and after it became 2 days. I do not eat much, always feeling nauseous, headache, I have a cold feeling in me, as if the blood had stopped in my body. I felt my body completely blocked, nothing worked, sometimes even my brain! I could not cope with this problem. I felt really bad, like I was dying. A few months ago, I discovered in a newspaper an article the liver cleanse by Dr. Clark. With my acupuncturist and homeopath, I decided to go on this adventure. I was a little worried because I did not know anyone who did. And the first was very impressive. Everything went well, I followed the protocol step by step. "Gallstones" were of a very dark green: the largest one was about 3 cm by 1 cm, and others smaller. The following day, I did a coffee enema. On the 3rd cleanse, the balls were a beautiful green. 
Since then, everything is fine: No more nausea, headaches have disappeared, before I had a strange sensation in the liver, as if I had a stone in place of the liver, also cramps in the liver and now nothing! I also gained weight and most importantly I found all the energy I had lost, and a better digestion. Best regards Julia.

Melanie, 34 years, June 5 2013:
I did liver cleansing for 12 continuous months in 2012. I noted all the new moons on my calendar and planned the weeks the cleanses would take place, in function of these dates, of weekends, of my job... Surprisingly, I had not shifted in any circumstances, even on vacation with friends, or with an unexpected meeting.
The 1st effects were to enter in a very positive body dynamic: In the morning, I wanted to eat only very healthy foods. I would have been unable to swallow a pastry. Then I started doing gym exercises alone at home. As if the cleanses led to a virtuous and structuring cycle.
I was in very good physical shape that year. The therapists, who could feel my organs, found that my stomach and my liver flourished. After two pregnancies, I never had a stomach as flat as that in my life...I discovered a greater awareness of my body, of my organs, and this is such a pleasant feeling for me, I who am pretty weak against addiction, to have found positive control of my lifestyle.
Inconvenient aspects: during the night after taking the oil mixture, I had nausea, sometimes vomiting at night, and insomnia around 4am.

Germaine, 51 years, March 26 2012: 
Hello, victim of hepatitis c and intolerant to the chemotherapy treatment proposed by the current official medicine, I look for good ways to get rid of my symptoms (and if possible, get rid of the virus) and I tried two liver flushes. I missed the first one because of the fear that I'd find myself in a worse health condition than before. I did the second correctly although I shifted schedule by several hours. My ingredients: Epsom salt, walnut tincture, grapefruit, olive oil and melatonin for sleeping. Despite the jet lag, the two treatments have given results. For the first one, an expulsion of a foul mud and for the second an expulsion of hundreds of "stones" ranging in size from pea to sand. After the first treatment, I felt really sick and I felt a pain in the liver that I had never felt before, this is what made me decide to do the second liver flush. After the second flush, I found a sense of lightness and energy; no more liver pain and less pain in the joints. But these symptoms (joint pains) are coming back. I therefore am considering a third liver cleanse in two weeks. I plan one liver cleanse per month until I reach my objective. I add that I have not read any book on the subject; I have obtained information by reading various websites.

Veronica, August 6 2011:
Hello, this is not a question I want to ask you, but rather a testimonial that I give you. I too did liver cleanses for about 5 years. I was less rigorous than you and I did not record all my cleanses or take pictures. Your site is very well done. At the time I started, nobody knew and there was almost nothing on the internet… today the information has passed from person to person and I am delighted. I suggest this cleanse to many people around me and I always have positive feedback. About me, I did a cure without any rejections for the 4th and 5th liver cleanses. Then I felt the need to do a liver flush regularly and I do this when the need arises, one to two times per year. I discovered this cure alone after a doctor’s diagnosis that did not suit me: you do not have gallstones, I order you "Spasfon" . The result of these liver cleanses: disappearance of my morning sickness, of my liver pains, of my migraines, my PMS, slow digestion and my recurrent cystitis. At the same time I also removed the pill that absolutely didn't help my health. When one or more of these symptoms returned, I knew that a new liver cleanse needed to be considered. I’m doing one tonight, the last I did was in October. Here’s my little experiment. I appreciate your site and your information, I did not have the patience and the courage to do the same but if you want to chat with me it will be with pleasure.
Regards, Veronica

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