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Difficult breathing, stuffy nose? A track... See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Sting, 39 years, Canada, april 5, 2019:
I have had sinus issues and headache since I was a child, like Moritz, and I was starting to get pain in my arms, a side effect from mental health medications. After two cleanses, I no longer have the pain, my gut issues are gone, and my sinuses feel great and I no longer have headaches in the same spot I have had them since I was 8. The first cleanse I had about 150-200 dark crystalized stones. The second I released about 120 soft green stones. I used an apple kefir and marshmallow root to prepare for the first and apple cider for the second...I will continue to do the cleanses with the apple kefir and marshmallow root, (taste so delicious) albeit it comes with some bad flatulence, but I released some dark green stones on the 5th day...finished the cleanse with hydrotherapy on the 9th day. I feel great and look forwards to what will happen as I continue to flush. I am following the encouragement of the Second edition of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Hubert, 42, France, May 1st, 2015:
I did my first liver cleanse two weeks ago. I followed the advice not to eat anything for lunch and to drink apple juice six days before... The Epsom salt tastes bad (the fourth dose the following day at 8:00 am disgusted me), but the oil/grapefruit mixture almost tastes nice. No problem falling asleep as early as 10:30 pm and still be sleeping soundly by 6:00 am. When I got up, I had nausea, oil aftertaste, but the inconvenience quickly disappeared. Then the first stones were excreted, about a hundred until the following morning. During this cure, I felt no pain whatsoever. Since then, the perennial rhinitis, one of the main pathologies, has decreased significantly.I feel somewhat lighter and can boast greater lucidity. No improvement yet for the eczema affecting my hands. Anyway, I feel motivated to keep doing these cures.

Albertine, 59 years, France, July 30th 2014:   
The numerous testimonials persuaded me to take action. Thank you to you all and especially Denis, putting them online. Since February, I have carried out 5 liver cleanses in 6 months. First, I noticed that I was breathing better, I was full of energy. A real breath of fresh air, that put me in a good mood. An experience I shared with all my friends, friends and family. Many of them are like me, amazed by those immediate results and they pass the message around them. My joints were suddenly very flexible for a few days, my cravings for sugar and coffee are immediately gone, no more drowsiness after lunch and yawning fits, a better attention span. Lots of yellow mud and gravel came out at first. At the second liver flush, the first green fat balls have emerged. Since, I stopped counting them. My rhinitis has intensified for two days and I did not stop blowing my nose. Then, the third day, nothing. Today it still persists, but significantly attenuated. After 5 purges, I confirmed my initial achievements: my skin has improved, more toned, my dark circles diminished and my skin has regained its colors.  
                                                                        Read Albertine's testimonial

Nohlan, 38 years, December 26 2013:
MIRACULOUS! After biopsies of the stomach, tons of drugs, I decided to make this cure. From the first one I felt better. I did 6 liver cleanse, and I'm back to normal. Christmas meals without any discomfort. Heartburns, gas, extra systoles, difficulty breathing, diarrhoea.... are for the moment forgotten. We will see in the future, but right now I recommend it to everyone. Thank you thank you thank you

Line, 38 years, December 5 2013:
I feel good when my liver is cleansed: no more constipation, no more IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome), no more pain in my back, no more sinusitis, no more fatigue, a better complexion, better mood, a soft abdomen, and less tinnitus too! Well, all symptoms return quickly enough, after about 3 months, so I redo the cure, and it's going better, etc ... Have a good day, Line

Annie, 53 years, October 31 2013:
Hello, I stumbled on Andreas Moritz’s book, but did not buy. And then my daughter (25 years) had strong contradictions that have resulted to have the backs of both hands, and a small part of the forearms, completely covered with small brown spots, more and more numerous that made her a wrinkled skin. The doctor consulted told her, "It must come from the liver, and it would not be surprising in relation to all your problems, because the liver is the center of emotions. We’ll go and do a blood test for safety". Meanwhile the results, I remembered this book and I bought it. My daughter did a first cleaning, and the week after she had lost its spots, and as a bonus, she had lost some excess kilograms. And this continued over the weeks that followed. Currently, she is doing her third liver cleanse. In my case, I have done 3 cleanses for the time being. The first two cleanses, I noticed that I have more ability to breathe. Then I noticed that the skin on my arms had become softer. I must say that since I was young I always had a grainy skin, from shoulder to wrist. Now, my skin is soft from shoulder to mid-forearm! I cannot wait to see what the results will show after the third cleanse. I'll let you know. Thank you for your website.

Etienne, 38 years, October 29 2013:
Hi all, about non-pathological, but "inherited" liver problems, as pointed out to me by a specialist for more than a year, saying that I was born like that and that I will spend my all life with that... The reviews have highlighted a very high rate of bile, but the rest was normal. Except I noticed that my stomach has physically moved to the right (how strange!), a constant point as a gene in the liver, and a permanent point on the right scapula, too yellow eyes, a tongue which is permanently charged, a loss of appetite with the feeling of being satiated after 3 forkfuls, cold hands and tips of fingers, downgraded physical energy (not good for the sportsman that I am), tired even with a small effort, a breath became short with the feeling that the lungs are filled to 50%, badly supporting cold temperature, I became more nervous, I had a hard time concentrating and memory crumbling. The list is long, and similar in pains, to previously read messages. So in October 2012, I decided to act, and with the net I found this site, and its contents. After reading the book, I started in the protocol. I did it 5 times (October 2012 to February 2013). I had many little harvests with sand. As a first step, with 6 months of rest, and recovery in September 2013 (bulkier harvest, balls from 1.5 to 2.5) and now I'm doing another liver cleanse. The first cleanse did me much good, because beyond the physical, the liver cleanse impacts other plans which are just as important...
Results: positive, all has improved, a rebirth each time!

Nicolas, 31 years, June 2 2013:
Nicolas, April 24 2013:
Hello Denis. At 31, I already had an operation after an unbearable hiatus hernia (more than 2 cm, but with an unbearable gastric reflux that ulcerated my oesophagus). According to the doctor, it is the tobacco cessation that would lead me to eat more and thus place pressure on the stomach, yet I never eat more that I feel like. Would this cleansing fix things like before? Only God knows. My operations: creation of a gastric valve (toupee) at 270° to replace the oesophagus/stomach sphincter, all by laparoscopy (5 opening points). The surgeon noted that the left hepatic artery (one of the two arteries which supplies blood to the liver) is cut, but I do not have any more recommendations, I do not care. Since the operation, the gastric reflux has disappeared, but I always have back and cervical pains, so I consulted osteopaths. I even had a session with a great machine of modern times, a kind of small jackhammer which "cracks" gas bubbles between the vertebras. This machine has been placed all over my back but without positive effects, I still had this pain under the right shoulder blade and tensions in the back. Despite the operation (which affects the stomach and not the duodenum so no worries), I carry out a deworming and a kidney and colon cleanse (from Dr. Clark) and finally cleansed my liver a few days ago. Results: no pain (just a little nausea in the morning), "gallstones" expelled around 7am in the morning before drinking the last part of the Epsom salt, then gradually, after several passages to the toilet, I think that there are no less than a thousand balls of varying sizes that are out (with a total weight, when just flushed, of almost 19 grams including a big one of 2 cm) Summary: a feeling of lightness, my lungs breathe better, my neck and back are much less painful (so I do not even think about it), sensation of form even when I don't sleep a lot and especially no discomfort on the day of the flush. Looking forward to 2 weeks time! If I can give simple advice to people, do not read "everything and anything on the Internet" (laughs), go for it and cleanse your liver! Sincerely, Nicolas

Nicolas, June 2 2013:
I just finished my 4th cleanse. I weighed, on average, between 16 and 20 grams of fatty balls for the first 3 cleanses and then the fourth was more impressive than the others, because it weighed more than double the previous, so more than 40 grams. So the "short time" (2 weeks) between 2 cleanses does not seem to be an obstacle to the functioning of the liver flush.
As the days passed, pains reappeared in my back but much less intense and oddly more dispersed. The small daily crunches of some vertebras relieved me much more than before, and the back is generally much more flexible.
With digestion there is nothing more to say: no more stomach aches, no more foods that weigh on the stomach. The great news that I forgot to tell you, is that a few days after my first cleanse my food allergies have disappeared. My allergist had found I am allergic to kiwi, banana, avocado and melon. I tried gradually to see if my body reacted. Today, I eat about 3 kiwis a day, bananas, and avocados without problem, I have not tried melon but I think the problem is solved. Hulda Clark said it’s necessary to remove at least 2000 "gallstones" to see our food allergies disappear and as in my first cleanse that is about right (some were very small), hence I confirm that this thesis is valid, thank God.
Another big thank you for your work and this so well illustrated website that really reassures the novices.

Eric, 53 years, February 24, 2013:
Eric January 13, 2013:
Hello, for several years my health deteriorated: lack of sleep, joint pain, tachycardia, liver spots, very difficult digestion, lack of air, strong mood variation that tends to confine myself more and more, and the best is my last blood tests are so catastrophic that my doctor wants me to see a haematologist. I thought that my liver had a problem and a few weeks ago I bought a juicer to try to improve my health but I cannot even drink a single carrot juice without burping, so I won’t tell you the results when I tried to drink black radish juice ... So I searched the net for a solution. I have just done my first cleanse, the night passed as the others and I expelled approximately 100ml of small balls and sand, the 4 largest balls measured 4 to 5 mm long, floating on water. At approximately 10:45 p.m. I quickly felt an incredible effect: I didn’t have to force myself to breathe, what happiness! In the morning I felt somewhat weak and in the evening, after a meal at the restaurant, no problem digesting. All is not yet resolved, but this morning the carrot juice was swallowed almost without difficulties. I start a liver flush again next month and I will give you more news. Thank you for creating this website and I will write to you soon detailing a new physical resurrection. Eric

Eric February 24, 2013:
Hello Denis I did the second cleanse on February 10th. Firstly, what happened since early January? For 10 days nothing and then I felt my liver working and everything was out of whack health wise, impossibility digesting any sauce or fat, sleep flown away, pain everywhere and January 27th recurrence of sores in the mouth and when I say in, I mean the entire oral cavity, a horror. On February 10th, the evening before drinking oil I expelled four black round "stones". 3 of more than 1cm, and 1 about 6 mm. The next morning, after a good night, expulsion without any problem of an impressive amount of small balls like the first time along with sand and a large "stone" of about 1.5 cm and slightly elongated, formed by small clusters. No problem or fatigue the following day and since that time everything has gone well, I feel that my body is on the rebound. Sleep came back, now I sleep about 6-7 hours, that hadn’t happened to me for several years, no more tachycardia at all and I breathe with ease. I am losing weight without doing anything more than before. I repeated a basic blood analysis and the results showed that all is going in the right direction. I will try to make a full analysis by the end of March and will send you my results. On February 18th, I felt my liver working again but less than the first time and then… appearance of a canker sore in the mouth that has gone in three days and never came back. I will do another liver cleanse in March.

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