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A track to follow to find back to sleep. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Alvin, 37 years, Scotland, december 27, 2019:
I started suffering from biotoxin illness about 4 years ago when I lived in a damp, moldy house. I developed various symptoms...chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, rosacea, flushing reactions to lots of foods (I would have to cool my face down with cold cloths), menstrual irregularities (bleeding for 10 days or more every month), insomnia. I have done about 5 liver flushes and the flushing reactions to food have decreased by about 60%... i sleep all through the night most nights with the occasional bad night....my menstrual cycle is normal and I have no heart palpitations....I still suffer from fatigue but no longer have to nap twice a day... some days I can go without a nap at all... I will continue with the liver flushes as long as I see improvements.

Sharon, 49 years, UK, june20, 2019:
After being ill and on medications for 2 years, I then found out I had a fatty liver. I know the liver is a major part of the immune system and I was suffering from various symptoms of an unhealthy liver; insomnia, weight gain, yellowing of the eyes, sinus issues and overproduction of mucus, pain in the right shoulder and the list goes on. I started the liver cleanse in December 2018 and do it every 4 weeks since. The first 4 times I did this, I expelled hundreds of green balls ranging from 2cm across to a few mm. The last cleanse was a crazy one, I expelled less green balls but lots and lots of the yellowy gravel, including 2 huge but soft balls which seemed to be entirely made up of compacted gravel at the end of the day following the cleanse. The pains in my arm are less, I sleep better and mucus production is significantly less. I will continue to do the clean for at least another 6 months. Glad I found your site, it is nice to hear from real life cases and their journeys.

Myrtille, 46, Belgium, February 23rd 2016:
Hello. My first liver cleanse was successful and many symptoms disappeared: hair loss, tendinitis, headache, mood swings, poor quality of sleep, digestion... In short it's amazing. I was reassured by a friend who told me that it was painless, unlike gallbladder attacks which I had experienced. After the treatment I had another bladder ultrasound and it had partially emptied, to the great surprise of the doctor who compared it with the results prior to the treatment. I will do my second. Best wishes

Damien, 35, Belgium, March 23rd, 2015:
Damien September 9th, 2014:
Motivated by the many testimonials, I decided to do this cure. I was a heavy sleeper whereas I now sleep now 6-7 hrs and am in great shape. I had no allergies during these summer holidays, my vitiligo has gained pigment (white to pink). Since the treatment I do not eat as much meat, I don’t have any desire for it, instead lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and no more Coke, Redbull, iced tea ... I now find these too sweet.

Damien March 23rd, 2015:
Hello, I am now on the 5th.  I swapped the grapefruit juice with lemon as I find it better. Since the final cleanse I’ve not more stones or allergies. I’m always in good shape and form even after 6 hours of sleep.

Anna, 36 years, Canada, January 6, 2015:   
I just did my first liver flush between the full moon and new moon as recommended. I have released a lot of green peas 100's. I experienced black stones, fat stools and saw a few white small stones, as well as foam, a lot of "foam". I am 5'2" 140lbs overweight and I have seen my gallstones on an ultrasound. During the cleanse I lost 5 lbs! Regretfully, I gained the 5 lbs again. I am no longer tired and find myself sleeping much less. I still have right knee pain and didn't see any results in my skin. My eyes were clearer though. My bloating, especially after meals disappeared. The only con was the Epsom salt was awful (I used a straw) and my butt hurt from sitting on the toilet for so long. I recommend you try it and do not forget to do an enema or colonic before and after the cleanse. Additionally I will continue to do more and keep you posted; I will also do another ultrasound to see if I still have gallstones.

Arthur, 48, France, 31st October 2014:
Arthur 3rd September 2014:
Hello. It is now almost a year that I’ve endured liver pain on the right side, accompanied by a very unpleasant spot behind the shoulder blade on the same side. A few visits to the osteopath, to the doctor and some ultrasounds and other scans later, my condition still wasn’t improving, much to the contrary, I was being told about bladder removal. Even though the scans were not revealing anything specific! I decided to try a liver cleanse, feeling confident after seeing your website which is so informative and reading all the testimonials.

Arthur October 31st, 2014:
Results of the first trial: The pain on my right side is still there (and for good reason since a specialist diagnosed a dislocated rib), but the painful spot in the back has disappeared but MOREOVER, what great form I’m in!!! Quiet and restful sleep (previously I awoke already very tired), more energy after meals, better digestion and great form on my bike that encourages colleagues to request an ATV doping test.
I intend to start regularly, every time I’ll feel the need. It is true that the process is not very pleasant, but it's cost effective in return for the wellbeing I have found. To all those who are still hesitating I say: go for it, there are no risks, only benefits.
Past 45/50 years of age, we forget what it’s like to feel 20 again.
Love to all and again thank you to the author.

Sophie, 56, France, 21st October 2014:
Hello, I did my first liver cleanse at the beginning of September. Super, I found the feeling of hunger that I had lost, a deep and restful sleep, better digestion and great concentration. My eye allergy has reduced considerably. I’ve just done ​​the second cleanse. I feel light, positive and have lots of energy. My tongue is rosy. Thank you very much for all your information

Alex, 27, France, 15th October 2014:
Hello, I started my first liver cleanse on September 27th.  Some gallstones were released on the morning of the 28th, but they were not very big (far from what we can see from the pictures in Andreas Moritz’s book or on this website). So I was a little disappointed, but that afternoon, I felt a sense of well-being and a more positive attitude. I, who was always giving the impression of dragging a 15 ton ball, it was almost like I got rid of it and my problems were far less cumbersome!  I finished off the treatment with hydrotherapy sessions as recommended in the book, for me colon cleansing is very important and also offers a sense of wellbeing!  Moreover, it is essential to remove balls that can obstruct the colon. Another important thing, I still expelled balls of fat ten days after liver cleansing using magnesium sulfate. I will do a second cleanse on  25th October. To conclude, I would say that cleansing was beneficial to me, I digest better, am less tired and have more peaceful nights... In short, all positive, except that I was very ill after my cleanse (sinusitis and rhinitis).

Clement, 37, France, September 4th, 2014:
I just gradually came to the end of my liver cleanse. * 11 liver cleanses over 2 years (one every two months). The eleventh cleanse, I’ve no more “stones”! WHAT HAS THIS CHANGED IN MY LIFE?
  * My sleep is light and easy Before I used to fall asleep very late and that is no longer the case.  Sleeping is rewarding, it becomes more natural in the evening and allows for easier cell regeneration.  Listening to my body is no longer difficult or forceful.  I sleep well.  I feel like I’m 15 or 20 years old.
  * My relationship to food is now pleasant and enjoyable.  The body realizes that it ate a lot for the wrong reasons. I gradually felt a little sadness in the fact that I was feeding my body in order to have more energy or mute the feeling of boredom and loneliness which at times overwhelmed me.  This awareness effortlessly and quickly transformed into joy.  Liver cleansing has promoted in me a need for sweet things, but not of the refined kind, just the sugars present in fruit. Before, I hated fruits and didn’t digest them properly.  Today it is a pleasure to eat them.  I enjoy the sweetness of life when I eat.  Nothing to do with food I was consuming before, purely to stimulate me...
  * Change in mood I think my emotions were stored in the gut and liver.  There were so many emotions in the balls of fat. For example, it is as if one had disposed of the matter in which I was storing my sadness after the death of my father.  It is as if I were there when they circulated into the intestine.  At the time, I ate a lot of sweets to compensate for death and these emotions mixed with this unhealthy food may have crystallized into fat “stones” lodged in the liver.  Daring to lose these toxins is not always as simple as it seems.  It felt like I was losing a part of my soul. Like I was daring to burn my emotions and stop making unfortunate events the essence of my identity.
When the body gets used to this for 2 years over 11 cleanses, it begins to offer healthy solutions for food, to sleep, to really enjoy life. I wish you all to regain the simple joys and pleasures of life, much more intense than it appears and that as adults, we have forgotten. It is possible to regain that simple energy and vitality that only children’ possess when the body transforms and understands that keeping in toxins and emotions is useless. Kind regards

Christine, 41 years, France, August 5, 2014:
Hello and thank you.  I did two liver cleanses, I saw a marked improvement in my sleep, less back pain, better quality of skin and more energy. Cordially Christine

Cynthia, 36 years, France, July 16 2014:
Hello I did my 1st liver cleanse 10 days ago, with obvious results. For about 3 years, I had severe pain in my stomach, right side of the liver after meals; I ended up doing an ultrasound, it turned out that I had gallstones. The radiologist told me that the pain would increase and that one day he would have to remove my gallbladder. My pain has almost disappeared after the first liver cleanse, I'm really stunned. A huge improvement in my sleep that was fragmented, with some very short nights, which caused much fatigue and anxiety and led to insomnia; Today I again have normal nights, it's a real surprise that insomnia could be related to a gallbladder problem. The Epsom salts and oil/grapefruit juice are difficult to swallow, but I will do it once again, for sure. Coffee enemas do much good also, it was the only thing that relieved my pain in the abdomen before I discovered the liver cleanse. In addition, transaminases and bilirubin have become normal. Thank you for creating this site, everything is very well explained

Michelle, 48 years, Switzerland, July 2, 2014:
Hello, I did two liver cleanses (1st May and 2nd June 2014) and here are my impressions: incredibly restful sleep, well-being, white of my eyes almost blue (as very young children), tongue less loaded when having a rather heavy meal, very good state of mind, it's happiness! So, I will continue a few times (as long as there are materials), and then I think I’ll adopt a "cruising speed" maintenance at 2-3 times a year, like colon cleansing as part of Kousmine’s revitalizing cures (at the change of seasons for example). I did not find particular difficulty in applying this treatment, quite the contrary. Obviously, magnesium sulfate is not the dreamed drink, but it takes a few seconds to swallow it! However, I like the mixture of grapefruit and olive oil. Another big thank you for your involvement!

Chantal, 50 years, France, May 30 2014:   
Hello Denis, Thank you, thank you very much. Although I had recommendations to do it, although I've read the book, your website has been determinant to do my first liver cleanse. I also want to encourage those who still hesitate, do not hesitate, go for it! My feelings, my results: I spent a restless night, but it happens very often to me ... The next morning at 6am, I take the third magnesium sulfate potion, I was thinking of going back to bed but I felt in great shape! I drank the last potion at 8am. I had a lot of rejections, foam etc... I would say, about 250 fat balls, and some large ones measuring 2cm. Very quickly I was hungry, but hunger for the life. I usually have trouble to find pleasure in eating, usually I eat because I have to, but the pleasure is not there. Here, I allowed myself to drink a grapefruit juice at 9am and breakfast at 9:30. The day was amazing. No sudden fatigue, two close friends did not recognize me because I was so full of energy. I am not exaggerating in saying that that day, I found back the energy of my 25 years, really! The next day that is less clear, but at night I go to sleep tired but not exhausted. First results: Newfound energy, that is undeniable (I got up at 6am during the first two days that followed) and no sudden fatigue in the evening, I'm not exhausted but tired, I sleep much better, I appreciate eating, and have pleasure to eat. I have a whole new tongue, clean and it is very nice. I look forward to a second cleanse. See you soon for another testimonial, thank you again. Chantal

Paul, 45 years, April 21 2014:
Hello Denis, I am 45 years old. It happened to me in the past to have a sensation as if there were stones in my liver. I had no idea at all that that was actually the case! I spent money in unnecessary dietary supplements. I am currently in 22nd cleanse. I was very happy to throw out all this crap: brown and fragrant mud, then mud and white "beans", and each time some green beans like peas, of all sizes. My last cleanse was mainly mud and some small green spangles. But sometimes I feel a little pain to the gallbladder and sometimes up to the scapula, a sign that there is a need to re- flush.
Reported earnings of liver cleanings are for me:
- Evacuation of physical and mental lethargy and a more fluid speech
- Perception of general physical rejuvenation
- White eyes that are no longer yellow, net look
- Flexible leg joints, more muscle cramps in legs
- Spontaneous very quick reflexes, indicating better attention and reaction
- Significant reduction in dark circles under eyes
- Very good resistance despite a very short night if I sleep late and get up early
- Weight loss without dieting
- Less sensitivity to gluten, but this sensitivity is there.
- Loss of intestinal gas (which still comes back, especially by eating wheat flour, even biological)
- Loss of waist after each liver flush.

Annabelle, 40 years, January 20 2014:
I wanted to bring my testimonial, because other testimonials helped me answer my own questions... I did my first cleanse, on December 12, for the following reasons:
- Problem with halitosis (bad breath)
- Digestion: heaviness after meals, big fatigue blow throughout the day, yawn crisis, bloating, gas, etc...
- Headaches every morning upon waking and it was very hard to get up and emerge.
- I could not stay awake past 9 pm, thus I had no real evenings.
- Chronic fatigue and lack of energy, throughout the day.

After my first two cleanses, I can note:
- Far fewer halitosis problems, they have almost disappeared...
- Farewell daily head pain, I have energy once I wake up, no more problems getting out of bed...
- Better digestion, no more discomfort after meals: inflamed stomach, gas, reflux, fatigue leading to bedtime.
- Better complexion, better hair and especially more vitality and energy during the day, super nice thing when you had a constant fatigue over several years!
I highly recommend this cleanse to all those who want to improve their vitality... I do not want to stop and I will do a third liver cleanse in a month and others after, until complete disappearance of my woes. I'll let you know the result of my findings... Bye!

Nathan, 25 years, January 5 2014:
Hello Denis, I have long been prone to acne problems (face and back), I have time and again resorted to dermatological treatments (creams, tablets). My acne disappeared temporarily. It disappeared for five months, and then came back. Having acne at 18 is normal, but not at 25. So I decided to "take the plunge" and use this technique. From the first cleanse, my pimples began to disappear and after three weeks, I could really see the difference. At the time I write this testimony, I am in my 7th liver cleanse and I have almost no spots on the back (maybe 4 or 5) and my face has regained clear skin. I have only 2 or 3 small spots. Nothing compared to the skin I had before. Another positive effect: I fall asleep much faster than before. Thank you for having put up this site. Nathan

Amandine, 45 years, December 12 2013:
On Sunday November 24th 2013, I went to the emergency department for an extremely painful point at the sternum. The emergency doctor did an ultrasound, and warned me that removal of the gallbladder may be necessary, advised me to make an appointment with a surgeon and for this appointment he prescribed me another ultrasound...
Before and for about 2 months:
- Frequent drowsiness, I need a nap after each meal, even a light meal! And after the nap, it’s hard to wake me up, tired from a nap to another... and the brain is not very clear.
- Permanent fatigue, muscle aches when I do a minimal "effort" (such as moving cartons, raking dead leaves...), less flexible, and constantly feeling heavy.
- Depression, dark thoughts: I was making a mountain out of a single grain of sand.
- Headaches, weekly and even daily.
- Related to migraines: severe pains in the neck (on a scale of 1 to 10, let's say 6 or 7…)
- A type of eczema: scabs and itching almost all over the lower legs, from ankle to knee, in my opinion due to my dairy intolerance. But I had not had that for about 15 years.
- Visual fatigue, more and more difficulty reading the small print (I was unable to read the street names on a map...) and I seem to see the characters "dancing" in front of my eyes. Reading, and understanding, even became hard.
{Note: I have neck pain radiating to the skull, and headaches for years, but irregularly and timely}

Liver cleanse on Sunday December 1st 2013. During the previous week (the one that followed the ultrasound): mainly fruit juice or warmed vegetables + 1 liter of apple juice / day + cups of warm or hot water and in the evening a piece of fruit or a few tablespoons of green vegetables. Bowel hydrotherapy on Friday November 29th, and Tuesday December 3rd. During the liver cleanse on December 1st, I had an absolutely rotten night. As I had not taken any fat (nor animal or plant) for a week, may it be related? Small anecdote: between 23h and midnight, I yawned continuously, awesome! Then nausea, so I have to vomit at 1 am: it is a lot less funny... But once I have vomit, all became perfect, I no longer felt nauseous. The cons, I have not slept all night, only between 6 and 8 am. How many "stones" excreted: the equivalent of 4 or 5 tablespoons, no more than 5mm in diameter.

From the last cleanse to that day ( 12/12/13 ) ten days later:
- No more drowsiness or naps, I wake up refreshed and rested, a rebirth!
- I rediscover my flexibility, no more pain after exertion, full of energy, loss of belly and 3 kg lost since (well, it's only been 10 days...).
- No more depression, I see things just as they are, no more dark thoughts (although my situation is unchanged)
- Not even a single migraine, or neck pain, whew!!!
- My eczema does not itch anymore and suddenly, the skin becomes healthy gradually
- Light mind, and carefree reading, but still a little farsighted. The cons: I can now read street names on the Geneva map!

On December 4th, I went to do the ultrasound requested by the emergency doctor. The only available dates were after the date of liver cleanse, it's a pity. But it was very instructive, since the doctor told me, apparently very surprised: "but I don’t see anything wrong with your gallbladder, no gallstones! It is perfect, and your liver too: no worries!" So now I recommend this cleanse to all around me. However I am puzzled to see the number of people who had no longer gallbladder, and that no doctor has suggested alternatives! Come on, good liver cleansing! For my part, the next one will probably be on December 21st. Good day and thank you very much to Denis for this site and videos, very clear (I had read the book by A. Moritz a few months ago). Amandine.

Eloise, 63 years, November 23 2013:
Sixth liver cleanse done last night and the most important harvest. In a great shape since 10:00 this morning. From the first cleanse, a point in the back left lumbar completely disappeared. These cleanses give me a spectacular energy; I feel I no longer am tired and I even need less sleep, I who was a "groundhog". I continue diligently, to try to combat osteoarthritis of the knee, it seems that the flexibility of it has already improved. I am also much less prone to nervousness and irritability and I took decisions that I might have not previously taken, my ideas are very clear. I can only thank you for this website; I enjoyed the videos I discovered yesterday. Good luck to all.

Mathis, 40 years, November 20 2013:
My health has deteriorated since 2010 and in 2013 when I started a new job all had accelerated. I must say that in my job I am exposed to chemicals. So my symptoms have accumulated, here is a list : Sinusitis, Sore Throat, Dizziness, Absences, stare, Tinnitus, Insomnia, Tremors, Sciatica, palpitations, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, irritability... I was looking for an alternative to medicine, so I fasted 5 days, then 10 days but it was not enough and by chance I came across this method. I tried it, without believing in it, but what a surprise when to see all these "pebbles" (about 600 to 700). I remain sceptical but I try a second time and then, there are even more pebbles than the first time. Since the first liver cleanse I sleep better, and after my second liver cleanse the dizziness decreased. So I did the 3rd cleanse and this time less pebbles (about 300), but much larger ones (the largest 2 cm) and there I see my health improve day by day: deep sleep, not tired upon waking, less pain in the back, goodbye tinnitus. Morale rises sharply. Therefore it’s a rebirth.

Natasha, 52 years, October 22 2013:
Natasha, October 12 2013:
Hello Denis, I 'm 52 years old, I'm thin, and with a good metabolism until three years ago, the menopause came and shook my nice balance. Besides flushing, it is especially a protruding belly with a total disruption of the digestive system that ruined my life.
I tried many different and varied remedies: Homeopathy, gemmotherapy, plant (soy yam maca, hop, sage...), essential oils, trace elements... I changed my diet (no more dairy, no more red meat, and no more tomatoes). I sought psychotherapy effects, among EFT. Nothing could, in the long term, bring me the serenity which is essential to me to enjoy this earthly life. I was sometimes very discouraged, but strength in me told me "I have to find a solution". I do not believe in fate that getting older is necessarily accompanied by a string of inconveniences. I want to age in good health as long as possible.
It was a shrink who put me on the track, telling me about his personal experiences. It reminded me that when arriving in Paris aged 17, a homeopathic remedy was proposed to me for small loss of consciousness, "Raphanus Pottier", known for its choleretic properties. This meant that my liver was already my weak point. Later I met an osteopath who gave me manual gallbladder drainage, it was very painful but now that reminds me that I had serious hepatic problems....
I decided three weeks ago to cleanse my liver. I documented through your site (to which I extend to you my compliments), Dr. Moritz’s book, and Dr. Clark’s website. I found the grapefruit juice / olive oil mix absolutely delicious. I immediately lie motionless in the dark for almost one hour. I have not slept really well, but did not feel the need to get up. I removed painlessly, easily and without inconvenience hundreds of green balls.
A fortnight later, I feel better. I have more positive energy. I still have hot flushes but they are a little less frequent and less intense. My nights are better and I wake up less tired. It remains that my digestive system has not yet found its rhythm and so my stomach is still a little swollen. I feel I have fewer cravings for sweet things, even after meals. Oddly, I only feel attracted to fresh and simple food! My right shoulder is a little less painful.
Finally, next week I’ll do another liver cleanse, because we approach the new moon! I hope, with all my heart, to be on the right path to regaining my beautiful serenity.
With thanks I wish you a great weekend

Natasha, October 22 2013:
Second cleanse three weeks after the first one. I've slept right through from 22 pm to 1 am with a hot water bottle on the right side of my abdomen. Then, rather correctly from 2 to 6 hours, what a comfort. I woke up in shape, but nauseous because of magnesium sulfate. This time I did not wait 12 am, and at 9 a.m. I expelled a lot of very small "stones", and some of them were one centimetre. In the evening, once again a burst of many small clear stones. The next day, I could still see a few stragglers.
I feel light and unlike before, I do not feel like having sweets to finish my meal! The first two days I was lethargic and had low energy (unlike usually). And most importantly, I see this morning that I had MY FIRST COMPLETE NIGHT after a long time and extraordinarily, I had NO MORE FLUSHING! I do not know if it is non-animal protein diet, liver cleanse, or both combined, but the objective is reached, Hallelujah! My right shoulder is much less painful. I have sensations in my stomach, as if my ovaries function again, despite me not having my period for ten months.
Let me tell you that I'm not going to sit there, and I already program the next liver cleanse on November 23rd or 30th, before the new moon of December 3rd.

Amelia, 35 years, June 30 2013:
My very brief testimony after 5 liver cleanses, with a coffee enema once a week:
* Less irritability
* Less oily hair (from 1 shampoo per day, I space to 1 every 2 days)
* Less fatigue
* Better skin on the face (skin firmer 2-3 days after treatment, without changing my cosmetics routine)
* I sleep later in the evening and wake up earlier in the morning, without it being excruciating
* More beautiful skin
* Haemorrhoids gone, once the cholesterol balls exit the liver (the haemorrhoid comes back some times after, until next liver flush)
Michel Dogna’s books speak about coffee enemas, but liver cleanse should be better known.
Thank you Denis.

Catherine, 48 years, June 5 2013:
After a long reflection on the question of whether I should commit myself to carry out this liver cleanse, a discussion on the subject with my homeopath, an ultrasound of the gallbladder, showing no gallstones despite the pain, and it's decided. I followed the protocol of my first liver cleanse. No special difficulty to report: no problem to drink the potions or to sleep. Expulsion of many "stones" of any size that did not fail to amaze me by their density and size! No wonder I had a feeling of heaviness in the liver area when you see the number of fat deposits colonizing my liver, and this feeling has not completely disappeared, but the cleansing is not finished. Already, I feel fitter, less trouble waking up in the morning (while I had a great need for sleep and I used to feel tired upon waking in the morning), a beautiful energy. I long to go to the second offensive struggle against these "stones" that I still host. Thank you.

Eric, 53 years, February 24, 2013:
Eric January 13, 2013:
Hello, for several years my health deteriorated: lack of sleep, joint pain, tachycardia, liver spots, very difficult digestion, lack of air, strong mood variation that tends to confine myself more and more, and the best is my last blood tests are so catastrophic that my doctor wants me to see a haematologist. I thought that my liver had a problem and a few weeks ago I bought a juicer to try to improve my health but I cannot even drink a single carrot juice without burping, so I won’t tell you the results when I tried to drink black radish juice ... So I searched the net for a solution. I have just done my first cleanse, the night passed as the others and I expelled approximately 100ml of small balls and sand, the 4 largest balls measured 4 to 5 mm long, floating on water. At approximately 10:45 p.m. I quickly felt an incredible effect: I didn’t have to force myself to breathe, what happiness! In the morning I felt somewhat weak and in the evening, after a meal at the restaurant, no problem digesting. All is not yet resolved, but this morning the carrot juice was swallowed almost without difficulties. I start a liver flush again next month and I will give you more news. Thank you for creating this website and I will write to you soon detailing a new physical resurrection. Eric

Eric February 24, 2013:
Hello Denis I did the second cleanse on February 10th. Firstly, what happened since early January? For 10 days nothing and then I felt my liver working and everything was out of whack health wise, impossibility digesting any sauce or fat, sleep flown away, pain everywhere and January 27th recurrence of sores in the mouth and when I say in, I mean the entire oral cavity, a horror. On February 10th, the evening before drinking oil I expelled four black round "stones". 3 of more than 1cm, and 1 about 6 mm. The next morning, after a good night, expulsion without any problem of an impressive amount of small balls like the first time along with sand and a large "stone" of about 1.5 cm and slightly elongated, formed by small clusters. No problem or fatigue the following day and since that time everything has gone well, I feel that my body is on the rebound. Sleep came back, now I sleep about 6-7 hours, that hadn’t happened to me for several years, no more tachycardia at all and I breathe with ease. I am losing weight without doing anything more than before. I repeated a basic blood analysis and the results showed that all is going in the right direction. I will try to make a full analysis by the end of March and will send you my results. On February 18th, I felt my liver working again but less than the first time and then… appearance of a canker sore in the mouth that has gone in three days and never came back. I will do another liver cleanse in March.

Patrice, 28 years, December 3 2012:
I did my second liver cleanse. I feel better since the first one, my migraines have reduced. My digestion is good and the upset stomach has disappeared. I breathe life and see more clearly. My sleep is good and the stomach heaviness has disappeared. Fatigue quickly eliminated during naps after lunch. Next cleanse after the New Year holidays. Thank you again for this website.

Agnes, 63 years, August 18 2012 :
Hello Denis, when I started the liver cleanse (May 2011) I was electro-sensitive and for 4 years I lived in this electromagnetic smog, without knowing that all these frequencies, slowly but surely, destroyed me (Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - phones, etc. ...). I had a multitude of symptoms, that during my liver cleanses (I did twenty cleanings in 15 months!) have DISAPPEARED! And I am HAPPY today to have found sleep and a normal life without pain. Around me, I circulate your site.... which has a very good impact.
My electro - sensitivity symptoms:
- Headaches, with scalp tenderness
- Blurred vision, with decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, floaters
- Fatigue + + +
- Loss of sleep
- Weight gain + + (for me) for others it is the opposite (weight loss)
- Allergy problems with itching + + + (large plates underneath the breasts)
- Weakened gums, with abscess (even with good oral hygiene)
- Nocturnal tachycardia (heart begins to beat, beat, beat. At night, this is awesome!)
- Frequent urination at night (every 1,5 hours) it's tiring!
- Some muscles are hypertensive (my  biceps)
- Back pain: back pain like sciatica pain that forced me to stay in bed most of the time
- Loss of hearing with tinnitus + + (ringing in the ears)
- Nocturnal sweating (body and scalp)
- Bad digestion with acid rebound
- Skin pigmentation (large brown spots on cheekbones, and forearms)
- Discoloured faeces
- Hair loss with their accelerated laundering
- Abdominal pains day and night, these pains have stopped IMMEDIATELY when removing GLUTEN -based foods (bread, pasta etc. ...) and dairy products
ALL these symptoms have disappeared with the cleanses and without medication, but with much FAITH and PERSEVERANCE in this natural, but so rewarding treatment!

Here’s for you Denis, I wanted to bring a complete testimonial because there are more than 5% of the population that is electro-sensitive or electro-hypersensitive and you can add all those who do not know they are, like me for 4 years!!
Another BIG THANKS to You! Warm greetings. Agnes

Andre, 59 years, April 23 2012:
Hello Denis. Despite the removal of gluten, my digestion was still not good, almost mandatory nap after a simple meal. During September 2010 I decided to do a liver cleanse. On Saturday, April 28th, I am in my 11th cure. Unlike you, I have not counted the number of balls, but it's awesome (several thousand). I agree with you for the method. Results after 10 cleanses: a much better digestion, almost no more nap or max 30 mins if my night was too short. The energy that was low has now returned, especially the first few days after treatment and it is a joy. High morale and as soon as I notice the decrease in energy, I wait impatiently for the next cleanse. My last cleanse was 18 days ago and I'm still feeling fit. The typical pain in the liver, a precursor sign of the bile duct obstruction, only appeared this morning. Sunday we'll see what the harvest will bring. Finally, a big thank you for your site, very well done and very informative, it allowed me to clarify the process of this cleanse at once, so simple and so brilliant.
Best regards.  André

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