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Why clean the kidneys before / after cleaning the liver?

Kidney cleanse :
Magnesium sulfate is a salt and in liver cleansing a high dose of magnesium sulfate is required, therefore a high dose of salt which can tire low or clogged kidneys. The salt dose has no effect on most people doing the liver cleanse, moreover little take any interest (I included) in finding out how their kidneys are doing before embarking on the adventure.

Dr. Hulda Clark recommends doing a kidney cleanse before attempting a liver cleanse. This recommendation seems common sense : to ensure that our body withstands
the magnesium sulfate as well as possible and even if we have no problem with our kidneys, a preventive scouring cannot hurt. I personally, too eager to begin the liver cleanse, carried out the kidney cleanse only around my 10-15 th liver cleanse, but better late than never. I used Dr Clark's products and followed the instructions that come with them. The products are rather expensive, but good quality.

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