The cause of hemorrhoids can be treated. See the testimonials -

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The cause of hemorrhoids can be treated. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Amelia, 35 years, June 30 2013:
My very brief testimony after 5 liver cleanses, with a coffee enema once a week:
* Less irritability 
* Less oily hair (from 1 shampoo per day, I space to 1 every 2 days)
* Less fatigue
* Better skin on the face (skin firmer 2-3 days after treatment, without changing my cosmetics routine)
* I sleep later in the evening and wake up earlier in the morning, without it being excruciating
* More beautiful skin
* Haemorrhoids gone, once the cholesterol balls exit the liver (the haemorrhoid comes back some times after, until next liver flush)
Michel Dogna’s books speak about coffee enemas, but liver cleanse should be better known.
Thank you Denis.

Camille, 35 years, September 29 2011:
Hello, I wanted to share with you my personal experience. Following an unexplained fatigue, heavy eyelids, regular constipation, haemorrhoids, skin hyperpigmentation on the face, upper back pain back, concentration span problems, poor memory... I tried this cure. Like you, EVERYTHING disappeared! What remains is hyperpigmentation which became chloasma in relation with the adrenal glands, another very interesting and ignored topic. Anyway, I have only done my second treatment, but like you, feel great vitality after! Thank you for your presentation on the web, it would be great that more people have access to this information!
Sincerely, Camille

James, September 6 2011:
Hello Denis, 
I did five or six liver flushes, I do not remember exactly but I did not carry them out systematically at regular intervals. Initially I tried this experiment for my haemorrhoids. I was about to have surgery when I tried this last tentative. The result was instantaneous, from the first cleanse. This was already enough for my happiness. But reading your testimonial, I will try again and gain a different point of view. I'll try a deep drainage this winter. I have a good barometer for measuring progress: tinnitus. If tinnitus disappears after a series of liver cleanses, we will give a great service to approximately 20 % of the population by letting them know. To be continued…
Sincerely James

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