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Cold extremities ? To treat naturally. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Etienne, 38 years, October 29 2013:
Hi all, about non-pathological, but "inherited" liver problems, as pointed out to me by a specialist for more than a year, saying that I was born like that and that I will spend my all life with that... The reviews have highlighted a very high rate of bile, but the rest was normal. Except I noticed that my stomach has physically moved to the right (how strange!), a constant point as a gene in the liver, and a permanent point on the right scapula, too yellow eyes, a tongue which is permanently charged, a loss of appetite with the feeling of being satiated after 3 forkfuls, cold hands and tips of fingers, downgraded physical energy (not good for the sportsman that I am), tired even with a small effort, a breath became short with the feeling that the lungs are filled to 50%, badly supporting cold temperature, I became more nervous, I had a hard time concentrating and memory crumbling. The list is long, and similar in pains, to previously read messages. So in October 2012, I decided to act, and with the net I found this site, and its contents. After reading the book, I started in the protocol. I did it 5 times (October 2012 to February 2013). I had many little harvests with sand. As a first step, with 6 months of rest, and recovery in September 2013 (bulkier harvest, balls from 1.5 to 2.5) and now I'm doing another liver cleanse. The first cleanse did me much good, because beyond the physical, the liver cleanse impacts other plans which are just as important...
Results: positive, all has improved, a rebirth each time!

Samuel, 55 years, September 29 2013: 
Thanks to Dr. Clark and to you. I did repeated dispiritedness. They were not serious, but I often had low morale, some fatigue and great irritability. I tried a lot of things before Dr. Clark’s cure, with more or less results, but before the liver cleanse I had not too many differences. There, it is really something else. Already after the first liver flush, I felt that it better flowed everywhere in my body, heat in my members, while before, my limbs were always cold and no more mood swings, nothing! I did the liver cleanse over a year and now it's OK. Thank you.

Celine, 58 years, June 17 2013:
3 months ago, I had a cold tip of the nose, even when it was hot and I digested with more and more difficulty and I had compulsive cravings to drink plenty of water. After two cleanses, the latest being this Saturday 14th June 2013, I passed 2 large (2 cm) green balls like beans, it was awesome! Also green peas and smaller yellow ones at 12h00 ... after I was able to sleep well relaxed and then I felt a new circulation throughout my body, warmth and well-being. The next morning I did a thyme enema (the smell made me feel good) and I again evacuated small balls and some kind of "filament". This Monday morning, surprise! The belt of my skirt hugs me a lot less, my hair is softer and more dense... and I have not finished my cup of tea... that really changed my life and my sugar cravings are gone, my compulsive cravings to drink water too. Immediate results: newfound energy, vitality... I digest better and I have no longer a cold nose, my elbow joints are also more flexible ... THANKS again, I really had a health improvement.

Berenice, 50 years, January 29 2012:
I also started liver cleansing in 2010 and I've done 6 treatments. N° 5 and 6 having given nothing, I thought my liver was clean. I have not had as many balls of fat as you. I did not really wanted to collect them but by seeing them floating on the surface of the toilet, I would say I had between 20 and 80 the size of a pea each time, which I found significant anyway. And this year, I wanted to start a maintenance treatment (as Moritz advises in his book) and surprise! I evacuated twice more and much bigger than the last time. I think they needed time to migrate to the exit. It is certain that this cure is not a walk in the park. Drinking magnesium sulfate does not bother me too much and frankly with grapefruit juice or lemon the taste is not present, but the "magic potion" is a horror! I drink it without any problem but cannot keep it. I sleep like a baby and then a violent nausea always wakes me up 1h30 or 2h later and I vomit all over the bathroom. I go back to bed and I fall asleep. Despite nausea and difficulty I will continue liver cleansing because I still have sinus problems, bronchitis, sciatica... I’d like to see them disappear. But my skin spots (also poetically called "cemetery flowers") on the face and arms have reduced and I have been fortunate not to see new ones pop up this summer, which never failed to arrive in the past. For my physical results, apart from the " cemetery flowers " that have virtually disappeared since the 7th cure, or at least since my recovery cure early January I am in much better physical shape. I can compare this with aqua biking that I practice 2 times a week: now I finish the sessions very easily whereas before I was "exhausted" by the end.  Now I say "you should push more, you’re not even tired!" Longer endurance, sure. Oh yes I forgot my daughter made the same ascertainment: we do not have cold extremities anymore (hands and feet) or less anyway... surely a better blood and lymph circulation!

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