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Hydrotherapy: Report and conclusions of my three sessions

Intestinal cleansing

Cleansing the colon by hydrotherapy :

Preamble :
Since August 2010 I have carried out different cleanses with fibres using blond psyllium and a dozen enemas that allowed me to reject things that, in my opinion, had spent a few winters inside me. You can see one of these rejections in the image on the right (unfortunately a bit fuzzy). This piece was fibrous and tough. The striations are either the traces of the passage of materials, or the imprint of another piece. Despite my previous intestinal cleanses, I asked myself if there may be some adhesions in my colon and if hydrotherapy could bring me something.

Monster 1

Hydrotherapy :
Until now, I had been on "personal" methods. Hydrotherapy is a great step forward ... So I made in an institute in October 2012 the 3 consecutive sessions that are recommended for the first time. 3 days in a row, 3 times $ 120. Institute is not the right word because I went to see a naturopath practicing in the countryside, in a very well equipped relaxation cabin. Good luck to me, I came across an extraordinary practitioner, both knowledgeable and friendly, who knows how create a climate of trust and relaxation with his patients.

During the session, which lasts about an hour, the practitioner rinsed the colon many times with a total of one hundred litres of tap water heated to between 37 ° and 40 °, while controlling the pressure of the operation (it seems to me that the 20 bars of pressure he told me was a joke...). With, throughout the session, belly massages targeting the course of the colon, and insisting on the angles of the colon, the cecum (the junction between the small intestine and colon) and sigmoid (last part of the colon). I wanted to recover the materials removed to see if I could spot unusual things, but no way of telling what from what: we see fleetingly what passes in the transparent tube of the machine, but the rejection is made directly to the sewer. So it was not possible to recover anything for analysis of very tangible monstrosities that could have justified the spending of my $ 360.

Neither the following day, nor after 15 days, have I felt any real impact of these sessions. I think they would have been greatly helpful to me if I had started the liver cleanse with them, but with all I had already done since two years ago, most of the work was probably done. I had already carried out at home, with an independent, intimate and cheap way, an effective colon cleanse.

My conclusions:
If we can spare $ 360 and dare to do it, it's better starting with hydrotherapy. Blocked people will find an immediate release and the benefits are well known. Also, you will get to see how to massage the belly on the colon path that you can also do at home if you do enemas in the future.
Otherwise you can do without it and repeated enemas done at home will ultimately have the same effect, provided one does not limit oneself to 1 or 2 enemas and allows time for the liquid for activate fully.

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