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Why did I create www.iraisemyhealth.info in 2011 ?

Liver cleanse

As far as I remember my mother was prone to "liver attacks". We regularly found her sitting on the couch, in no geat shape at all, pale complexion, but always with a brave smile so as not to make us worry. At that time, my brother and I used to giggle, "Well, you've still eaten too much chocolate! ". But she never ate chocolate, in fact she avoided eating in excess and ate more like a sparrow.

Then liver attack after liver attack, she ended up suffering blood poisoning: A visit to the doctor, she needed medication but nothing that could worry her two 40 year old sons. When she showed me the folder where she kept her papers, by insisting on the cemetery documents, I said at 65 she shouldn't be worrying about death. She was stubborn and insisted on keeping a large sum of money in her account. I told her that it was useless there. Some months later, on November 18th, 2004, she called me at 6:00 am and wanted me to take her to hospital. She had suffered a part of the night, but did not want to wake me up. Three days later, she died in hospital. Several blood clots had migrated to various organs and asphyxiated them, her bowels were dead by the time I took her to hospital.

The large sum of money that was lying on her current account was to pay for her funeral.
6 years later I found the technique used to allow to purge the liver.
It's too late to save my mother, but it's not too late to help others.

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