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Albertine's testimonial July 2014

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Albertine’s testimony

Albertine, 59 years, France, July 30th 2014: 
The numerous testimonials persuaded me to take action. Thank you to you all and especially Denis, putting them online. Since February, I did 5 liver cleanses in 6 months. First, I noticed that I was breathing better, I was full of energy. A real breath of fresh air, that put me in a good mood. An experience I shared with all my friends, friends and family. Many of them are like me, amazed by those immediate results and they pass the message around them. My joints were suddenly very flexible for a few days, my cravings for sugar and coffee are immediately gone, and no more drowsiness and yawning attacks after lunch, also better attention span. Lots of yellow mud and gravel came out at first. At the second liver flush, the first green fat balls have emerged. I stopped counting them since. My rhinitis has intensified for two days and I did not stop blowing my nose. Then, the third day, nothing. Today it still persists, but significantly attenuated. After 5 purges, I confirmed my initial achievements: my skin has improved, more toned, my dark circles diminished and my skin has regained its colors. My friends saw all these improvements. The most important thing is that I no longer go through phases of hyperactivity, followed by periods of exhaustion. Farewell roller coaster mood. I have not consumed any dairy for 20 years (and not too much bread) and my ankylosing spondylitis is in remission, except ENT infectious episodes or crohn crisis when I eat too much. "Because of a B35 antigen, you do not store magnesium" said Dr. R. Yet, for 40 years, I took oral magnesium (non chelated and chelated). Lack of anything better, I endured night cramps in my calves and feet without flinching. What else could I do? Incidentally, while I was doing my shopping in the local "Biocoop", I saw a Dutchman who had magnesium chloride in the form of dry oil, to spread on the skin. Astonished, I listened to him, spread it in the back of my hand, and inquired for its price. Oh! "But it costs a fortune!" and I fled once more. Meanwhile I read on the net: "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy" of Dr. Norman Shealy; this time, I began a cure. Immediate results: my cramps quickly disappeared and I awoke calm, having slept a full night of 7 hours. I then remember A. Moritz's book that recommends bathing with magnesium sulfate... (By the way, did our grandmothers’ bath salts contain magnesium chloride?). One caveat: I missed my 4th cleanse because I ate a slightly oily salad on the day of my treatment. Result: I had no bile to reject. For the 5th liver cleanse I did better. Blood tests performed immediately after the treatments have allowed me to observe that urea decreased and creatinine also, the flow of globular filtration is excellent (herbal tea for 15 days, recommended by A. Moritz after 3 or 4 liver cleanses). On the contrary I have too much phosphorus, which would explain my flatulence. I stop eating almonds, walnuts, and everything that contain them (like sesame cream) for a period of time. I take a break during summer: no liver flush in July, just to let my gut flora rebuild and regain weight. Only problem, my HRT peaked and my thyroid depends on "euthyral" in small doses. Will I succeed to do without after the next cures? Thanks to Tereza and "Natacha", my two friends, who invited me to take the cure according Andreas Moritz. Note: I've done 4 liver cleanses with ornithine and black walnut tincture and at the 5th I did without and I however slept like a log. With the heat the other summers, my feet were so swollen in the evening that I was struggling to put on my shoes. This year, everything is better and I feel no need to remove my ballerinas. I would add: some advice to all the sceptics and anxious people - Dare take time for yourself: you might live better, be more comfortable with your surroundings. In the race to the welfare, we still consume more of something. For once, we must first remove to get better.

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