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Laboratory analyzes of fat balls of liver cleansing

Liver cleanse

Analysis of my samples:

The following analysis of two samples tested.

- The first analysis is that of my cleanse of 14/06/2012.
- The second analysis is that of a sample extracted from the jar where I stored all my harvests. I typed in the lower layers, so in the beginning of my cleanses (I started in august 2010).

In both cases the result is identical: the cholesterol level is more than 95%

Please note that the two samples analyzed are made up of more than 95% cholesterol:
1) This does not prove that my other flushes also have the same composition.
2) This does not mean that the analysis of another person will be similar.
3) This proves that the clusters of fat rejected (incorrectly called "gallstones") are not routinely made with olive oil as claimed by critics of this method.

Remarks on the composition of my samples:
Composed of cholesterol, their material originates from the liver. However, we can legitimately ask how balls of more than 10 mm in diameter can pass through the bile ducts (hepatic and cystic ducts) of which diameter is less than 5 mm. There are two possibilities:
1) The material exits in the liver and gallbladder flows into the bile in non-aggregated form (liquid or semi-liquid), and the balls are then generated in the small intestine by digestion. In this case, there is no risk of seeing a "gallstone" stuck in a bile duct, and no wonder that what is found there is digestive residue, including the olive oil ingested yesterday.
We admit a sufficient expansion of the bile ducts by the magnesium sulfate and then the rejected balls can come directly from the liver, hunted and driven by the flow of bile.
Although the first hypothesis seems to me the most likely, I have no certainty on either of these two possibilities, apart from the proven fact that the beneficial effects obtained are related to the expulsion of bile flow from liver and gallbladder, leading out of the body:
- Fats (cholesterol and other fats)
- Parasites
- Various toxins and toxics
- Mud, various crystals and sand...
NB: So far I have no documented testimonial recounting the expulsion by the gallbladder of gallstones larger than a few millimeters (See the testimonials of Sophie dated February 1 2013 and Nathalie dated August 12th 2012)

For more accuracy see Dr. Clark's report  (text In French and English)

Sample analysis 14/06/2012 :

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Analysis 1

Page 2/2 :

Analysis 2

Sample analysis of my first liver cleanses :

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Analysis 3

Page 2/2 :

Analysis 4

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