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Take care of your gallbladder before it is too late. Testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Myrtille, 46, Belgium, February 23rd 2016:
Hello. My first liver cleanse was successful and many symptoms disappeared: hair loss, tendinitis, headache, mood swings, poor quality of sleep, digestion... In short it's amazing. I was reassured by a friend who told me that it was painless, unlike gallbladder attacks which I had experienced. After the treatment I had another bladder ultrasound and it had partially emptied, to the great surprise of the doctor who compared it with the results prior to the treatment. I will do my second. Best wishes

Cynthia, 36 years, France, July 16 2014:
Hello I did my 1st liver cleanse 10 days ago, with obvious results. For about 3 years, I had severe pain in my stomach, right side of the liver after meals; I ended up doing an ultrasound, it turned out that I had gallstones. The radiologist told me that the pain would increase and that one day he would have to remove my gallbladder. My pain has almost disappeared after the first liver cleanse, I'm really stunned. A huge improvement in my sleep that was fragmented, with some very short nights, which caused much fatigue and anxiety and led to insomnia; Today I again have normal nights, it's a real surprise that insomnia could be related to a gallbladder problem. The Epsom salts and oil/grapefruit juice are difficult to swallow, but I will do it once again, for sure. Coffee enemas do much good also, it was the only thing that relieved my pain in the abdomen before I discovered the liver cleanse. In addition, transaminases and bilirubin have become normal. Thank you for creating this site, everything is very well explained

Amandine, 45 years, December 12 2013:
On Sunday November 24th 2013, I went to the emergency department for an extremely painful point at the sternum. The emergency doctor did an ultrasound, and warned me that removal of the gallbladder may be necessary, advised me to make an appointment with a surgeon and for this appointment he prescribed me another ultrasound...
Before and for about 2 months:
- Frequent drowsiness, I need a nap after each meal, even a light meal! And after the nap, it’s hard to wake me up, tired from a nap to another... and the brain is not very clear.
- Permanent fatigue, muscle aches when I do a minimal "effort" (such as moving cartons, raking dead leaves...), less flexible, and constantly feeling heavy.
- Depression, dark thoughts: I was making a mountain out of a single grain of sand.
- Headaches, weekly and even daily.
- Related to migraines: severe pains in the neck (on a scale of 1 to 10, let's say 6 or 7…)
- A type of eczema: scabs and itching almost all over the lower legs, from ankle to knee, in my opinion due to my dairy intolerance. But I had not had that for about 15 years.
- Visual fatigue, more and more difficulty reading the small print (I was unable to read the street names on a map...) and I seem to see the characters "dancing" in front of my eyes. Reading, and understanding, even became hard.
{Note: I have neck pain radiating to the skull, and headaches for years, but irregularly and timely}

Liver cleanse on Sunday December 1st 2013. During the previous week (the one that followed the ultrasound): mainly fruit juice or warmed vegetables + 1 liter of apple juice / day + cups of warm or hot water and in the evening a piece of fruit or a few tablespoons of green vegetables. Bowel hydrotherapy on Friday November 29th, and Tuesday December 3rd. During the liver cleanse on December 1st, I had an absolutely rotten night. As I had not taken any fat (nor animal or plant) for a week, may it be related? Small anecdote: between 23h and midnight, I yawned continuously, awesome! Then nausea, so I have to vomit at 1 am: it is a lot less funny... But once I have vomit, all became perfect, I no longer felt nauseous. The cons, I have not slept all night, only between 6 and 8 am. How many "stones" excreted: the equivalent of 4 or 5 tablespoons, no more than 5mm in diameter.

From the last cleanse to that day ( 12/12/13 ) ten days later:
- No more drowsiness or naps, I wake up refreshed and rested, a rebirth!
- I rediscover my flexibility, no more pain after exertion, full of energy, loss of belly and 3 kg lost since (well, it's only been 10 days...).
- No more depression, I see things just as they are, no more dark thoughts (although my situation is unchanged)
- Not even a single migraine, or neck pain, whew!!!
- My eczema does not itch anymore and suddenly, the skin becomes healthy gradually
- Light mind, and carefree reading, but still a little farsighted. The cons: I can now read street names on the Geneva map!

On December 4th, I went to do the ultrasound requested by the emergency doctor. The only available dates were after the date of liver cleanse, it's a pity. But it was very instructive, since the doctor told me, apparently very surprised: "but I don’t see anything wrong with your gallbladder, no gallstones! It is perfect, and your liver too: no worries!" So now I recommend this cleanse to all around me. However I am puzzled to see the number of people who had no longer gallbladder, and that no doctor has suggested alternatives! Come on, good liver cleansing! For my part, the next one will probably be on December 21st. Good day and thank you very much to Denis for this site and videos, very clear (I had read the book by A. Moritz a few months ago). Amandine.

Vanina, 52 years, December 7 2013:
Hello Denis, I did 3 liver cleanses in the spring. I had gall bladder pains and a lingering bitterness in the mouth from recent years. After my first cleanse, that I have did with a bit of anxiety, I excreted a glass of fat balls the size of a pinhead to 4 mm. I no longer had pains and bitterness for 1 week, and then it came back. The second cleanse (one month later), I passed half a glass of fat balls. No longer any pain or bitterness. The third cleanse helped evacuate 2 tablespoons of fat balls... no longer pain or bitterness. My homeopath advised me to do the cleanse in spring and autumn. I have not done it this autumn... it is true that drinking magnesium sulfate is a torture.... it's so bitter! Recently, my pains and my bitterness came back in small periods of 2 or 3 or 4 days, from time to time. I feel less tired and am more active. My morale has also improved. I will start again next spring. Sincerely, Vanina

Marielle, 58 years, August 8 2013:
Hello, I bring you my testimonial regarding the liver and gallbladder cleanse according to Dr. Clark's protocol. In 2010, I had liver attacks, painful, tiring and increasingly close together. Appointment was booked for the removal of the gallbladder, because I could no longer remain as follows: - 7 kilograms, I could not eat anything, everything triggered an attack. 1 liver cleanse before entering the clinic: elimination of dozens of small and much larger ones, light green balls, and dark and brown. Cancellation of surgery. I am in my thirteenth or fourteenth cleanses, I feel less and less the need to do it (6 months between the last two). I still have my gallbladder. I feel better and better each time. What stunned me the most from the first cleanse was this newfound energy, compared to before when I was tired and wanted nothing. Also no more pain in the right shoulder, less loaded tongue, good breath while this was a problem for me for years, waist circumference decreased (- 5 cm last cleanse), the levels of good cholesterol have improved, less dry skin and I might forget some improvements. This cleanse is really interesting. As I'm a naturopath, I often advise it, it gives very good results. To recommend and to publicize without limit! Thank you for this website.

Alain, 54 years, May 30 2013:
Hello to all. I started this cleanse because my gallbladder really made me suffer, especially when I drank a little bit of wine, even a sip ... Digestion increasingly heavy, especially in the evening and lots of little miseries. Nothing serious, but hey, you're better off without them... I did not do deworming, I could not locally source the necessary products, but I’ll be considering it soon... I’ve only done two liver cleanses, 3 weeks apart, essentially for reasons of availability, but I intend to continue. The first one was done after a long preparation and reliable enough. Lean diet, apple juice, sulfate in the morning (more than three weeks), a day of total fasting without any solid food, then the protocol, a morning of intense spawning (nearly 2000 balls expelled, including approx. 150 < 0, 5mm). The second one was preceded by a week of preparation a little more lax, postponements of the final phase (because of my job), then a protocol which turned out to be a little messy... and followed by an even greater harvest! The nights, without being pleasant, were bearable, except for a small low reflux with nausea the first time. Almost slept well the second night. The diarrhoea is powerful, but not unpleasant as it is sickly. The taste of the products and mixtures, there is worse, it's a joke... The effects were immediately felt and seen: immediate relief of gallbladder (I have expelled an impressive amount of floating particles, sludge), the appearance of my skin (color, shadows, flexibility) immediately changed and some pain has disappeared or changed and I have newfound energy... Also I can reconnect with the pleasure of good wine, in moderation of course... I did some analysis and ultrasound to create a picture "before", I will do it again for "after". I also took pictures of the first batch and I intend to do analysis of my green balls in the next liver cleanse, with the approval of my doctor, who was completely unaware of this technique, which despite his certain classicism seems very interested. I talk to all around me and already several people, including my wife, will consider doing it and not only people open to alternative medicine... I will re-testify if it could be useful ... cordially.

Gaétane, 43 years, May 25 2013:
Hello Denis. In 2011, they removed my gallbladder via a laparoscopy. Then in 2012, twice and a few months apart, they removed ten 1cm gallstones that were in the bile and the biliary tract (endoscopic sphincterotomy of Oddi sphincter). These gallstones already existed when they removed my gallbladder, but my radiologists were not good ones... My symptoms were, for many years: classic pains under the right ribs and radiating in the side under the scapula, in the chest. Things got worse with nausea after meals. Worse, after removal of the gallbladder I started having violent discomforts, increasingly frequent: trembling hands, chills, tachycardia, dizziness, immense fatigue. I felt like I would faint 3 times a day. I thought of hypoglycaemia, but it wasn’t, blood tests (fasting) at that time were negative. I understand the testimonial of those who talk of sugar rush. This is what I started to do, but without positive effects. At that time, no doctor could explain those symptoms, much more painful than the pain symptoms. I heard all kinds of stupidities from: "you have phantom pain" (the surgeon), to: you “have a sore colon"... Anyway, all I know is that after removal of gallbladder and gallstones, the discomfort at mealtimes have been subsided by 10x, my pain had almost disappeared ... but not completely, alas! So I ended up going to see a hepatologist specialized in biliary tract diseases. He checked again: RAS in gallbladder with MRI, but ultrasound showed that I have small gallstones in the liver. Air in the biliary tracts, a direct consequence of the sphincterotomy, the bowel air goes back directly into the biliary tracts. That is for all life and they are not able to pick up the stones in the liver. The only treatment proposed is to take bile salts (DELURSAN, URSOLVAN), but I do not tolerate them at all. So I started to cleanse the liver. I did 3 liver cleanses, I think and I hope (according to your photos and descriptions) expulsion of some green peas. I think I have no choice but to continue these treatments. Today I'm sure I have other problems that are intrinsically linked: joint pain and diarrhoea… poor quality bile, bad intestinal absorption, inflammation, everything is connected. Yes, gallstones cause real trouble, with boggling symptoms (or not), that do not fit in boxes of these gentlemen doctors - yes I regret having no more gallbladder and sphincter of Oddi. It’s a mess not to be able to digest properly at the right times, having to restrict one’s diet to try to overcome, rather wrong than right - Prevention does not exist in our modern medicine, what a mistake! Sincerely yours Gaétane

Sophie, 49 years, February 1 2013:
Hello Denis, news of my liver cleanses.
After two cleanses I did an ultrasound June 28th, 2012. Echo conclusion: no difference in the total contents of the gallbladder, still with two big stones. Ultimately, I’m not surprised that they are still there, because I have not evacuated "heavy" gallstones.

Celine, 36 years, October 27 2012:
Céline, September 5 2012:
My husband was hospitalized this weekend for severe abdominal pain and vomiting (I had not yet started the liver cleanse!). Irony or coincidence, it turns out that after analysis and ultrasound he has a large 15mm stone in the gallbladder! The only thing they could do is relieve the pain with anti-inflammatory and Spasfon and propose a surgery to remove the gallbladder! I think we should have done the liver cleanse earlier! We decided to wait for surgery and that he do an emergency liver flush, all-in continuing to take drugs against pain (for him). He began yesterday to take his glass of water with 8 grams Epsom salts in the morning, and apple juice all day for the preparation, which allowed him to drain a little, but the gallstone is always there and the pain still present, although attenuated by drugs. I'd like to avoid him the removal of the gallbladder and I am tempted to make him do the liver cleanse as soon as possible. Around me, everyone is sceptical about this method and advised him to have surgery.

Céline, September 18 2012:
Everything went well. My husband did a good liver cleanse last weekend after only a week of preparation and fortunately everything went well! He collected a lot of small stones the size of a pinhead and about a dozen slightly larger, 10 to 18 mm! Pain disappeared too, so no more drugs and we won’t have surgery, phew! We were really impressed, so he decided to do a liver flush every 3 weeks until there are no more residues! Even some of our friends will get started! I’ve done my last week of preparation, so the cleanse is Sunday. I'm almost looking forward to it to compare with my husband’s "harvest"! In any case, he felt a bit smeared for 2-3 days after the cleanse, but now is in great shape and has even lost 5 kg, which also encouraged him to continue because he still has 20 to lose! I think this method can really improve people's health and in any case, avoid surgery. An organ, that's not useless!
A thousand thank yous from both of us, I'll let you know after my cleanse this weekend.
Warmly, Céline

Céline, October 27 2012:
We had more trouble for my husband since my last email. In fact one week after returning from the hospital on 13/10 following his appendix operation, on Tuesday 23/10 he had to be re-operated, this time to remove the gallbladder! Indeed he had begun to recover well from the first operation, when suddenly Sunday evening a very strong biliary pain reappeared; he had not slept all night. Monday we saw the doctor again and an ultrasound showed a very dilated gallbladder and a 15mm gallstone still there. The surgeon strongly advised us not to wait until the inflammation worsens because there could be complications, seen his already very fragile and quite infectious condition. He was been operated Tuesday to stop the problem! The laparoscopic operation was not possible because there were too many adhesions that prevented access to the gallbladder. It has not even been fully withdrawn because there was a high risk of haemorrhage. The gallbladder was very damaged, very thickened on a side and very thin on the other side. According to the surgeon it was time to intervene, it could have ruptured which would have been a disaster! In any case, the surgeon drooled for 2 hours! At the time I write, we are 4 days after surgery and my husband is still unable to feed. Even the broth and the stew eaten at noon emerged from the top! He is very weak and suffering from shoulder pain (due to laparoscopic gas) and of course his many scars, poor of him, his belly is riddled with scars! I do not know when he will leave the hospital, it is still too early to say.
I saw the famous gallstone that was visible to ultrasound. It was hard like a rock! Apparently only one gallstone. We did all we could to avoid him this operation, but apparently too late, in front of the urgency we had no other choice!

Nathalie, 50 years, August 12 2012:
Hello Denis, 18 months ago I have been monitored for a relocation of the bladder and for that, the surgeon asked me to do an ultrasound of the bladder, gall bladder and pelvis. In the gallbladder there was sand, mud and three small stones. A few days ago I repeated the same test and in my gallbladder there are three small stones side by side and a few millimetres in size, but I have no more sand and mud, my gallbladder is clean except these three small stones. My next cleanse will be on Sept 15th. Good evening.

Claudine, 46 years, February 28 2012:
Hello, I’d like to share my testimonial: I am an obese woman (now 94 kg and 1.68m), I'm 46 years old and my gallbladder was removed in August 2005. Unfortunately I only came to know the liver cleanse in 2010; I have done one on February 21st, my 19th liver cleanse and still ejected some fat peas ranging from yellow to dark green, the bigger has a roughly 2.5 cm size. So I continue in order to eliminate all the fat peas. Despite the fact of not having gallbladder, liver cleanse caused no pain or problems. Aside from some nausea, everything went OK. During my 4th liver cleanse, I evacuated rather large yellow stools, maybe composed of cholesterol. Now I have not noticed any improvement, but I know that my liver and my body are very dirty so I persevere. I have already managed to lose a little weight, but it's really very, very slow, thank you for allowing me to testify here.

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