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Effects of cleansing the liver on the heart. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Alvin, 37 years, Scotland, december 27, 2019:
I started suffering from biotoxin illness about 4 years ago when I lived in a damp, moldy house. I developed various symptoms...chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, rosacea, flushing reactions to lots of foods (I would have to cool my face down with cold cloths), menstrual irregularities (bleeding for 10 days or more every month), insomnia. I have done about 5 liver flushes and the flushing reactions to food have decreased by about 60%... i sleep all through the night most nights with the occasional bad night....my menstrual cycle is normal and I have no heart palpitations....I still suffer from fatigue but no longer have to nap twice a day... some days I can go without a nap at all... I will continue with the liver flushes as long as I see improvements.

Julien, 67, 19th May 2015:
I just finished my sixth liver cleanse at the rate of one per month. A surprising result was that from the first cleanse my blood pressure stays around 120/70-60, which is basically a value of 20/10 less than before (around 140/80). After reading the second edition of Moritz’s "Liver Flush" in English and with the experience of these six cleanses, I have two suggestions:
- Instead of 1 liter of apple juice a day, I drink 250cl of pure cherry juice per day, a quarter of the amount because it contains 4 times the amount of concentrated malic acid; I find it has a very good taste and there is reduced liquid intake (it can be found in organic stores);
- For colon preparation, I take 3 or 4 teaspoons of castor oil (per 80 kg weight) on the 5th morning of fasting and also on day 9 to cleanse the colon after the liver cleanse;  I obviously still take the magnesium sulfate on days 6 and 7; I find castor oil more gentle than other methods (colon hydrotherapy, magnesium sulfate or Colosan).
Denis, thank you for your site, I have shared the website address with those who would like to get started.

Eric, 53 years, February 24, 2013:
Eric January 13, 2013:
Hello, for several years my health deteriorated: lack of sleep, joint pain, tachycardia, liver spots, very difficult digestion, lack of air, strong mood variation that tends to confine myself more and more, and the best is my last blood tests are so catastrophic that my doctor wants me to see a haematologist. I thought that my liver had a problem and a few weeks ago I bought a juicer to try to improve my health but I cannot even drink a single carrot juice without burping, so I won’t tell you the results when I tried to drink black radish juice ... So I searched the net for a solution. I have just done my first cleanse, the night passed as the others and I expelled approximately 100ml of small balls and sand, the 4 largest balls measured 4 to 5 mm long, floating on water. At approximately 10:45 p.m. I quickly felt an incredible effect: I didn’t have to force myself to breathe, what happiness! In the morning I felt somewhat weak and in the evening, after a meal at the restaurant, no problem digesting. All is not yet resolved, but this morning the carrot juice was swallowed almost without difficulties. I start a liver flush again next month and I will give you more news. Thank you for creating this website and I will write to you soon detailing a new physical resurrection. Eric

Eric February 24, 2013:
Hello Denis I did the second cleanse on February 10th. Firstly, what happened since early January? For 10 days nothing and then I felt my liver working and everything was out of whack health wise, impossibility digesting any sauce or fat, sleep flown away, pain everywhere and January 27th recurrence of sores in the mouth and when I say in, I mean the entire oral cavity, a horror. On February 10th, the evening before drinking oil I expelled four black round "stones". 3 of more than 1cm, and 1 about 6 mm. The next morning, after a good night, expulsion without any problem of an impressive amount of small balls like the first time along with sand and a large "stone" of about 1.5 cm and slightly elongated, formed by small clusters. No problem or fatigue the following day and since that time everything has gone well, I feel that my body is on the rebound. Sleep came back, now I sleep about 6-7 hours, that hadn’t happened to me for several years, no more tachycardia at all and I breathe with ease. I am losing weight without doing anything more than before. I repeated a basic blood analysis and the results showed that all is going in the right direction. I will try to make a full analysis by the end of March and will send you my results. On February 18th, I felt my liver working again but less than the first time and then… appearance of a canker sore in the mouth that has gone in three days and never came back. I will do another liver cleanse in March.

Agnes, 63 years, August 18 2012 :
Hello Denis, when I started the liver cleanse (May 2011) I was electro-sensitive and for 4 years I lived in this electromagnetic smog, without knowing that all these frequencies, slowly but surely, destroyed me (Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - phones, etc. ...). I had a multitude of symptoms, that during my liver cleanses (I did twenty cleanings in 15 months!) have DISAPPEARED! And I am HAPPY today to have found sleep and a normal life without pain. Around me, I circulate your site.... which has a very good impact.
My electro - sensitivity symptoms:
- Headaches, with scalp tenderness
- Blurred vision, with decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, floaters
- Fatigue + + +
- Loss of sleep
- Weight gain + + (for me) for others it is the opposite (weight loss)
- Allergy problems with itching + + + (large plates underneath the breasts)
- Weakened gums, with abscess (even with good oral hygiene)
- Nocturnal tachycardia (heart begins to beat, beat, beat. At night, this is awesome!)
- Frequent urination at night (every 1,5 hours) it's tiring!
- Some muscles are hypertensive (my  biceps)
- Back pain: back pain like sciatica pain that forced me to stay in bed most of the time
- Loss of hearing with tinnitus + + (ringing in the ears)
- Nocturnal sweating (body and scalp)
- Bad digestion with acid rebound
- Skin pigmentation (large brown spots on cheekbones, and forearms)
- Discoloured faeces
- Hair loss with their accelerated laundering
- Abdominal pains day and night, these pains have stopped IMMEDIATELY when removing GLUTEN -based foods (bread, pasta etc. ...) and dairy products
ALL these symptoms have disappeared with the cleanses and without medication, but with much FAITH and PERSEVERANCE in this natural, but so rewarding treatment!

Here’s for you Denis, I wanted to bring a complete testimonial because there are more than 5% of the population that is electro-sensitive or electro-hypersensitive and you can add all those who do not know they are, like me for 4 years!!
Another BIG THANKS to You! Warm greetings. Agnes

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