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A track to follow to treat migraines. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Sting, 39 years, Canada, april 5, 2019:
I have had sinus issues and headache since I was a child, like Moritz, and I was starting to get pain in my arms, a side effect from mental health medications. After two cleanses, I no longer have the pain, my gut issues are gone, and my sinuses feel great and I no longer have headaches in the same spot I have had them since I was 8. The first cleanse I had about 150-200 dark crystalized stones. The second I released about 120 soft green stones. I used an apple kefir and marshmallow root to prepare for the first and apple cider for the second...I will continue to do the cleanses with the apple kefir and marshmallow root, (taste so delicious) albeit it comes with some bad flatulence, but I released some dark green stones on the 5th day...finished the cleanse with hydrotherapy on the 9th day. I feel great and look forwards to what will happen as I continue to flush. I am following the encouragement of the Second edition of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Pierce, 40 years, Canada, may 18, 2018:
My experience has been great. I used get constipated often and had lots of headaches. After a few sessions l can say that l feel much better. No more constipation no more headaches l am quit regular now. I even recommended a friend and they are happy with the results. Thank you.

Myrtille, 46, Belgium, February 23rd 2016:
Hello. My first liver cleanse was successful and many symptoms disappeared: hair loss, tendinitis, headache, mood swings, poor quality of sleep, digestion... In short it's amazing. I was reassured by a friend who told me that it was painless, unlike gallbladder attacks which I had experienced. After the treatment I had another bladder ultrasound and it had partially emptied, to the great surprise of the doctor who compared it with the results prior to the treatment. I will do my second. Best wishes

Rachelle, 41, France, January 8th, 2016:
Hi, finally I decided to do a liver detox after thinking about it for a year. I felt no disgust drinking the magnesium sulfate nor the grapefruit juice mixed with olive oil and I did not have a single sleepless night during the first two sessions. I was already very satisfied with the results after the first detox: the headaches disappeared like magic much like the tinnitus, no pain in my shoulder blade, no pain due to humidity in my thumb, having suffered recurrent sprains, no more leg pain, fewer aches after exercise and if I did have any pain, it lasted a day whereas before I'd have to wait 5 days for it to stop. Less pain before menstruation, less irritability. What great results. I encourage those who are still hesitant to take the plunge. Cordially.

Annabelle, 40 years, January 20 2014:
I wanted to bring my testimonial, because other testimonials helped me answer my own questions... I did my first cleanse, on December 12, for the following reasons:
- Problem with halitosis (bad breath)
- Digestion: heaviness after meals, big fatigue blow throughout the day, yawn crisis, bloating, gas, etc...
- Headaches every morning upon waking and it was very hard to get up and emerge.
- I could not stay awake past 9 pm, thus I had no real evenings.
- Chronic fatigue and lack of energy, throughout the day.

After my first two cleanses, I can note:
- Far fewer halitosis problems, they have almost disappeared...
- Farewell daily head pain, I have energy once I wake up, no more problems getting out of bed...
- Better digestion, no more discomfort after meals: inflamed stomach, gas, reflux, fatigue leading to bedtime.
- Better complexion, better hair and especially more vitality and energy during the day, super nice thing when you had a constant fatigue over several years!
I highly recommend this cleanse to all those who want to improve their vitality... I do not want to stop and I will do a third liver cleanse in a month and others after, until complete disappearance of my woes. I'll let you know the result of my findings... Bye!

Amandine, 45 years, December 12 2013:
On Sunday November 24th 2013, I went to the emergency department for an extremely painful point at the sternum. The emergency doctor did an ultrasound, and warned me that removal of the gallbladder may be necessary, advised me to make an appointment with a surgeon and for this appointment he prescribed me another ultrasound...
Before and for about 2 months:
- Frequent drowsiness, I need a nap after each meal, even a light meal! And after the nap, it’s hard to wake me up, tired from a nap to another... and the brain is not very clear.
- Permanent fatigue, muscle aches when I do a minimal "effort" (such as moving cartons, raking dead leaves...), less flexible, and constantly feeling heavy.
- Depression, dark thoughts: I was making a mountain out of a single grain of sand.
- Headaches, weekly and even daily.
- Related to migraines: severe pains in the neck (on a scale of 1 to 10, let's say 6 or 7…)
- A type of eczema: scabs and itching almost all over the lower legs, from ankle to knee, in my opinion due to my dairy intolerance. But I had not had that for about 15 years.
- Visual fatigue, more and more difficulty reading the small print (I was unable to read the street names on a map...) and I seem to see the characters "dancing" in front of my eyes. Reading, and understanding, even became hard.
{Note: I have neck pain radiating to the skull, and headaches for years, but irregularly and timely}

Liver cleanse on Sunday December 1st 2013. During the previous week (the one that followed the ultrasound): mainly fruit juice or warmed vegetables + 1 liter of apple juice / day + cups of warm or hot water and in the evening a piece of fruit or a few tablespoons of green vegetables. Bowel hydrotherapy on Friday November 29th, and Tuesday December 3rd. During the liver cleanse on December 1st, I had an absolutely rotten night. As I had not taken any fat (nor animal or plant) for a week, may it be related? Small anecdote: between 23h and midnight, I yawned continuously, awesome! Then nausea, so I have to vomit at 1 am: it is a lot less funny... But once I have vomit, all became perfect, I no longer felt nauseous. The cons, I have not slept all night, only between 6 and 8 am. How many "stones" excreted: the equivalent of 4 or 5 tablespoons, no more than 5mm in diameter.

From the last cleanse to that day ( 12/12/13 ) ten days later:
- No more drowsiness or naps, I wake up refreshed and rested, a rebirth!
- I rediscover my flexibility, no more pain after exertion, full of energy, loss of belly and 3 kg lost since (well, it's only been 10 days...).
- No more depression, I see things just as they are, no more dark thoughts (although my situation is unchanged)
- Not even a single migraine, or neck pain, whew!!!
- My eczema does not itch anymore and suddenly, the skin becomes healthy gradually
- Light mind, and carefree reading, but still a little farsighted. The cons: I can now read street names on the Geneva map!

On December 4th, I went to do the ultrasound requested by the emergency doctor. The only available dates were after the date of liver cleanse, it's a pity. But it was very instructive, since the doctor told me, apparently very surprised: "but I don’t see anything wrong with your gallbladder, no gallstones! It is perfect, and your liver too: no worries!" So now I recommend this cleanse to all around me. However I am puzzled to see the number of people who had no longer gallbladder, and that no doctor has suggested alternatives! Come on, good liver cleansing! For my part, the next one will probably be on December 21st. Good day and thank you very much to Denis for this site and videos, very clear (I had read the book by A. Moritz a few months ago). Amandine.

Martine, 46 years, September 11 2013:
I carried out 12 liver cleanses since November 2011, the last on last September 7th. So I have a testimonial for you, which will be the least I can do to thank you for your help and support and to help people to dare carry out the liver cleanse. In January 2003 I had my first migraine; I almost never had a headache before. Until October 2011, I got more and more, 4 per year and by the end almost every month (unrelated to my periods). During attacks that lasted twelve hours, I had a strong headache and felt sick, what I summed up as "sick as a dog", because I was forced to sit near of the toilet while I wanted to sleep and I was very ill. I think the hardest were nausea and vomiting. My neck was very painful, which made me fear meningitis. When I am sick, my morale is low. I had other unpleasant things, but that's what made me get into the cleansing. From the first liver cleanse, I have never had new migraines. I’ve just done another one because I was suffering from allergic rhinitis for 3 months and for 15 days my nose and eyes were sinking, and I was sneezing twenty times every morning. The day after liver cleansing and the following days, nothing: my nose is always sensitive, but attacks have ceased. See you soon. Cordially.

Julia, 48 years, June 19 2013:
Good morning. Currently I am preparing my 4th cleanse. For about 25 years I’ve suffered a drug-induced hepatitis. I was regularly tired, and more and more as years go by. About 12 years ago I met an acupuncturist who I now see regularly. He diagnosed my liver problem. Whenever I was not doing well, he managed to get me back on my feet for a while, but it's tough! The last three years, I have regularly spent my time in bed. An average of one day per month and after it became 2 days. I do not eat much, always feeling nauseous, headache, I have a cold feeling in me, as if the blood had stopped in my body. I felt my body completely blocked, nothing worked, sometimes even my brain! I could not cope with this problem. I felt really bad, like I was dying. A few months ago, I discovered in a newspaper an article the liver cleanse by Dr. Clark. With my acupuncturist and homeopath, I decided to go on this adventure. I was a little worried because I did not know anyone who did. And the first was very impressive. Everything went well, I followed the protocol step by step. "Gallstones" were of a very dark green: the largest one was about 3 cm by 1 cm, and others smaller. The following day, I did a coffee enema. On the 3rd cleanse, the balls were a beautiful green.
Since then, everything is fine: No more nausea, headaches have disappeared, before I had a strange sensation in the liver, as if I had a stone in place of the liver, also cramps in the liver and now nothing! I also gained weight and most importantly I found all the energy I had lost, and a better digestion. Best regards Julia.

Patrice, 28 years, December 3 2012:
I did my second liver cleanse. I feel better since the first one, my migraines have reduced. My digestion is good and the upset stomach has disappeared. I breathe life and see more clearly. My sleep is good and the stomach heaviness has disappeared. Fatigue quickly eliminated during naps after lunch. Next cleanse after the New Year holidays. Thank you again for this website.

Marc, 39 years, February 22 2012:
Hello I’ve done my 10th treatment two weeks ago. Many green peas are released each time except the first two. I try to do it every 3 to 4 weeks. In December 2012 after the 8th treatment I felt a great boost! My digestion has improved significantly and migraines have disappeared. This treatment is for me like a rebirth! The 9th was a little less worthy, but still with approx. 200 balls released. I threw up during 4 treatments out of 10, but I felt I had to continue. I know someone who did 18 cures and released a total of 1.5 kg of fatty balls! I am determined to continue, when I see my results. Cordially

Veronica, August 6 2011:
Hello, this is not a question I want to ask you, but rather a testimonial that I give you. I too did liver cleanses for about 5 years. I was less rigorous than you and I did not record all my cleanses or take pictures. Your site is very well done. At the time I started, nobody knew and there was almost nothing on the internet… today the information has passed from person to person and I am delighted. I suggest this cleanse to many people around me and I always have positive feedback. About me, I did a cure without any rejections for the 4th and 5th liver cleanses. Then I felt the need to do a liver flush regularly and I do this when the need arises, one to two times per year. I discovered this cure alone after a doctor’s diagnosis that did not suit me: you do not have gallstones, I order you "Spasfon" . The result of these liver cleanses: disappearance of my morning sickness, of my liver pains, of my migraines, my PMS, slow digestion and my recurrent cystitis. At the same time I also removed the pill that absolutely didn't help my health. When one or more of these symptoms returned, I knew that a new liver cleanse needed to be considered. I’m doing one tonight, the last I did was in October. Here’s my little experiment. I appreciate your site and your information, I did not have the patience and the courage to do the same but if you want to chat with me it will be with pleasure.
Regards, Veronica

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