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Galery photos of about twenty liver cleanings

Liver cleanse

History of liver and gallbladder cleanses:

Below you will find, in chronological order, the various livers cleanses I performed between August 2010 and September 2011. When I began the first cleanse I felt I needed it, but when I look back at these photos, I realise that I was far from imagining exactly how much…
I transcribe my comments exactly as I recorded them during these cleanses, with my understanding at that time, That's why you may find the word "gallstone" instead of "ball of fat" in the comments of my first liver cleanses. -----


Taking into consideration the results below you would not be mistaken into thinking: "no doubt very sick", " maybe somebody that is obese ",… But much to the contrary, I'm 1.71m and 60 kg, I am therefore rather thin. In addition I am an active man, I consume very little alcohol and I take no medication or tranquilisers or stimulants or sleeping aids, absolutely nothing.

1st liver cleanse: 21/08/2010

Going to bed after having drunk the oil mixture, I felt movement to the right side of my stomach. It was not painful, but I felt a fluttering sensation. The trouble was that I couldn't sleep, because I was too excited by this experience that I had been looking forward to for a few weeks now. I fell asleep at midnight, awoke at 2.30am and after I couldn't sleep anymore, my brain was in full activity. I stayed in bed until 5am, trying to move as little as possible. It was the worst night of my life. When I stood up the next morning I felt weak and nauseous. Between 8.30am and 5pm I gathered 540 balls of fat from 1mm (the smallest ones passing through the sieve were not collected ) to 13mm. Most of them were green and they all floated. A small minority, maybe a dozen,  sank to the bottom.
By the morning, the nausea had virtually disappeared. I stored these balls in a jar of 1/2 litre filled with water, hoping they would stay intact until the last cleanse (at which point I would note that no more balls of fat were being released after two consecutive cleanses). For peace of mind and in case they would eventually disintegrate upon contact with water, I photographed this first batch.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_08_21

August 24th, 2010

Incredible! Two days after the first cleanse, in the morning I rejected 27 good-sized calcified putty balls, of a round/oval shape, and all between 5 and 15mm, an attractive harvest ! These balls were greenish yellow in color and consisted mainly of cholesterol because they floated. I then realized that it is important to continue to take a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate during the 3 days that followed the cleanse. The reason being, according to Andréas Moritz, is that after the morning purge of the cleanse, you may still have balls of fat in the bowel which did not make it out, and which must absolutely be expelled. I’m not sure whether it was due to rejecting the balls of fat, or the violent passing of stools, but later I felt stunned. These 27 big balls of fat represent as much volume as the 550 rejected on August 22nd.

Liver cleanse photo 2010-08-24

1st benefit
On the evening of August 24th, we ate at a restaurant to celebrate a colleague's birthday. We ate well and drank reasonably. After arriving home at about 12.15am I noticed that I felt no weight or heaviness on my stomach, despite the rather copious and late meal. I felt as if I had not eaten at all. A happy surprise, I hadn't felt so light after a good meal for several years..

2nd benefit 
On August 26th it seemed that the spots on my left hand were less visible, I still was able to see them but the pigment seemed to have become blurred. If it is really one of the effects of the liver cleanse they should disappear with the next cleanses.
I feel heavinesses in my liver, the side effects announced by A.Moritz are appearing. The gallstones compressed previously now have to nudge elbows to occupy the released space. That will allow me to expel them during the next liver cleanse, I may still have a lot of gallstones to expel.

2nd liver cleanse : 11/09/2010

This weekend I'm performing the second cleanse, 3 weeks after the previous one. I have pain between my shoulder blades, if it's due to the liver, tonight's cleanse should make it dissapear. At 10.00pm the cleanse takes place and I go to bed. I have difficulty falling asleep until about 11.00pm. I sleep a total of 1.5 hours and wake up again at 12.30am. I try to fall asleep again but can't. At 2.00am I get up because I felt sick, I throw up twice and that liberates me a little, but to throw up the olive oil, yuck... I go to read on the sofa. At about approximately 3.00am I fall asleep. I wake up at 5.30am. Having slept 4 hours that night, it was better than the first cleanse. If nausea is an indication of an effective cleanse, then that is going to be grand, because I still feel weak.

Results of the 2nd liver cleanse:

553 balls of fat between 1 and 17mm

Liver cleanse photo 2010-09-11

NB: I only found in 2011 the macro function of my digital camera (I knew that it must have one of it), this explains the sometimes inferior quality of my first photos.

3rd liver cleanse: 03/10/2010

I must improve the Friday lunchtime meal plan. I did not enjoy the basmati rice + French beans at all, I was starving but even that disgusted me, surprising. So I was hungry all day long. I increased Ornithine by 5 grams, that is the whole bag. I do not know if it was due to Ornithine but I managed to easily fall asleep yesterday evening after having drunk the potion. I slept at 10.30pm. I woke at 12.15am, again at 2.00am, again at 3.30am. I get up at 4.20am, I slept approximately 4 hours in total. I still feel which must be a good indication.

Results of the 3rd liver cleanse: 

932 balls of fat between 1 and 15mm
Total for these 3 cleanses: 2052 balls of fat

Liver cleanse photo 2010-10-03

4th  liver cleanse: 31/10/2010

I lie down at 10pm after ingesting the mixture. I must have fallen asleep about 10.30pm and woke up again at 1.00am. I tried to fall back to sleep again but i couldn't, the nausea gnawed at me. At 2.00am I decide to get up and my stomach makes a loud flushing noise, I throw up several times which liberates me a little. I watched TV from 2.00am till 3.00am, slept from 3.00am till 5.00am, then woke up for a total of 4.5 hours of sleep. Again with the morning sickness, so much the better if it is the indication of powerful cleansing.
Another interesting fact: I have a sciatica in the right buttock. Undoubtedly, for me, the sciatica is linked to my liver.

Result of the 4th liver cleanse: 

208 balls of fat between 1 and 20mm
Total for these 4 cleanses: 2260 balls of fat

This harvest was low in quantity, but consisted mainly of big balls. I think that the next liver cleanse will produce many small balls which were blocked by these bigger ones

Liver cleanse photo 2010_10_31

5th  liver cleanse: 27/11/2010

This night was similar to that of the fourth cleanse. I slept at 10.00pm after ingesting the mixture. I must have slept at about 10.30pm and woke up at 1.00am. I tried to fall asleep again but I couldn't. At 1.45am I decided to get up, that caused a loud flutter in my stomach, I threw up several times which liberated me a little. I watched TV from 2.00am till 3.00am, slept from 3.00am till 5.45am, then woke up, for a total of about 5 hours sleep, not too bad. No sciatica to be declared, just a great deal of nausea.

Results of the 5th liver cleanse:

616 balls of fat between 1 and 10mm
Total for these 5 cleanings : 2876 balls of fat

Liver cleanse photo 2010_11_27

6th liver cleanse : 19/12/2010

The usual routine repeats itself: wake up at 1am, end the night sitting on the sofa between 2am till 5.30am, for a total of 5.5 hours of bad sleep, but it's much better than how things started off. This morning, despite a little nausea, I feel rather well.

Results of the 6th liver cleanse: 

435 balls of fat between 1 and 15mm
Total for these 6 cleanses : 3311 balls of fat

Liver cleanse photo 2010_12_19

7th liver cleanse : 08/01/2011

What an awful night. This time I woke up at 11.50pm and got up at 12.30am and after I had a bad sleep on the sofa, awaking often. I felt strong turmoil in my stomach yesterday evening when lying down, we will shortly see the result.

Results of the 7th liver cleanse: 

1217 balls of fat between 1 and 18mm
Total for these 7 cleanses : 4528 balls of fat

Effectively this harvest was impressive and I did not keep all the balls, I disposed of 100 or 200 of them. On sunday morning I felt exhausted and was looking forward to lunch.
On Tuesday morning I still felt the effects of the cleanse and this shook me. I think that this time the shock was rather strong, I felt almost permanently dizzy, like when we get up too quickly. What was reassuring were the signals of well-being coming from my stomach, as otherwise it would have been a little disarming. I hoped that I would stop losing weight and that the cleanse would have the opposite effect, I was mistaken... 

Liver cleanse photo 2011_01_08

8th liver cleanse : 29/01/2011

A short night's sleep, I fell asleep at about 11.00pm and awoke at 1.00am. I felt a little motion within my stomach, after  having swallowed the mixture at 10.00pm (we will see the results). After I slept no more than 1.5 hours between the sofa and my son's bed, what a party…

It is now 3.00pm, I had a nap, I feel better. I obtained 258 balls of fat, a small harvest. I hope I will make it to the end of the cleanses as only the strong willed will make it. I feel rather good, much less shaken than the previous time.

Results of the 8th liver cleanse: 

512 balls of fat between 1 and 18mm
Total for these 8 cleanses : 5040 balls of fat

Looking at these clusters of fat, I think that it is about reorganization of a multitude of small fat balls. I think that the big balls of fat that filled the big bile ducts have been expelled previously.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_01_29

9th liver cleanse : 26/02/2011

A different night from others. In spite of me being very tired yesterday evening, I awoke at 11.38pm and got up at midnight. Watched TV from midnight till 2.00am, after which I returned to my bed for a chopped sleep. I got up at 5.00am. Another sh... night as before, I did not feel much movement. I am a little nauseous this morning, as usual.

Results of the 9th liver cleanse: 

417 balls of fat between 1 and 25mm

Total for these 9 cleanses: 5547 balls of fat

I wonder when my liver will be free from fat…

Liver cleanse photo 2011_02_26

And for all you detail lovers, here's what we found inside a ball of fat: mainly green fat (cholesterol + other fats), green color due to the bile.
This is why the "gallstones" in the liver (the term "gallstones" is not appropriate for the liver, we should rather say "balls of fat") are undetectable with radios, because they are of the same density as human tissue.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_02_26 coupe

10th liver cleanse : 03/04/2011

I woke up at midnight, got up at 12.45am,  fell asleep again at about 2.30am and woke at 5.15am, for a total of 4 hours of sleep. This was frankly one of the worst nights, as well as one of the most unpleasant awakenings : bellyache and nausea, we will see if it is a good indication.

Results of the 10th liver cleanse: 

1439 small balls of fat, all under 10mm
Total for these 10 cleanses : 6896 balls of fat

Nothing the following morning, I had no big gallstones as usual. May be it's the end. I hope the next cleanse will confirm that the torture has come to an end.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_04_03

11th liver cleanse : 01/05/2011

Once again a very bad night. This time I fell asleep quickly, at about 10.20pm. I Woke up at 12.10am, got up at 1.40am. Watched TV till 3.00am. I fell asleep again at about 3.30am, woke up again at 5.40am. In total : 4 hours of sleep, I did not sleep enough. I have a lot of nausea this morning, before the harvest. When i look at the harvests, the end of the gallstones, which seemed to have been announced in the tenth cleanse, seems even further away.

Results of the 11th liver cleanse: 

554 balls of fat, and big ones, about 15 bigger than 10mm
Total for these 11 cleanses : 7450 balls of fat

Liver cleanse photo 2011_05_01

12th liver cleanse : 28/05/2011

Finally a different night to the others. I couldn't fall asleep before 11-11.30pm (approximately, because I did not dare to look at my alarm clock), but I was able to stay in my bed till 5.30am, an exploit. Even if I was woken several times, this night was made up for the others. This morning I feel rather good, not too nauseous.

Results of the 12th liver cleanse: 

705 small balls of fat
Total for these 12 cleanses : 8155 balls of fat

Liver cleanse photo 2011_05_28

13th liver cleanse : 02/07/2011

And another rotten night: asleep rather quickly at about 10.15pm I think, but awoken at 12.30am. I watched TV from 12.50am till 2.30am, then asleep from 3am till 5am, that gives approximately 4.5 hours of sleep. This morning at 5.50am I feel very nauseous, almost wishing I could throw up. The mixture of 6am is going to be hard to swallow …

Results of the 13th liver cleanse: 

457  balls of fat varying in size and colour
Total for these 13 cleanses : 8612 balls of fat

This photo is the most representative, showing all the different colors.
I now believe to have evacuated approximately 1/2 liters of fat during these 13 liver cleanses. I think I'm near the end but as long as something remains, I must continue, ALL the clusters of fat must be removed.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_07_02

14th liver cleanse :: 26/07/2011

I fell asleep rather quickly at 10pm, I was tired because I had not eaten much but exhausted myself physically. I woke up at 1am and got up at 2am, reading between 2am and 3am, and then return to bed till 5.40am. I slept almost 5 hours, which is good for a night of liver cleansing.
As I went to bed yesterday evening I felt a lot of movement in my stomach and this morning I feel nauseous. Let's go and see if it is a good indication of a good harvest.

Results of the 14th liver cleanse: 

877  balls of fat
Total for these 14 cleanses : 9489 balls of fat between 1 and 25mm

I am stunned, I who thought this would be the last cleanse, it is one of my most successful harvests. When I look at what I expelled this time, I think I have to redo another liver cleanse at the next new moon.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_07_26

15th liver cleanse : 28/08/2011

I slept at 10pm as usual. I fell asleep rather quickly. Woke up at 12.30am, I thought I could fall asleep again but as usual I couldn't. I got up at 1am. Read until 2am. At about 3am I fell asleep, I woke up again at 5.55am. Approximately 5 hours of sleep, not too bad.

An interesting point: For a few days I had suffered a light sciatica on the left-hand side which I still had when I fell asleep yesterday at 10pm, after having swallowed the oil mixture. Tonight at 2am I did not have it any more. During my previous cleanses I already had sciatica which appeared between a few days and fortnight after a cleanse. I think that for me sciatica has to correspond to a signal sent by my body to indicate the problem: the blocking of my liver by the gallstones of the bottom which go back up towards the exit and agglutinate. This diagnosis was confirmed every time by my excrements which began to float again, a clear indication of a lack of bile.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_08_28

For this fifteenth liver cleanse, the sciatica only appeared at the end of one month, I thus deduct that my liver has more and more difficulties to clog, a sign that I should approach its thorough cleaning.
This morning I feel weak but much less nauseous than the previous times, maybe due to a complete deworming made at the beginning of the month.

Results of the 15th liver cleanse: 

717  balls of fat between 1 and 15 mm
Total for these 15 cleanses: 10206 balls of fat betwenn 1 and 25mm

Less important harvest in volume than others liver cleanses, it feels like the end, I hope it is…

16th liver cleanse: 17/09/2011

If I prolonged this liver cleanse of one week it is not for pleasure, but because 15 days after the last cleaning I had once again the sciatica warning of liver blockage.

I slept at 10pm as usual. I had no courage yesterday evening to swallow all the mixture, I left a quarter of it. It was too much for me. I woke up at 11.30pm, again at 1.30am, got up at 3am, as usual I have nausea. At about 4am I fell asleep till 6am, then again one hour of sleep between 6.30am and 8.30am.

Results of the 16th liver cleanse:  

143 balls of fat between 1 and 12mm.
Total for these 16  cleanses 10379 balls of fat between 1 and 25mm.

Ridiculous harvest, this time I can consider that my liver and my gallbladder have removed everything that can be evacuated.
Today it is my birthday.

Liver cleanse photo 2011_09_17


After these 16 cleanses it's time to have a break.

05/02/2012: I feel very well. After having lost weight during these liver cleanses, I have now gained much more than the lost kilos. For me it is a very good news. I gained approximately 1 kg during both months, clear sign that my body assimilates nutrients much better than before.

I am going to do, for maintenance, two other cleanses. The next one is planned on Saturday, February 25th.


17th liver cleanse: 25/02/2012

I slept at 10pm as usual. The effect of the oil mixture is surprising, I make an enormous effort to swallow it and that must put me under stress because as soon as I go to bed, my heart beats and needs a few minutes to return to normal. I can't sleep, my body is tired but my head is in action. At 12.30am I get up, read on the sofa till 2am. Sleep till 5.15am. Another beautiful night... This morning I do not feel too nauseous.

Results of the 17th liver cleanse:  

608 balls of fat between 1 and 10mm.

I resisted well during this liver  cleanse. In the afternoon we went out and in the evening I took revenge for my hardships in Mc-Donalds. It is not frankly indicated because it is rather recommended to eat light food, but that doesn't matter. I envisaged another cleanse the weekend of March 24th, maybe … If I do, it will be the last consecutive one, after I shall do one every 6 months, in spring and autumn.

Liver cleanse photo 2012_02_26

18th liver cleanse: 31/03/2012
New method

This weekend, following the advice of a friend, I tried a new recipe that comes from a French herbalist. This preparation is composed of three bottles and a bag of herbs. The first bottle one hour after lunch, the second bottle in the evening at 8pm and the third mixed with the tea the next day at 7am.
First observation: the first and second bottle are much less hard to swallow as magnesium sulfate and the mixture of oil, peppermint taste very pronounced. I said "less hard", I did not say "easy" ...
Laying around 9.45pm, I had to sleep at 10pm. I Woke up at 1am, classic pattern during my liver cleanses ... I fell asleep at about 2am until 2.30am and woke up at 4.40am. I got up at 5am.
Second observation: I spent a better night and this morning I feel in better shape than the recipe sulfate + oil, no nausea.
At 7am I swallowed the third bottle mixed with an infusion of herbs called "séné de provence" in French, very strange but not bad. At 8am a re-infusion and as indicated that at the beginning of the evacuation one could remake an herbal tea, I redo one at 10am, then I made a mistake ... "séné de provence"is a strong and powerful laxative, I rarely had the stomach twisted by contractions as I did during this evacuation, I had to hang on. One evacuation at 10am and a second one at about 12pm. A last one just for fun in the evening around 9pm only to prove the effectiveness of "séné de provence", now it makes sense...

Results of the eighteenth cleanse:
I cannot publish any photo. This method does not empty the bowels at night, so the mixture that comes in the morning is unusable. I recognized medium sized balls of fat, I think there were many, but I couldn't group, measure or count them.

Observations: This recipe is much easier to implement but also much more expensive (€40 for the kit), more easily bearable because I was not weak at all, but less visible results. The mechanical principle seems to be the same: the first bottle prepares the bile ducts, the second is a very fragrant oil so it's less disgusting (130ml of oil is roughly the same size as Moritz's recipe 120ml) and the third is the laxative.

19th liver cleanse: 14/06/2012

I will soon be able to perform an analysis of my clusters of cholesterol. I will send the samples of this photo to the laboratory. Then I will publish the results showing their composition, a very interesting point.

Going to bed at 10pm as usual. Last night was the best of all cleanses. I had a little trouble getting to sleep, then woke up at 1am. I got up because I felt heaviness in my stomach, I burped olive oil and then I ended my night on the couch. I must have slept about 6 hours, a very good night !

Results of the nineteenth liver cleanse:

150 balls of fat between 1 and 13mm

This harvest, like the previous one, was low in volume. It seems that my liver is clean, but it nevertheless produces the "putty balls" . The body leaves nothing to chance, and insofar as these clusters of cholesterol affect its proper functioning, it is for the body an extreme solution. The only reason I see is that these balls of putty are used to neutralize toxins by coating them.

Liver cleanse photo 2012_06_14

20th liver cleanse : 14/09/2012

For this liver cleanse I did not take photos, because I used the preparation of the herbalist that I used during my 18th cleanse. 3 months after my last cleanse I couldn't drink that damn olive oil mixture. I will alternate between Moritz's method and this preparation. Again I saw a large number of green balls of fat, the harvest was plentiful.

After 20 liver cleanses it would be pointless to strive on a monthly basis, especially as all my symptoms have disappeared. Now I'll lock on a half-yearly liver cleanse, at major changes in season, spring and autumn. Meanwhile I will monthly do a coffee enema, which also acts on the liver, but is less powerful.

21 st liver cleanse : 05/04/2013

For the 21st liver cleanse, I wanted to meet one of the last outstanding issues:  do the green balls of fat you get at these cleanups come directly from the liver, or are they generated by digestion?

Test performed:
I prepared the mixture of olive oil at 10pm on adding a dye natural beet juice concentrated by evaporation.
- If the balls of fat come directly from the liver in that state, their interior would be green.
- If the balls are formed by fat digestion, then I should get my dye inside.

Liver cleanse photo 2013_04_05

Results: as can be seen on the cuts, I cannot find any trace of dye inside of the balls of fat, which seems to attest (but not prove) a direct liver origin and not a amalgame generated by digestion.

Results of the twenty-first liver cleanse: 

670 balls of fat

Liver cleanse photo 2013_04_05 A
Liver cleanse photo 2013_04_05 B

22nd liver cleanse: 07/06/2013

This time I used lemon instead of grapefruit to prepare the oil mixture and I only drank half the juice, that gives a much less important amount of liquid to swallow:
120 ml oil + 180 ml grapefruit = 300 ml
120 ml of oil + 90 ml lemon      = 210 ml
Roughly one-third less liquid, for me it is better. It does not change much in terms of taste and difficulty to swallow but at least it takes less time.

Results of the 22th liver cleanse: 

550 balls of fat
(And I have not taken into consideration all the balls of fat, since some were stuck in a sort of brown viscous material)

Liver cleanse photo 2013_06_07

November 4, 2013

I specify that the interest is not the end result being the balls of fat, hoping to have a "cleansed" liver. The body produces this fat permanently and even after 100 liver cleanses it would come out again. Once we get the expected results (the reduction or disappearance of the symptoms that motivated us to undertake these cleanses), it becomes unnecessary to carry out liver cleanses on a monthly basis.

I still carry out liver cleanses varying the methods, my maintenance rhythm is 2-3 per year, but I've stopped publishing them online, it is no longer of interest

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