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Bowel cleansing by enema: procedure + video tips

Intestinal cleansing

Cleansing the colon using enemas:

The enema is the method of cleansing the colon that is the easiest to implement, it is also the most intimate and economical too. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective points to improve our health, I'm not going to repeat myself on benefits of colon cleansing, see the suggested article on page "Intestinal cleansing" and explanations that I make in the video "belly massage" further down this page.

Enemas must be performed on an empty stomach and as far as possible from the last meal: the morning on waking before breakfast, or before lunch and dinner. The essential accessory is the enema bag. That of the photo-cons is very convenient and cheap, with a capacity of two litres and with a stop valve. Moreover it is resistant, because I have used mine for several years and it is not damaged, it was a good choice.

Efficiency goes hand in hand with simplicity: there is no need to spend more, in devices which are not practical to use and which do not bring anything more in terms of result.

Available from : Link to enema bag

enema bag

Modus operandi :
The first recipe I used advocated 1.1 litre of liquid, I stayed on that measure. Once the bag has been filled with the chosen liquid, remember to purge the pipe of the air bubbles by opening the valve until the liquid escapes, the purpose is not to fill ourselves with air. The liquid temperature can range from 37 ° to 41 °, to be control with a home medical thermometer.

Once the liquid has been "swallowed", we close the valve and remove the cannula. The purpose will be to hold the liquid between 10 and 25 minutes. One generally begins elongated, knees bent, on one's right side, so that the liquid can easily spread through the large intestine and then alternate between right and left and stir well inside. When lying on our backs, we can gently massage the colon, this is what a good hydrotherapist would do (the ascending colon is vertical and on the right side of our belly, the transverse colon passes horizontally under the stomach and the outgoing colon is vertical and on the left side of our belly towards the exit). Finish by laying a couple of minutes on the left side, so as to accumulate the liquid in the descending colon, near the exit.

Note that, depending on the liquid used, desire to interrupt the session and run to the bathroom will be more or less strong. One can also have a few spasms of high intensity, but that won't last long, to each his method to overcome and thus preserve the liquid between 10 and 25 minutes. I always keep it at least 20 minutes, time flies when you carefully massage the belly, this is important to get the best result.

How often should one perform enemas ?
One must distinguish  between the "slagging" phase and maintenance rhythm.

- In slagging phase, i.e. when one has never done an enema, one can easily do 3 per day for 3 days. Explanation: doing three 20-minute sessions in 1 day, equates to 1 hour of "soaking". It is advisable, when starting the hydrotherapy, to do 1 per day (maximum 1 hour) on 3 consecutive days, so you obtain the same time. During hydrotherapy, the colon is rinsed X times, but the most important is the soaking time allowing the old materials glued to the colon wall to soften and come off, hence the interest of self-massaging the belly towards the colon (large intestine).

- Afterwards, in a maintenance rhythm, 1 enema per month is enough, or even 2 if one feels the need. It does not seem wise to do it too often, it would disrupt the natural function of the colon.

Choice of the cleansing liquid.
Below are 2 possibilities:

1) Cleansing with water :

This is the simplest. If possible, take water direct from the source to avoid possible pollutants in tap water. No need to be boiled to sterilize it, let's not forget that we will send it in an environment already filled with billion bacteria. Just increase the temperature in a saucepan, regularly stirring until the desired temperature is reached (between 37 ° and 41 °).

Cleansing with coffee :
What a curious idea to use coffee in this way and yet this method is a mainstay of dr Max GERSON's therapy Caffeine rectally taken opens the bile ducts, stimulates the action of the liver and increases bile flow loaded with toxins. In addition, the fluid that bathes the large intestine helps remove solids adhered to the internal wall. Therefore, we perform two operations : biliary hunting (probably less powerful than that of a liver cleansing) that will remove toxins, and a colon cleansing. For people unaccustomed to drink coffee, we must avoid doing this enema in the evening, because caffeine maintains its usual effect and can disrupt sleep.

Bonus : for helping the liver to carry out its function, it is advisable to apply a heat source on the right side of our belly whilst we are doing the coffee enema. The hot-water bottle frequently used throughtout my childhood has not changed and is perfect for this kind of use.

Tip: do not fill completely and purge the air, so that it remains flexible and conforms to the shape of the body = better application of the heat.

Available from :    link to hot-water bottle
hot water bottle

It is advisable to use green coffee as opposed to ordinary coffee, because the roasting that the latter is subject to, generates toxic compounds within our body. I already have used  the classic ordinary ground coffee and I'm not dead, but if possible use green coffee and preferably organic. Another advantage to using green coffee: the spasms during the session are much less strong than with ordinary coffee, as if the body feels less need to get rid of it. It allows to focus more on belly massages and to hold it in more easily for 25 minutes.

Namely : For those who do not have a coffee grinder, or simply want a product that is ready to use, there is a soluble preparation based on organic green coffee and GMO free. Specially designed for enemas at home, 1 small bag to dilute in water. 1 small bag equals 20 grams of green coffee beans, or 2 tablespoons. Same efficiency as a blender preparation with 2 or 3 tablespoons.

Available from :    link to soluble green coffee

Soluble green coffee, organic and GMO free

Preparation of green coffee beans :

The green coffee beans are as hard as stone. I soak them for 12 to 24 hours before using them. Then I grind them for 1 to 2 minutes for the spray.
- Soak 2 or 3 tablespoons of green coffee in the liquid.
- Complete with a litre of water and boil for 5 minutes, then 15 minutes on low heat.
- Switch off the heat and steep for 15 minutes.
- Filter the mixture (avoiding paper filters) to maintain only the juice.
- Add water to the 1100 ml mark.
- Decrease the temperature to between 37 and 41 °
- Carry out the enema.

Green coffee

Preparation of ordinary ground coffee:
Do not use decaf !
- Put 2 or 3 tablespoons of ground coffee, organic if possible, in one litre of water.
- Boil for 3 minutes.
- Switch off the heat and steep for 15 minutes.
- Filter the mixture (avoiding paper filters), you get about 800ml of liquid.
- Add water to the 1100 ml mark.

- Decrease the temperature to between 37 and 41 °.
- Carry out the enema.

Abdominal massage :

abdominal massage during enema

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