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Ingrédients and costs for the liver cleanse

Liver cleanse

Liver cleanse: ingredients and approximative cost for 1 cleaning




Unit price


malic acid




2.00 $

Grapefruit juice (1 ort 2 fruits)




1.00 $

Organic first cold pressed olive oil



11.0 $

1,32 $


5 to 10


0.2 $

2.00 $

Magnésium sulfate ( 4 x 15gr )




1.50 $

Black walnut hull tincture




1,50 $


9,32 $

Apple juice :
Andreas MORITZ rather recommends organic apple juice but also accepts non-organic apple juice that you can find in your usual shop. Liver cleansing costs could then be decreased because apple juice is the most expensive ingredient. As we must drink great quantities we preferred choosing organic apple juice, so the liver will be less assaulted by pesticides.  We did not want to save on this point because of the importance of the subject.

You can also replace the apple juice by malic acid (see below), thus avoiding the high dose of sugar contained in the apple juice, that's why I prefer it. Also malic acid is clearly cheaper than apple juice.


it's found mainly on the Internet, often in combination with arginine. I used the ornithine oxoglurate bought from pharmacy, but even with a bag of 5 grams I passed bad nights. Moreover, this product contains aspartame and numerous excipients. It seems best to take either ornithine alone, or a combination ornithine + arginine.
Available from :     link to Ornithine

Magnesium sulfate  ( Epsom salt)

Can be found in pharmacies or on internet. I order several kilos because it can also be put in the bath for a relaxing and detoxifying effect, 1 kilo should be dissolved in a very warm bath.
Available from:     link to magnesium sulfate

NB: It is advisable to take powdered magnésium sulfate, and not capsules, for liver cleanses, because the capsules alter the absorption rate of the magnesium sulfate.

Black walnut hull tincture "juglans nigra":
Available from:       link to black walnut hull tincture
One flask is enough for at least 10 liver cleanses.
NB1:  Black walnut tincture is derived from two types of walnut: "Juglans nigra" and "Juglans regia". "Juglans nigra" is a little more expensive than "Juglans regia", but from what I read, is much more effective. So I'm not sure buying "Juglans regia" is cost effective in any case.

NB2: The stain of black walnut is a powerful anti-parasites  which can reap huge benefits other than liver cleansing.

Malic acid :
Used to replace the apple juice. See the dosage recommended by A.Moritz on top of page "preparation", paragraph "option 2"
Available from:    link to malic acid

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