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A track to follow to treat electro-sensitivity. Testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on iraisemyhealth.info will of course be anonymous.

To bring Your testimonial                                 
to understand these results

Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Melody, 59 years, June 8 2013:
Hello everyone! Thank you Denis for publishing online an important tool to regain health. It’s now been four years since I found great form, after the liver purges. It was Olivier’s testimonial that put me on the track on the MELODIE forum. Still a big thank you to him! I filed below my testimonial, rather long because it contains a lot of information. I was electro sensitive, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue....Hashimoto. All my troubles have disappeared; there is only my thyroid that I have not managed to save. Dr. Seignalet wrote that its degradation was too fast. I no longer do liver cleansing, or maybe I do one a year and almost without stone eliminations. I did 26 liver flushes and that is when I realized that I had to eat the fats in the morning (chrononutrition) then I stopped to make green balls. Otherwise each purge allowed me to eliminate 200-400 green peas. I tested with activated charcoal to see if they were produced by intestinal secretion. Just like Denis, no activated charcoal in the fatty balls. Anyway, if we put them outside in the sun, they melt because they are made of hardened bile, which is primarily made up of fat. I wrote this testimonial in 2010 for the newspaper of a local association of environmental protection. Happy reading and good luck!

                                                           Read Melody’s testimonial

Olivier, 39 years, October 29 2012:
January 29th 2006, we moved our offices in the heart of Paris in the thirteenth in Port Royal, after 5 years at the Fort du Mont Valerian in Suresnes (92). From the first moments in the new premises, I felt severe unbearable headaches, terrible oppression and an inability to concentrate. Without knowing it, I went to put one foot in hell. At first, I did not understand what was happening to me, I was lost and desperate; my suffering was strangely like an invisible and permanent torture.
February 2006 was very difficult, each second at work seemed to me an eternity, I suffered but the hardest was that I did not understood why. Only in April 2006, after talking my problems to occupational medicine, a colleague from a nearby building told me of the dangers of electromagnetic waves and particularly masts. In an instant all finally seemed logical to me. On the Internet, I began looking to gather as much information about this unknown subject. My sufferings were such that there was no short-term solution. I decided with great regret to leave the City of Lights without second thought headed for an unknown destination. I asked my superiors a layoff for a period of 6 months.
The support of a wonderful family helped me, at first, to take refuge with my grandmother for a period of two months, where the wave level was low, before joining my aunt around Manosque (04) in a XIXth century house with huge walls able to protect all electromagnetic pollutions. This period allowed me to understand and also cease suffering.

In early August 2008, I discovered the liver cleanse on the Internet. The next day I was going for my first liver cleanse. Immediately, I was pleasantly surprised by the results, my body has expelled over 150 "gallstones". I followed immediately with 5 liver flushes in less than two months and after I waited 15 days between each liver flush. I realized very quickly the benefits of the treatment of liver cleansing, its practical and economical sides and the importance of the lord organ named the liver. This treatment has allowed me to live normally. For me, it is essential in the healing protocol for an immeasurable number of pathologies.

In 2009, I created the liver cleanse organization, which email address is: curedufoie@yahoo.fr
My intoxication was so significant that I made sixty liver flushes, however today I do it each season. With experience, I think the main cause is heavy metal poisoning

Agnes, 63 years, August 18 2012 :
Hello Denis, when I started the liver cleanse (May 2011) I was electro-sensitive and for 4 years I lived in this electromagnetic smog, without knowing that all these frequencies, slowly but surely, destroyed me (Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - phones, etc. ...). I had a multitude of symptoms, that during my liver cleanses (I did twenty cleanings in 15 months!) have DISAPPEARED! And I am HAPPY today to have found sleep and a normal life without pain. Around me, I circulate your site.... which has a very good impact.
My electro - sensitivity symptoms:
- Headaches, with scalp tenderness
- Blurred vision, with decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, floaters
- Fatigue + + +
- Loss of sleep
- Weight gain + + (for me) for others it is the opposite (weight loss)
- Allergy problems with itching + + + (large plates underneath the breasts)
- Weakened gums, with abscess (even with good oral hygiene)
- Nocturnal tachycardia (heart begins to beat, beat, beat. At night, this is awesome!)
- Frequent urination at night (every 1,5 hours) it's tiring!
- Some muscles are hypertensive (my  biceps)
- Back pain: back pain like sciatica pain that forced me to stay in bed most of the time
- Loss of hearing with tinnitus + + (ringing in the ears)
- Nocturnal sweating (body and scalp)
- Bad digestion with acid rebound
- Skin pigmentation (large brown spots on cheekbones, and forearms)
- Discoloured faeces
- Hair loss with their accelerated laundering
- Abdominal pains day and night, these pains have stopped IMMEDIATELY when removing GLUTEN -based foods (bread, pasta etc. ...) and dairy products
ALL these symptoms have disappeared with the cleanses and without medication, but with much FAITH and PERSEVERANCE in this natural, but so rewarding treatment!

Here’s for you Denis, I wanted to bring a complete testimonial because there are more than 5% of the population that is electro-sensitive or electro-hypersensitive and you can add all those who do not know they are, like me for 4 years!!
Another BIG THANKS to You! Warm greetings. Agnes

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