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Practical details for the liver cleanse

Liver cleanse

For the various dosages required in these cleanses, I used this beer glass with two useful marks:
- 180 ml for water and grapefruit juice
- 120 ml for olive oil

measuring cup for liver cleanse


How to produce the mixture of magnesium sulfate:

Video demonstration -->

- 180 ml of water.
- 1 soup spoon of magnesium sulfate, approximately 15 grams.
- Optional : lemon juice  (the equivalent of a lemon) to mask the bitterness of the mixture.

Advice: prepare the mixture 1 or 2 hours before drinking it. That allows a good dissolution of the sulfate and it is less bitter. Drink in one go by taking a deep breath.
Dominique's advice (Switzerland): "Cold water is always more difficult to swallow than warm water at body temperature, so I dilute the table spoon of magnesium sulfate in a bowl of hot water, shake it and drink the mixture using a wide straw !"


How to produce the oil mixture:

Video demonstration -->


- 120 ml of oil.
- 180 ml of fresh grapefruit juice.
- 20 gouts of black walnut tincture. It's useful to kill the present parasites.
- 5 grams of ornithine. Ornithine is not indispensable but may help get a good night's sleep.

Advice: Drink in one go by taking a deep breath. Try to concentrate on something else, it is necessary to be «somewhere else». Ornithine brings a vanilla flavor which can help.

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