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Bad breath is not inevitable. See the testimonials


Thank you to all those who sent me their testimonials, we need them. 
If this website helped you, please think that it will help many others. The more testimonials I publish, the higher the standard of service I am providing to those interested in this topic. I am also interested in any documented information such as analysis, ultrasounds... The publication of these on will of course be anonymous.

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Testimonials received:
Names have been changed, to guarantee anonymity of authors.

Balthazar, 59, France, January 17th 2016:
Hello, I have been doing monthly liver treatments since early 2015. The result: Better shape, no more psoriasis on the elbows and on the wings of the nose and forehead, disappearance of brown spots on the face and hands, no more pain related to osteoarthritis, better skin tone and breath, much less fatigue at night and so on... Again thank you and good luck. Balthazar

Sophie, 56, France, 21st October 2014:
Hello, I did my first liver cleanse at the beginning of September. Super, I found the feeling of hunger that I had lost, a deep and restful sleep, better digestion and great concentration. My eye allergy has reduced considerably. I’ve just done ​​the second cleanse. I feel light, positive and have lots of energy. My tongue is rosy. Thank you very much for all your information

Michelle, 48 years, Switzerland, July 2, 2014:
Hello, I did two liver cleanses (1st May and 2nd June 2014) and here are my impressions: incredibly restful sleep, well-being, white of my eyes almost blue (as very young children), tongue less loaded when having a rather heavy meal, very good state of mind, it's happiness! So, I will continue a few times (as long as there are materials), and then I think I’ll adopt a "cruising speed" maintenance at 2-3 times a year, like colon cleansing as part of Kousmine’s revitalizing cures (at the change of seasons for example). I did not find particular difficulty in applying this treatment, quite the contrary. Obviously, magnesium sulfate is not the dreamed drink, but it takes a few seconds to swallow it! However, I like the mixture of grapefruit and olive oil. Another big thank you for your involvement!

Chantal, 50 years, France, May 30 2014:   
Hello Denis, Thank you, thank you very much. Although I had recommendations to do it, although I've read the book, your website has been determinant to do my first liver cleanse. I also want to encourage those who still hesitate, do not hesitate, go for it! My feelings, my results: I spent a restless night, but it happens very often to me ... The next morning at 6am, I take the third magnesium sulfate potion, I was thinking of going back to bed but I felt in great shape! I drank the last potion at 8am. I had a lot of rejections, foam etc... I would say, about 250 fat balls, and some large ones measuring 2cm. Very quickly I was hungry, but hunger for the life. I usually have trouble to find pleasure in eating, usually I eat because I have to, but the pleasure is not there. Here, I allowed myself to drink a grapefruit juice at 9am and breakfast at 9:30. The day was amazing. No sudden fatigue, two close friends did not recognize me because I was so full of energy. I am not exaggerating in saying that that day, I found back the energy of my 25 years, really! The next day that is less clear, but at night I go to sleep tired but not exhausted. First results: Newfound energy, that is undeniable (I got up at 6am during the first two days that followed) and no sudden fatigue in the evening, I'm not exhausted but tired, I sleep much better, I appreciate eating, and have pleasure to eat. I have a whole new tongue, clean and it is very nice. I look forward to a second cleanse. See you soon for another testimonial, thank you again. Chantal

Annabelle, 40 years, January 20 2014:
I wanted to bring my testimonial, because other testimonials helped me answer my own questions... I did my first cleanse, on December 12, for the following reasons:
- Problem with halitosis (bad breath)
- Digestion: heaviness after meals, big fatigue blow throughout the day, yawn crisis, bloating, gas, etc...
- Headaches every morning upon waking and it was very hard to get up and emerge.
- I could not stay awake past 9 pm, thus I had no real evenings.
- Chronic fatigue and lack of energy, throughout the day.

After my first two cleanses, I can note:
- Far fewer halitosis problems, they have almost disappeared...
- Farewell daily head pain, I have energy once I wake up, no more problems getting out of bed...
- Better digestion, no more discomfort after meals: inflamed stomach, gas, reflux, fatigue leading to bedtime.
- Better complexion, better hair and especially more vitality and energy during the day, super nice thing when you had a constant fatigue over several years!
I highly recommend this cleanse to all those who want to improve their vitality... I do not want to stop and I will do a third liver cleanse in a month and others after, until complete disappearance of my woes. I'll let you know the result of my findings... Bye!

Vanina, 52 years, December 7 2013:
Hello Denis, I did 3 liver cleanses in the spring. I had gall bladder pains and a lingering bitterness in the mouth from recent years. After my first cleanse, that I have did with a bit of anxiety, I excreted a glass of fat balls the size of a pinhead to 4 mm. I no longer had pains and bitterness for 1 week, and then it came back. The second cleanse (one month later), I passed half a glass of fat balls. No longer any pain or bitterness. The third cleanse helped evacuate 2 tablespoons of fat balls... no longer pain or bitterness. My homeopath advised me to do the cleanse in spring and autumn. I have not done it this autumn... it is true that drinking magnesium sulfate is a torture.... it's so bitter! Recently, my pains and my bitterness came back in small periods of 2 or 3 or 4 days, from time to time. I feel less tired and am more active. My morale has also improved. I will start again next spring. Sincerely, Vanina

Etienne, 38 years, October 29 2013:
Hi all, about non-pathological, but "inherited" liver problems, as pointed out to me by a specialist for more than a year, saying that I was born like that and that I will spend my all life with that... The reviews have highlighted a very high rate of bile, but the rest was normal. Except I noticed that my stomach has physically moved to the right (how strange!), a constant point as a gene in the liver, and a permanent point on the right scapula, too yellow eyes, a tongue which is permanently charged, a loss of appetite with the feeling of being satiated after 3 forkfuls, cold hands and tips of fingers, downgraded physical energy (not good for the sportsman that I am), tired even with a small effort, a breath became short with the feeling that the lungs are filled to 50%, badly supporting cold temperature, I became more nervous, I had a hard time concentrating and memory crumbling. The list is long, and similar in pains, to previously read messages. So in October 2012, I decided to act, and with the net I found this site, and its contents. After reading the book, I started in the protocol. I did it 5 times (October 2012 to February 2013). I had many little harvests with sand. As a first step, with 6 months of rest, and recovery in September 2013 (bulkier harvest, balls from 1.5 to 2.5) and now I'm doing another liver cleanse. The first cleanse did me much good, because beyond the physical, the liver cleanse impacts other plans which are just as important...
Results: positive, all has improved, a rebirth each time!

Marielle, 58 years, August 8 2013:
Hello, I bring you my testimonial regarding the liver and gallbladder cleanse according to Dr. Clark's protocol. In 2010, I had liver attacks, painful, tiring and increasingly close together. Appointment was booked for the removal of the gallbladder, because I could no longer remain as follows: - 7 kilograms, I could not eat anything, everything triggered an attack. 1 liver cleanse before entering the clinic: elimination of dozens of small and much larger ones, light green balls, and dark and brown. Cancellation of surgery. I am in my thirteenth or fourteenth cleanses, I feel less and less the need to do it (6 months between the last two). I still have my gallbladder. I feel better and better each time. What stunned me the most from the first cleanse was this newfound energy, compared to before when I was tired and wanted nothing. Also no more pain in the right shoulder, less loaded tongue, good breath while this was a problem for me for years, waist circumference decreased (- 5 cm last cleanse), the levels of good cholesterol have improved, less dry skin and I might forget some improvements. This cleanse is really interesting. As I'm a naturopath, I often advise it, it gives very good results. To recommend and to publicize without limit! Thank you for this website.

Mylène, 43 years, June 26 2013:
Good morning. I just finished my first liver cleanse and I am delighted. At first, I was really scared, because to drink oil seemed impossible. Everything went very well, I did not vomit. This morning, I evacuated a lot of green stones, many small and very few medium ones. I started this treatment because I had more and more bad breath. My body was very dirty, with a poor diet and I felt it, something told me that I had to clean my liver. I consulted doctors, dentists, I bought bulbs artichoke, and black radish in pharmacy, but it was not enough to overcome my bad breath, so I ate a lot of chewing gum, but the effect lasted less and less time (I was brushing my teeth several times a day and also did frequent mouthwash). I searched the internet, and I came across your website. I was very desperate, I said to myself I had nothing to lose, I started and I'm not disappointed: I can now speak to people without a chewing gum in the mouth and they no longer have this gesture to drop the nose and step back. Thank you for publishing this remedy that treats many ailments. I will repeat the treatment in three weeks, until my liver is well rid of all its impurities

Agnes, 63 years, August 18 2012 :
Hello Denis, when I started the liver cleanse (May 2011) I was electro-sensitive and for 4 years I lived in this electromagnetic smog, without knowing that all these frequencies, slowly but surely, destroyed me (Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - phones, etc. ...). I had a multitude of symptoms, that during my liver cleanses (I did twenty cleanings in 15 months!) have DISAPPEARED! And I am HAPPY today to have found sleep and a normal life without pain. Around me, I circulate your site.... which has a very good impact.
My electro - sensitivity symptoms:
- Headaches, with scalp tenderness
- Blurred vision, with decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, floaters
- Fatigue + + +
- Loss of sleep
- Weight gain + + (for me) for others it is the opposite (weight loss)
- Allergy problems with itching + + + (large plates underneath the breasts)
- Weakened gums, with abscess (even with good oral hygiene)
- Nocturnal tachycardia (heart begins to beat, beat, beat. At night, this is awesome!)
- Frequent urination at night (every 1,5 hours) it's tiring!
- Some muscles are hypertensive (my  biceps)
- Back pain: back pain like sciatica pain that forced me to stay in bed most of the time
- Loss of hearing with tinnitus + + (ringing in the ears)
- Nocturnal sweating (body and scalp)
- Bad digestion with acid rebound
- Skin pigmentation (large brown spots on cheekbones, and forearms)
- Discoloured faeces
- Hair loss with their accelerated laundering
- Abdominal pains day and night, these pains have stopped IMMEDIATELY when removing GLUTEN -based foods (bread, pasta etc. ...) and dairy products
ALL these symptoms have disappeared with the cleanses and without medication, but with much FAITH and PERSEVERANCE in this natural, but so rewarding treatment!

Here’s for you Denis, I wanted to bring a complete testimonial because there are more than 5% of the population that is electro-sensitive or electro-hypersensitive and you can add all those who do not know they are, like me for 4 years!!
Another BIG THANKS to You! Warm greetings. Agnes

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