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Gallbladder special information

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For the gallbladder, the purpose of a liver cleanse, according to the Clark / Moritz method, is to empty it of its sludge and sand, BEFORE they amalgamate into gallstones that are too big to get out. This is a precautionary approach, because once gallstones are greater than 5 mm in size, they can't come out, especially as they sometimes adhere to the inner wall of the gallbladder. I want to refer to the two ultrasounds (before/after) below, in which you can see (zoom function enabled on click) that large gallstones are still there after a liver cleanse (thank you JF).

Some important points to note :
- Having gallstones in the gallbladder does not necessarily mean removal of the gallbladder, we can live perfectly well with gallstones, if the gallbladder stays in good condition and lots of people spend their entire life with gallstones and without even knowing of their existence.
- Ablation is inevitable when the gallbladder is damaged, because at this stage, there is a real danger .
- Even in the event of the presence of gallstones in the gallbladder, pain in this region is not necessarily caused by these gallstones and in this case, the removal of the gallbladder does not solve anything. I have two women in my following who felt the same pain after removal of the gallbladder. Shame...
- Some pain in this region, when it isn't due to the poor condition of the gallbladder, or from a small gallstones which is engaged in the cystic duct, is simply caused by a congested liver. In this case, liver cleanses will work wonders.
- When the pains come from small gallstones which engage in the cystic duct, here the liver cleanse, which also has the effect of removing the gallbladder of its sludge and sand ( small stones ) will again be very useful. No more small stones = no more pain.
- The cystic duct, when leaving the gallbladder, is 2-3 mm in diameter. This explains why only small gallstones can be expelled through liver cleansing. The large stones will stay in the gallbladder, with little (mis)fortune to see them "stuck" in the outlet pipes during a liver cleanse .
- If you look at the diagram of the digestive system, you can see that the gallbladder is not on the way of the liver/duodenum, so its absence does not prove to be an obstacle in liver cleansing.

Gallbladder ultrasound before liver cleanse

Gallbladder scan before liver cleanse

Gallbladder ultrasound after liver cleanse
(No change with the big gallstones)

Gallbladder scan after liver cleanse

Testimonial of Daniel (pharmacist), 38 years, March 31 2014:

Hello Denis,
I did my first liver cleanse last week. Everything went flawlessly. The oily mixture was almost good in comparison to the MgSO4 (magnesium sulfate), I can confirm that this can give a nauseous sensation (the fourth glass was hard to swallow). Moritz's book is worth reading, it contains useful go-to information regarding lifestyle and dietary base measures. Like you, I excreted the fat pellets.
If someone asks (like me), if he can do this cleanse with a "multiple-atrophic" gallbladder, I'd say YES. That said, for people with this disease, here's what I suggest 
after studying the issue using an in depth medical approach

1. Eventually, the cystic duct becomes almost clogged, so it no longer plays its role (= obstruction)
2. It increases (X10) the chances of cancer = very dangerous
(Hopefully this is not already the case, because we do not know how long it's been like that)
3. This is not reversible (confirmed by gastroenterologist reviews)
It is then better to remove gallbladder, because it is dangerous. Afterwards nothing prevents continuing to drain the liver, because people without a gallbladder may also consider the liver cleanse as an option.

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