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Melodie's testimonial June 8 2013

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Following Melody’s testimonial dated June 8th, 2013


October 2010 Evidence EHS.


My "EHS” appeared in late 2004 following a boat trip (the day on the deck near the phone antennas, radar and probably gsm, the night near the machines). It was only the straw that broke the camel. This boat trip was made ​​to avoid producing greenhouse gas emissions with the aircraft. I had already received a gift, a cordless phone placed on my bedside table, electric transformer under the bed, the phone antennas Beauregard and the end of the power line, just to name the largest sources of the electromagnetic emissions. I could not even stand along a river (by the friction of water molecules, atoms are pulled out and that creates an electric field), my legs were made ​​of cotton and I had the feeling I was going to fall. When I was exposed to electromagnetic fields, many symptoms occurred: thyroid inflammation and severe pains (I suffer from Hashimoto's autoimmune disease); impaired balance, vertigo, damaged coordination brain-legs; electric shock sensations in the brain followed by suffocation; metabolic disorders; heart disease; digestive disorders; blurred vision; joint pain; launches and shooting pains in the muscles; cramps; sleep disorders; extreme fatigue; sensitivity to stress, heat, noise, light; bad memory, concentration and development of thought and speech; skin diseases; very severe pain in the jaw and teeth; low morale... to name only the less intimate issues. And as if that was not enough, exposed or not to electromagnetic fields, I made my entry into the club of grace: thickened lines, falling hair, silhouette of a pink hippo.....

In 2005 I entrusted my health to doctors. In front of their impotence, in 2006 I decided to take my health into my own hands. My initial research led me to a forum, "the apartment”, which specializes in gluten and dairy free. Very quickly, this diet was beneficial to me. In 2006, an article in the magazine distributed free in organic stores, "Biocontact", put me on the track of dental mercury poisoning denounced by the late Dr. Mellet. I must say that I had many dental amalgams, some under gold crowns. Gold and mercury gladly exchange their electrons, so the oral galvanism that was produced had terribly amplified my pathologies. I understood this later, when the last crown was removed. In December 2006 I realized that I was suffering from EHS, while I went to see one of my children who lives in the tower of Beauregard, on the 16th floor. I must say that 6 antennas placed on the roof of this building, were comfortably financing the Public Housing Office, to the detriment of the health of its tenants. I then organized the cleaning of my environment. I have been obliged, like many EHS (electro hypersensitive) sufferers, to confine myself in my house, that I had equipped to protect me from the Hyperlan emissions (broadband Internet 5.4 Ghz) and emission of low frequency (Faraday cage shielding the phases and between other things the electric network); or, if I chose to get away from it, I had to wear body armor. Despite these precautions, any output led me to painful consequences and sometimes unbearable. If I opted for a semblance of social activity, I had to impose myself, with a sensor fields for materializing for those present the existence and the power of emissions from their mobile phones. Under these conditions, I would expect these people to switch them off. It must still be known that Dr. Maschinenfabrik, who suffered the worst indignities from his congeners, already denounced, in 1965, the health hazards directly correlated to artificial electromagnetic waves. At the same time, I removed my dental amalgams and my metal crowns and enjoyed two years of heavy metal chelation. On the forum of the "apartment", I met other patients of heavy metals and electromagnetic fields and we have organized a forum, specialized in detoxification of these metals: the MELODIE forum. An intense collective activity has opened some therapeutic routes. It clearly appeared that our immune systems are significantly weakened. Many of us suffer from Lyme disease for example.

The more important discovery, resulting from the investigations and experiments of the forum-followers, was probably the work of the American researcher Hulda Clark. Using an audio oscillator circuit, she demonstrated that the origins of our diseases are only pollution and parasites (viruses, bacteria, fungi, amoeba, worms...). To restore health, she had established a protocol that consists first of deworming the body (some parasites block the secretions of organs) and cleaning scrubber organs: kidneys, intestines, liver. Indeed, the 4th liver cleanse has freed my liver of a quarter of liter of fat and delivered me from my EHS. These treatments are completely painless. However, I kept my functional hypoglycaemia, my joint problems and a significant magnesium deficiency.

I persisted in my research that revealed a chronic candidiasis widely described by Dr. PG Besson in his book "I feel bad, but I do not know why" and the abundant and rich literature Taty Lauwers, see her website "les topos de taty". The eviction of carbohydrates in my diet had supplemented my return to well-being, so much so that in 2010 I was doing a bike ride between Paris and Berlin to celebrate the return of my health and my energy. A link is established, mainly by Chinese medicine, between Hashimoto's thyroiditis and chronic candidiasis. Chinese medicine blames the chronic candidiasis to cause the autoimmune diseases, because Candida Albicans perforate the intestinal walls to extract food from the lymph and blood. I hope that eventually, when the Candida Albicans has regained its position as saprophytic commensal yeast, I can see the end of my Hashimoto's thyroiditis, deemed incurable. In this case, my thyroid, through gluten and dairy free diet (see the work of Dr. SEIGNALET, "Food or third medicine") has not changed much and my antibodies are depleting. Very often, this gland eventually almost disappears after a few years. After thinking on my painful experiences, and after a "miraculous" outcome, here is my interpretation of the facts, largely inspired by the work of Professor Hulda Clark hypothesis. Candida albicans is electro sensitive, electromagnetic fields are a stress for it. When I am parked in front of my computer screen, I quickly feel itching in the back, one of the symptoms of chronic candidiasis. It is a fungi and it produces substances very toxic to the human body, it feeds almost exclusively on sugar. Before my 4th liver cleanse, my liver was no longer able to detoxify itself from these substances. H. Clark hypothesized that the intra-hepatic gallstones compress compartments liver in charge of detoxifying the body. When the liver compartments, specialized in detoxification of Candida toxins, were released by the 4th treatment, my liver was then able to do the cleaning work. In this connection H. Clark notes that the "universal allergy", ie the chemical sensitivity finds healing by cleansing the liver bile ducts. You should know that 75% of chemical sensitive are also electro sensitive... To treat chronic candidiasis, you must balance the pH of the body (the fungi thrive in an acid environment) and starve the Candida Albicans by dieting without carbs. It may take up to a year and then a strict diet must remain the rule. Candida grows in favor, among others, antibiotics, steroids, chemotherapy, vaccines, junk food... pollution of the body from heavy metals and electromagnetic fields. Moreover, the clinical presentation of mercury poisoning, pollution from electromagnetic fields, Lyme disease and chronic candidiasis are substantially the same. Unfortunately, doctors are not trained in environmental diseases. When they come up against a disease, they readily attribute to "shrink". It is so much easier! Tomorrow they will say it is "genetic" and the sick people will not be advanced. When will they stop just relieving symptoms and become interested in the causes of our diseases: parasites and pollution, poor diet, poor organ cleansing...? Without the internet and without the MELODIE forum and if I had not moved to a house less exposed to electromagnetic fields, it would have been impossible for me to be cured.

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