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Advice to new visitors

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Since July 2011, I update the content and layout of this site daily, to provide you the most complete and accurate information on this technique called "liver cleansing". There is no mystery here, no magic: just mechanics, human body mechanics.

If your health really interests you, take time to read this information, because the two main sections of this website, liver cleanse and intestinal cleansing, are certainly the two most effective routes to true health. You will also find a very large number of testimonials that all follow the same direction and this is no coincidence: we are all made in the same way and this technique acts the same on every person.

For the most complete outlook on the subject of liver/gallbladder cleansing and therefore understanding the topic, take time to review the pages of this site in the order they are presented to you.

I wish you all a good read and good health,


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