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Alternative methods for cleansing the liver

Liver cleanse

Moritz's technique presented in this website is probably one of the most effective and least expensive. I used it during a little over a year, with such good results that I wanted to create this website to share my experience. A few months later I had received dozens of testimonials attesting the benefits.

For further research on this topic, I tested different additional methods. I have selected two of them that may interest people prefering an herbal solution, or being intolerant to ingredients used in Moritz's method (difficulty swallowing the oil mixture, or disgust at the bitter taste of magnesium sulfate). Another interest I saw there, having already made the most of the work with Moritz method, is to vary the methods so as not to get bored.

XANTIS hepatic program :
Soft method whose program consists of 4 blocks of a week, 4 consecutive weeks.
The first 6 days are preparing the liver and intestines by herbal capsules with wellknown effects (artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle, garlic, cinnamon ...) and the 7th day is performed biliary hunting (purge liver / gallbladder ) on the same principle as the Moritz's method developed in this site, so with the use of magnesium sulfate and olive oil, but:
- With much lower doses, easily bearable.
- With fewer time constraints and dietary restrictions.

This program is easy to use and effective, it is quite suitable for a semestrial maintenance treatment.
XANTIS hepatic program

Linden sapwood
In 2014 I read Jean Palaiseul's book "Tous les espoirs de guérir", published in 1974. In Volume 1, he speaks of the Roussillon lime sapwood. This product is still available and can be found in web stores. The natural raw wood form seems the most appropriate to make a decoction. Jean Palaiseul wrote:
Page 181: "One of the most active therapeutic aids against bladder,kidney and liver stones."

The effects of lime sapwood seem to mainly target the kidney stones and bladder, on which numerous testimonials attest the power of dissolution, but there was one testimonial in his book that caught my attention:
Page 185, from Mrs A of Saint-Imier (Switzerland): I am pleased to inform you that after a cure with your tea, at a rate of one morning and evening glass for 4 months, I managed to get rid of a gallstone the size of a pigeon's egg. I was, in fact, for more or less long term, condemned to the removal of the gallbladder. I followed your program while remaining under the constant supervision of my doctor, who deemed the action of your product too intense and likely to lead to eventual jaundice. He followed the progress with radiography every 15 days. I have now fully recovered and wanted you to know... "

Linden sapwood has been known for a long time. My supplier in France : link to linden sapwood

Below you can read the how to use this product, marketed by "La Gravelline", and on the right the video I made to show the implementation:

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